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Chapter: 1276

Wen Ping continued to watch.

Tianwuxin was really extraordinary after his anger. The powerful Yuan Yang force erupted from his body and turned him into a hundred Zhang God of war.

Four enemies will be retreated with one punch!


After the five pulse Qi earthquake, it even blew a punch through the sky over the whole country, breaking the thousands of miles of cloud sea, just like trying to cut the Chaotian gorge. There are a few people hanging in the endless sky. If you don't dodge in time, I'm afraid you'll have to peel off your skin if you don't die.

This scene deeply shocked Wen Ping.

Very strong.

And TIANYAO change, they are not an order of magnitude at all.

How much Yuan Yang's power has been refined?

However, Wen Ping was not curious about its quantity, but about another thing.

If you kill him.

How many yuan of power can it explode?

Needless to say, it must be more than the fall of TIANYAO and ziyueluo!

Wen Ping thought about it with great interest. At this time, several people in the endless sky rushed out of the music world in shock. When they hit back, they didn't forget to sneer, "heaven has no intention. Would you be very desperate when you said that the sky was changing and the purple moon was falling? If you were here, they would not die."

According to the immortal daily, tianwuxin, the three of them all rushed to the immortal sect. This is also proved by the fact that Tian Wuxin did not appear at the first time before.


Tian Wuxin roared and blew out a fist again, which not only defeated the release of the endless sky suspension, but also drowned the endless sky suspension.



HuZe and the two demon masters exclaimed.

After a few breaths, endless sky hung appeared in the sea of clouds ten miles away, leaving only a word and then disappeared into the music world.

"You are incompetent and furious, because you have only this ability. You have power but no mind. Hundreds of years ago, you despised my Zhetian tower, so you lost half of the Chaotian gorge. Now you despise the immortal sect, so you lose half of your royal family!"

Hearing this sentence, tianwu ran wild, "with me, the royal family of Youguo is here! From today on, I will make all of you pay the price of bleeding. I will screw off the heads of you and the immortal patriarch and hang them on the top of Zushan!"

After saying this, he plunged into the song realm and chased and killed endless Tianxuan crazily, ignoring a large number of Royal descendants outside the capital.

Immortal sect leader he can't solve it for the time being.

How could the endless hanging sky, which had been caught by himself, let him escape!

After the two entered the song territory one by one, HuZe and the two demon masters did not catch up with the helpless landlord, but turned around and killed outside the capital of Youguo.

Wen Ping, who was far away from the immortal sect, was speechless when he heard the hatred hanging from the endless sky for himself. "You two fight, what are you doing with me?"

After the two entered Qu territory, Wen Ping also lost the picture of the two before his eyes. He could only see the crazy killing of several half step Yuanyang in zhetianlou outside the capital.

Whether it is the royal family of Youguo or the ordinary cultivators of Youguo; Up to heaven, there was no prohibition, down to tongxuan and Shenxuan, and Yuan Yang, who covered the sky building, did not let anyone go.

For a moment, countless people realized that it was impossible for them to survive the catastrophe.

The immortal daily is not kidding.

Tianbang also has no plot.

The royal family of Youguo really fell down two more ancestors, so zhetianlou dared to kill the capital of Youguo unscrupulously.

"I moved to the capital the day before yesterday!"

"Why? I managed to cultivate to the ground without prohibition, but I have to face such a catastrophe. You royal family, why do you want to provoke the immortal sect?"

"Whether it's Ziqi pavilion or immortal daily, it's obviously a good opportunity to change the world. Why can't the royal family of Youguo tolerate them?"

People make all kinds of voices before they die, including anger, helplessness and reluctance, but most of them are complaining.

Because they all know it can be avoided.

As long as the imperial family can tolerate immortal sect, how can immortal sect betray you country. Everyone in Youguo knows that immortal sect supports Longyang king.

If the king of Longyang takes over the throne, the Youguo will only rise to a higher level in the future.

