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Chapter: 1279

After a while, after the thousand eyed red spider was completely silent, Wen Ping flashed to the mountain like corpse of the demon lord, looked at the corpses of the two demons for a few eyes, and then included them in the ring.

However, because the two corpses are too large, a demon lord has to spend a Tibetan ring.

After all this, Wen Ping directly asked the system to turn on the sect door cleaning function to clean up the blood and flesh scattered around the sect door. He was ready to return to the rain Pavilion and continue to enjoy the war while resuming consumption.

Prior to this, Wen Ping did not spread the word to yunliao. He informed the people of the sect that they could leave the cultivation area or return to the sect.

Because if the war continues and tianwu doesn't want to be hurt, he must want to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Let's see if Nalan Muhong can help himself.

At the same time, Chen Xie and others in the building of Juzhi all showed ecstasy, especially as the owner of the building. If the foundation of Youguo is weakened, he will be more unscrupulous if he knows that the building expansion is possible.

Juzhi building covers the whole Youguo, which will be realized soon. Maybe a year, maybe not a year.

Chen Xie said joyfully, "the two protectors will die, and the ruling position of the royal family of Youguo will be shaken!"

Also excited was Sikong Zhuixing. As the leader of the monitoring hall, he shared the same joy with Chen Xie.

"Together, you and I, the entire territory of the secluded kingdom will belong to the immortal sect in the near future!"

Their excited words also made other sect elders very happy, but they were not like Chen Xie and Sikong chasing the stars.

Their joy comes from the strength of their own patriarch and the fact that the mountain above them is finally crumbling. Although it has not completely collapsed, it will happen sooner or later.

Sum it up in four words.

The patriarch is invincible!

The Longyang King beside him was bathed in the joy of the people, and he also showed his joy.

At this moment, the king of Longyang realized that he had no feelings for the royal family of Youguo.

How else would he be so happy?

The previous silence was nothing more than the last bit of nostalgia. Now the last bit of nostalgia and the rekindled hope were broken, so he became very excited.

Because it is his father Yao RI and the two demon masters who support Ji to continue to sit on the throne of the secluded country.

Now, as soon as the two demon masters die, they can't stop their ambitions any more with just one day!

When they were happy, however, Wen Ping missed a lot when he returned to the Jizhi building.

When I returned to the listening to the rain Pavilion, I hurried to the end of the battle.

This Nalan Muhong unexpectedly said that he only made one move, but he didn't continue to rush at tianwu, who became embarrassed in the explosion of destroying the sky and earth. Wen Ping didn't know what she thought.

The last bit of compassion in my heart?


She even destroyed a city and thousands of people without blinking an eye. Will there be such superfluous things in her heart?

"When things go wrong, there must be demons!" Wen Ping murmured, and then he heard the voice of Tian Wu's unwillingness to admit defeat.

"You won."

"With this move, my spirit and body have been improved by 10%. As expected, there is no mistake in the tianbang. I am not as good as you."

Tian Wuxin frankly accepted his failure, and his anger gradually disappeared from his face, replaced by a sense.

Because if you are not rational, today is the end of the royal family of Youguo.

Hearing this, Yao RI, who still had a glimmer of hope in the distance, turned pale. Because it was the result he never dreamed of.

If tianwuxin admits defeat, what should he do about the humiliation of the royal family of Youguo and the blood feud of his children?

The difference is endless sky hanging and others, who were overjoyed when they saw the unintentional embarrassment and bow their heads.

They seem to have seen the dawn of victory and the future of Zhetian tower.

However, they still kept their sense and did not immediately kill them and pursue the victory.

After all, tianwuxin just lost a move. His real strength has not been weakened too much. They can't cope with it in a short time.

After that, Tian Wu inadvertently saw that Nalan Muhong didn't speak, and continued: "I can give you whatever you want."

"I don't want anything."


"Just thirty yuan Yang's power."


Tianwuxin can't believe it.

Just 30 yuan of power?

What is the significance of the pouring out of the Zhetian building to the royal family of the Youguo kingdom?

Nalan Muhong said in silence, "then add another half of the territory of the Youguo."

Hearing this, tianwuxin was relieved and nodded, "OK! But you have to give me some time. I don't have so much power for the time being. And you must ensure that you won't make a comeback in a hundred years, or I will die with you."

