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Chapter: 1277

"The sky is endless. I will die!"

Yaori's angry voice came down with the huge flaming axe in his hand, and the target was only the endless sky hanging, the owner of the sky covering building.

As the fourth place on the previous list.

Now it is the third place on the list.

Strength must be beyond doubt.

It can be seen from the fact that when endless sky hung saw the attack of the giant axe, he decisively released the pulse technique of the top-level School of heaven plus the six swirls whirlpool diagram, and activated a large green shield to condense the green light shield. It can be seen that the gap between the two men in strength is certainly not a bit.

The bodies of the other two demons who came to support were shocked, and they rushed to the two demon masters of the sky covering building like meteorites outside the sky.

However, the two demon masters of the zhetien building can only ignore their heads. Because the unintentional attack of heaven is far more terrible than killing their Demon Lord.

In an instant.

fight hand to hand with.



With the three men killed in yaori, heaven and earth turned pale again, and the situation reversed in an instant.

It was just a face-to-face encounter, and the endless line of defense was defeated. It's OK that the endless sky hangs. It has a green shield made by a whirlpool craftsman of unknown realm, so it's safe. But the two demon masters who covered the sky building, plus Zhuo FengChen, would be miserable.

One person and two demons simultaneously bear the attack from tianwuxin, plus the attack from two demon masters. Although he didn't die under the double strike, the injury was not small. The wound on the strong demon body was thick with white bones, and the demon master Tian Tong Python's biggest relying fangs were all broken.

However, the two demons could not take care of their injuries. After looking at each other, they set their eyes on the endless sky.

The endless sky hanging, Zhuo FengChen and the two demon masters are not the opponents of tianwuxin, let alone the reinforcements of Youguo have arrived.

Do you want to continue?

However, they didn't get the order from the endless sky.

We can only go on fighting.

No, to be exact, continue to be beaten.

This made people outside the capital of the Youguo country suddenly see the light of hope in their eyes, and the voice of crying with joy and shouting could not help but rise one after another.

"Three days will finally appear!"

"We are saved!"

"Four to four, zhetianlou can't be an opponent at all. We can be saved!"

"Lao Zu, kill them."

"Kill them all!"

Listening to these cries of joy, Wen Ping's eyebrows coagulated, because he could not see not only Nalan Muhong's appearance, but also the happy look on Tian Wuxin's face.

In the picture of the black shadow, Tian Wuxin's expression seemed more dignified, and for a moment he was angry when he looked at Yao RI and them.

That kind of anger is even better than the death of a large number of Youguo royal families and the fall of the Youguo Lord before his own eyes.

But it is clear that the situation has gone in the direction of self-interest.

"It seems that the reason why the three have been absent from the capital is not without reason." Wen Ping murmured and continued to watch with interest.

He's like a movie goer now.

I don't know where the plot is going.

Very exciting!

Plus he wrote the beginning of the script for the big movie.

That's even more exciting!

Although I don't know what is the reason for the unintentional abnormality of heaven, if the final outcome of this war is to be completed by him.

It's easy to be too happy to sleep!

Thinking of this, Wen Ping involuntarily took out a sound transmission stone to transmit the sound to Yun Liao. "Elder Yun, immediately transmit the sound to everyone. Those who are at the sect gate have been staying in the cultivation area for the past few days. They are not allowed to wander outside until I give an order. Those who are outside the sect gate are not allowed to come back."

When the teleporter returns by force, he will not attack the mage tower foolishly and trigger the counterattack of the garrison envoy, so he can only do it.

Half a Yuan Yang level battle, anyone who is affected will die.

"Yes, Lord!"

Yun Liao didn't ask much, but immediately nodded.

After putting away the sound transmission stone, Chen Xie, who was listening, quickly complained helplessly, "why don't you ask the patriarch what happened?"

"You are stupid. The patriarch must be killing again. The target may be one or several of these people we have seen so far." Yun Liao immediately looked at the picture on the black wall, revealing a meaningful expression.

Chen Xie and other people in the building could not help looking at the black wall, and began to guess who the patriarch wanted to kill.

