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Chapter: 1278

"Willing to come out?"

The sky gazed coldly at Nalan Muhong in the distance.

Nalan Muhong did not move, and calmly replied, "there is no reason why people should not die in the battle of the general trend. As long as the number of people who die is less than that of your royal family... It is enough."

Hearing this, Tian Wuxin's face jerked like an ordinary person.

It's OK not to mention it. A mention is tantamount to sprinkling salt on the wound. Half of the royal family's banbu Yuanyang accumulated for hundreds of years suddenly lost more than half.

Who can stand it?

"Cut the crap and go to war. I want to see if you deserve to be number one on the list." When the words fall, the sky has no heart and the five veins shake together.


After the tremor, tianwuxin also took out a weapon made by the whirlpool craftsman who did not know what realm it was.

A disc!

After coming out of the Tibetan ring, it will revolve around the body in the sky, and in a few breath time, it will be transformed into two, three, and endless.

In an instant, the spinning Frisbees covered the sky, dazzled people, and everyone except Nalan Muhong hurried back.

Because at this moment, the fear pressure they felt brought them a long lost sense of death and suffocation.

Nalan Muhong was slightly moved when he saw this. He followed the five pulses together to show his rare two-color pulse gate, but he didn't hurry to start. "Use mindless Frisbee as soon as you meet. OK, I'll end the war as soon as you like. One move is the best way to win!"

"I lost. The kingdom of hell gave you the land of three regions. You lost and left your life here." Tianwuxin's cold eyes reach the endless sky hanging in the distance.

Endless sky hung in his heart, but before he could open his mouth, Nalan Muhong answered with disapproval: "if I lose, zhetianlou can give you another ten years. Let you have time to slowly solve the problem of immortality."


The sound of endless sky suspensions.

He waited for the opportunity for twohundred years.

It's not easy to wait. How can it end like this?

And has fallen two and a half step Yuan Yang, how can we say that the end is over?

However, Nalan Muhong didn't seem to have heard him. He continued, "ten years is not enough. I can give you fifty or even a hundred years."

"Your abacus is very good. The immortal clan has an unfathomable strength. It seems that there must be someone who can match you and me. Let me and them, you can reap the benefits?" Tian Wuxin snorted coldly and didn't bother to say any more nonsense.

After a big drink, he would swing a thousand Frisbees to kill Nalan Muhong. Seeing this, Nalan Muhong chuckled and said, "the immortal sect will also benefit from the dispute between us. Just one move. If you lose, give me 30 yuan of great power."


When the sky was silent, Nalan Muhong also took out a ball made by a craftsman who didn't know what realm the whirlpool was, and started the increase of the seven whirlpool chart at the same time. Nalan Muhong held a white ball in his hand, and the other hand pressed on the surface of the ball. In an instant, it began to rain heavily.

Meanwhile, Wen Ping stopped at the rain Pavilion.

"You might as well not come." Wen Ping did not expect that although the arrival of Nalan Muhong started a more fierce war, it also ended the war.

Don't let him take advantage of it?

This is too much.

Than eating hot pot without chopsticks.

What are you trying to do to cause this war? Don't you just want a snipe and a clam to compete for profits?

"But you remind me. After you begin to realize the threat of my immortal sect, you will not easily break out a war of this degree. Then I will never let you end the war so easily. Then I must take this opportunity to make more profits."

Half a step Yuan Yang's Demon Lord's corpse is rare. You have to get oneortwo more. Whether it is used to incubate a more powerful demon lord or simply use necromancy to control it, it is a kind of power for him and the immortal sect.

While thinking, Tian Wuxin has already confronted Nalan Muhong head-on. The endless Frisbee convolutes the vast pulse gas and the continuous power of Yuan Yang to kill Nalan Muhong. But Nalan Muhong just held the white ball and drove the white ball to release green light one after another.

The green light is like silk, but the victory lies in the number. It is like countless thin snakes flying in the air, puncturing one Frisbee after another.

Such a confrontation is undeniable, but it is not as amazing as that. The only thing worth mentioning is Nalan Muhong's means.

Because the torrential rain is flowing backwards.

Rain doesn't fall from the sky. Instead, it springs out of the earth and falls toward the dark clouds in the sky. At this moment, it seems that the sky is the earth, and the earth is the sky.

Tian Wuxin completely lost his ability to escape into the music world. He didn't dare to continue his attack because of the abnormal heavy rain.

When he used the frisbee to make a way to attack Nalan Muhong at close range, the frisbee shattered nothing but a rain incarnation.

And because an Avatar was broken, the Avatar was split in two. Tianwuxin smashed the two Zunhua's back with another blow, and the two became four.

The real Nalan Muhong has disappeared.

"Shit!" At this time, Tian Wuxin suddenly heard a startling sound, and then he was startled in his heart, "no, this strange heavy rain is oppressing my spiritual realm."

His spirit had a faint feeling of falling from the realm of perfection.

Once he does fall, his combat effectiveness will be reduced by at least two layers.

Moreover, if he is only a spirit in the Dacheng realm, it is difficult to support him to use the pulse technique obtained from the yuan Youjie for a long time.

At this time, Nalan Muhong's indifferent voice echoed from the sky, "now I realize that it's too late."

When the words fell, the heavy rain suddenly stopped, and every drop of water hovered in the air, exploding at the moment when the realm of heaven without mind fell.



When the water drops burst, the blue light from the white ball also burst, turning the sky hundreds of miles into an ocean of art.

Art is explosion!

Not only the sky, but also the earth thousands of meters below, as well as the vast secluded state capital, also vanished at this moment.