In the midst of these complaints, the king of riot and the king of compassion were captured by Zhuo FengChen from the song territory and killed in front of a large number of people in the kingdom of Youguo.

When Longyang Wang, who was invited to the know it all building, and Sikong Zhuixing saw this scene, they were filled with infinite emotion. The king of Longyang, in particular, fought against him for a hundred years because of the king of riot and the king of compassion.

He never thought that the final result of the two people would be like this.

Sikong's Starchaser was different. He was ecstatic when he saw the fall of the king of compassion and the king of riot. As soon as they died, only the king of Longyang was granted the crown.

The king of Longyang is still one of his own!

Perhaps sensing the suffering of the royal family, tianwuxin turned back to the capital of Youguo after chasing endless Tianxuan for a quarter of an hour without success. This is the last day outside the capital of Youguo. However, living in the royal family has fallen by more than half.

As for the officials, military and other practitioners of the Youguo, countless have fallen. It is conservatively estimated that at least half of the people living in the capital of Youguo were killed in this quarter of an hour.

"Die for me!" In addition to his anger, Tian Wuxin broke out again.


After the five pulse Qi earthquake, one fist blasted to the nearest zhetianlou half step, and the strong Yuan Yang protected Ze.

HuZe doesn't have the ability to dodge endless sky suspension. As soon as he wants to escape into the Qu realm, he has been submerged by the power of pulse Qi and Yuan Yang.

Fall on the spot!

"Protect Ze!" Zhuo FengChen was shocked, and then hurriedly leaned against the other two demon masters, "join forces and don't leave any force. We are not unintentional opponents!"

The two demons nodded, and HuZe's death had verified Zhuo FengChen's words, so they could not dare to leave any force at this time.

Wen Ping looked at the scene and was stunned. "They have already lost a half step Yuan Yang. Aren't the people covering the sky building ready to go?"

Are you waiting for Nalan Muhong?

While refining Yuan Yang's power, Wen Ping quietly waited for Nalan Muhong, the No. 1 in the list, to appear. However, several hours later, he did not appear.

However, the endless sky hung back and forth, and joined the war, which made Zhuo FengChen and others who could only be beaten a sigh of relief.

of course.

Just a sigh of relief.

I couldn't fight back at all just now, but now I can barely fight back.

"Are you so calm that you don't do anything?" Wen Ping murmured suspiciously, too lazy to guess what was behind it.

Just after the battle lasted another half hour, three fast approaching black spots suddenly appeared on the horizon, and they were getting closer and closer.

"Are you coming?"

Wen Ping was secretly excited.

But when the visitor could see his face, he found that the visitor was not a woman, but a man with two demons.

The leader, surrounded by the golden flame, emits a dazzling light, lighting up people's eyes, like the scorching sun in the sky.

Wen Ping quickly used the system to retrieve his simple information.

[Yao RI]

[gender: male]

[realm: half step Yuanyang]

[Youguo ranks first in the three days, and now ranks third in the list of heaven...]

"So it's you."

Before Wen Ping, he was curious about how the Youguo disaster was coming, but he didn't see the fourth highest sun in the list of heaven.

After a whisper, Wen Ping looked at the two demon masters beside him. A giant green bull and a thousand red eyed spiders. Out of habit, Wen Ping first took a look at each other's blood level.

No accident, they are all S-class blood. The only thing that surprised Wen Ping was that the two demons were the other two unknown and mysterious protectors of the Youguo.

No wonder there is no place for each other in the top ten.

If Fu tianxie, Jianghe mountain, TIANYAO change and ziyueluo did not die in his hands, plus Tian Wuxin and three heavenly generals, there would be eight and a half strong men in the Youguo.

It is no wonder that zhetianlou, even though it has the most powerful half step Yuan Yang strongman, still dare not be too presumptuous. It has been only a small fight for hundreds of years.

"Things are getting more and more exciting." Wen Ping knew that there must be no way to end the matter today, but he didn't expect it to get worse.

It's just that Nalan Muhong!

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