The king of Longyang and Sikong chasing the stars are different. As people of the old Youguo, the former is silent and the latter is ecstatic.

The silence of the Longyang king was that his mind was full of thoughts at the moment. As a member of Youguo, he hopes that the goal of the patriarch this time is to cover the sky building.

However, zhetianlou has no enmity with immortal sect at present. On the contrary, Youguo has been offending immortal sect.

Thinking of this, the king of Longyang sighed in his heart.

The royal family of Youguo.

The road is getting narrower and narrower.

And the ecstasy of Sikong's pursuit of stars lies in the feeling of being behind the scenes. The royal family of Youguo and zhetianlou are very powerful. Are they not held by the patriarch?

The most important thing is that they don't know!

After a few breaths, yunliao hurried downstairs to contact the sect disciples and elders one by one, and added a punishment with the privileges of his elder.

You are not allowed to enter the viewing room for one month!

Because at present, except for the patriarch and elder Mulong, no matter who is affected by the war, it is difficult to survive.

Even the elder Daomo is the same.


Over the capital of Youguo.

The change of the situation makes endless sky hanging face full of dignified color, and also makes the royal family of Youguo excited outside the capital of Youguo.

But Tian Wuxin had no smile on his face.

The war continued and the situation became clearer.

After Tian Wuxin chased away the two protectors who had come to help him, Zhuo FengChen and the two demon masters fought alone and suppressed them with absolute strength.

However, after endless sky suspension was besieged by three heavenly generals protecting the country, the Qingguang shield was already in danger and could be broken at any time. If there is no accident, the breaking of the blue light shield is the time when the endless sky hangs in the face of disaster. But endless sky seems not ready to retreat.

"The sky is endless. Today I want you to bury my child!" Seeing that the blue light shield was about to break, the yaori offensive became more and more fierce.

It seems that endless sky hanging can't be seen. He tried his best to resist it. At the same time, he didn't forget to sneer, "don't worry, I've killed many royal families of Youguo for you to bury your children. Moreover, before he died, he also pulled many people of Youguo into the water on his own, so he won't be alone after he died."

Yao RI's angry voice responded, and his strength suddenly increased by three points, and he left no spare strength, "I will kill you today!"

"I want to go. Can you stay?"

Endless sky hanging irony, showing great confidence.

Yao RI angrily said, "that master will kill all the way to zhetien Tower! My son has the capital of Yuan Yang. I will make you pay a heavy price for his death."

"I'll wait for you in the sky tower at that time! But before that, I hope you can survive in the hands of the immortal sect. You have provoked people you shouldn't have!" Endless sky's dignified expression suddenly showed a light and mocking smile. It seemed that Yao RI was naive like a child.

It was not until a demon lord on the side of the sky covering building was cut off by tianwu unintentionally, and the blood spilled into the sky, that the light smile of the endless sky stopped.

The loss of two half step Yuan Yang.

The price is too high!

If this continues, it will be a great loss.

When people outside the capital of the country saw this scene and cheered, when Yao RI was ready to break the cyan shield with the last blow, endless sky hung its mouth.


But just say one word and it stops abruptly.

Because the blood red pulse gas in the sky is surging, vast and mighty, and the momentum is even faintly on the sky.

In the blood, a woman in red walked with her hands cold and arrogant. She walked so slowly with each step, but took another thousand feet.

Seeing this man, Wen Ping's eyes lit up.

Quickly let the system access the other party's simple information.

[Nalan Muhong]

[realm: half step Yuanyang]

[age: 2789]

[a mysterious man of unknown origin doesn't seem to be from Chaotian gorge.]


"There is no useful information at all." Although the simple information given by the system is indeed very simple, Wen Ping saw it for the first time.

But the last sentence still reminded Wen Ping of something.

Outside Chaotian gorge

At the same time, Tian Wu didn't want to see Nalan Muhong appear. He immediately stopped chasing Zhuo FengChen and the two demon masters, but stood ready to face Nalan Muhong. At the same time that the five pulses shook together, a seven whirlpool map that had not been used began to work.

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