People outside the national capital who feel that they have been hiding far enough, no matter what the state, have turned into ashes at this moment.

Even Zhuo FengChen and Yao RI were shocked into the music world at the moment when the explosion occurred. They dared to take the lead after escaping for at least hundreds of miles.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the building was dumbfounded.

Is this the strength of tianbang No. 1?

With this level of destructive power, I'm afraid they all have to die just on the edge?

Not only they, but also Wen Ping himself could not help being shocked, and then he quickly asked the system to call out the simple information of Tian Wuxin.

No other.

I just want to see if the sky has died unintentionally.

When the simple message appeared and he saw that tianwuxin had not fallen yet, Wen Ping's eyes stopped briefly at the battlefield and then focused on the new target.

Two Heaven protecting generals of Youguo.

Those two demon masters with S-level blood.

In fact, I feel stronger than Zhuo FengChen and purple moon Luo. It belongs to a medium existence in the half step Yuanyang.

Why keep an eye on them?

Because they never came out after they plunged into the song.

At least in the observation range of the shadow, there is no trace of them in the eye.

Without saying anything, Wen Ping directly added the two demons to the white list of the transmission array, and then used the transmission array to lock the giant green bull first.

Seeing that the other party was hiding thousands of miles and was still in the music realm, Wen Ping immediately started the transmission array to transmit it back to the sect.

Followed by a thousand eyed red spider.

Although it did not hide for thousands of miles, it was still in the music.


The two demons were scared.

"Just you two."

Language falls, the transmission array starts again.

Qingtian qingniu and thousand eyed red spider were brought back to the immortal sect one after another. Wen Ping also appeared outside the rain Pavilion in an instant.

Green lotus sword comes out of its scabbard in an instant!

Then the five veins shook together.


One move, Qinglian sword song, directly kills Qingtian qingniu, the biggest target.

To be on the safe side, winpin aimed at his head. Because the largest heart of Qingtian qingniu grows in the head of the ox, and the other two small hearts are in the left chest and the right chest respectively. As long as the largest heart is destroyed first, the strength of Qingtian qingniu can be greatly reduced.

The green lotus all over the sky turns into a green light by convoluting the green lotus flame, and directly crosses the sky. Qingtian qingniu has just seen what is in front of him, and it is revealed.


The huge head of the ox exploded in an instant, and the mixed flesh and blood spilled in the surrounding mountains like a mighty rain.

Qingtian qingniu fell down with a roar. The news spread all over the immortal sect, attracting everyone to look out through the window.


Chen Xie was startled.

Sikong Zhuixing and the king of Longyang immediately looked out of the window. When they saw the scene outside the window, they immediately recognized that they were two heavenly generals protecting the country.

"It's the green bull and the red eye!" The king of Longyang exclaimed. He never thought that they were the target of the patriarch.

It seems that the royal family of Youguo are really going to be strangers.

If the two national protectors will fall again, only tianwuxin and yaori will be left in the royal family of Youguo.

Although it will not destroy the country, it is certain that it will not be able to defend this vast territory.

Sikong Zhuixing was so excited that he couldn't speak, and looked back at the picture on the dark wall, which made him even more excited.

Ha ha ha!

They don't want to be profited by the immortal sect, but they don't know that the immortal sect is already reaping the fruits of victory.

As soon as the two national protectors die, the royal family of Youguo will directly stand on the edge of the cliff!

When Sikong was excited about chasing the stars, the thousand eyed red spider immediately responded, but before he could respond, Wen Ping had already controlled jiangheshan and Fu tianxie, and directly used the strongest killing moves to shoot the thousand eyed red spider.

"You are not dead, Jianghe mountain and futianxie!" The thousand eyed red spider sent out the same exclamation when TIANYAO changed and ziyueluo saw them.

I could tell that it was even a little happy.

However, when the superior pulse technique in the sky blasted down relentlessly at it, the thousand eyed red spider immediately realized that the two people in front of him were not the rivers and mountains and Fu tianxie he knew.

Wen Ping ignored the thousand eyed red spider. The green lotus sword moved again and used several swords in succession to directly repel Qingtian qingniu who was trying to resist.

After its defense was defeated, it pierced its two small hearts with the green lotus sword one after another, taking away its last vitality.


Qing Tian's green cattle gushed blood and fell into the mountains. Seeing this scene, the red spider with thousands of eyes was scared and hurried to beg for mercy to Wen Ping.

"I surrender! I surrender!"

Better live than die!

Wen Ping didn't care, because he didn't need a second living Demon Lord to work after he had a tikong Demon Lord.

It would be more practical to kill.

Hatching or manipulation is OK.

Wen Ping immediately joined hands with Jiang Heshan and Fu tianxie to kill the thousand eyed red spider. No matter how the thousand eyed red spider begged for mercy, Wen Ping did not leave his hand.

Knowing that it was useless to beg for mercy, the red spider turned into anger. However, in the face of the offensive of Wen Ping, anger was of no use at all.

Seeing the broken eyes one by one, the red spider with a thousand eyes was about to explode and was ready to die with Wen Ping.

"If I die, you behind the scenes can't live." At the moment, the idea of the thousand eyed red spider is exactly the same as that of TIANYAO at that time. It uses self explosion to destroy Wenping and immortal sect.

But Wen Ping smiled.

There is no stopping the sky from changing.

Can't stop you?

Wen Ping starts the green lotus sword again, controls the green lotus sword and instantly explodes more than 100 pairs of eyes left by the thousand eyed red spider.

After being completely blind, the self explosion of the red spider with thousand eyes stopped abruptly.

Because the eye is its life!

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