Nalan Muhong responded in a cold voice. The killing opportunity in his tone had gradually dissipated, indicating that he was really not going to start again. "I'll give you a month. Whether you will make a comeback or not is always up to you, the royal family of the secluded kingdom. If you don't invade the dark regions and kill the people of our War Department, how can we break the balance if you leave a little room for your life?"

Hearing this, Wen Ping could not help laughing.

Because none of these things were done by the royal family of Youguo.

If Tian Wuxin was in control of the monitoring hall, he would know that the king of fog Qi who did all this would have died long ago and killed Sima Tianxuan who fell to the sky.

Unfortunately, the monitoring hall is not under his control.

As a result, tianwu had no choice but to undertake the matter. "The people who made all these decisions have fallen. I promise that this kind of thing will not happen again in a hundred years."

"I hope so."

After saying this, Nalan Muhong turned around to leave without any hesitation.

Wen Ping was stunned.


The endless sky hung in confusion.

Are you leaving now?

Don't pursue the victory?

"Senior......" endless sky hung wanted to say something, but he was directly interrupted by Nalan Muhong.

Nalan Muhong said, "if you have anything to say, go back."

The language fell, and directly left the sky over the capital of Youguo.

So far, the curtain of this war has been declared.

As a result, Wen Ping secretly said that it was a pity that Nalan Muhong didn't help himself and had a fight with Tian Wuxin.

Endless sky hanging is in the same state of mind as Wen Ping at the moment. This is the opportunity he bought with the fall of two half step Yuan Yang.

A golden opportunity.

Just leave?

What's the use of half the territory of Youguo?

The most important thing is to destroy the royal family of Youguo!

However, endless sky hung had to leave again, because although he was the owner of the building, he still had no ability to stay if Nalan Muhong left.

"Go!" Finally, the endless sky hung, unwilling to take Zhuo FengChen and the living Demon Lord to leave the sky above the capital of the Youguo country.

After the endless sky hangs away, tianwu feels relieved.

He looked back at the capital of the country, which had turned into ruins, and then looked at the few people who had survived by chance. His face slowly darkened.

He is unwilling.

But also helpless.

One wrong step, one wrong step.

The source of everything is because they covet the beginning of immortality.

Why did the immortal sect suddenly and silently emerge a half step Yuan Yang strongman with top strength?

No way!

He controlled the Yuan Yang power of the whole Youguo.

What covered the sky floor was controlled by Nalan Muhong.

If a third person competes for Yuan Yang, both he and Nalan Muhong will know.

At the same time, Wen Ping sighed with regret, "it seems that there is no second chance. The demon lord of zhetien building left with endless sky hanging."

As for the others, Wen Ping didn't think about anything.

Because it's no use killing them.

They can't pose any great threat to the immortal sect now.

So why take the risk to kill them and force tianwuxin and Nalan Muhong to aim their guns at themselves and the immortal sect first?

After sighing, Wen Ping informs Yun Liao that he has restored the normal order of the sect, while he continues to refine the power of Yuan Yang.

His current strength is not weaker than that of yaori because of the green lotus sword, but it is still too far away from tianwuxin and Nalan Muhong.


In the curved space.

Endless sky suspension catches up with Nalan Muhong, but it seems that Nalan Muhong is waiting for him intentionally.

After catching up, endless sky hung quickly asked, "Sir, why don't we take this opportunity to kill the royal family of Youguo? We have already paid the price of two and a half step Yuanyang. It's a pity to go like this!"

"First, it's difficult to kill Tian Wuxin. If he doesn't die, the royal family of Youguo will still be there. Second, if I fight with Tian Wuxin and lose both sides, you can't be the fastest to die, but you." Nalan Muhong's face was grave and he began to speak.


The endless sky hangs a little puzzled.

Nalan Muhong said, "the immortal sect has an unfathomable foundation. None of the four and a half Buddhas can escape. Isn't that enough to explain the problem? In the face of God's carelessness, you want to go, and God's carelessness can't keep you?"

"As long as it's not too late to move the beads, neither I nor Zhuo FengChen can stop them if they want to go."

"You have moved the heavenly pearls, and the royal family of Youguo also has this kind of magic weapon. Who can stop them if they want to go? But the immortal sect did it. None of the four survived. Fu tianxie may not have time to use them, but tianyaobian won't have time to use them? Tianyaobian, third in the list of heaven!"

"Elder, I can't think it over." Endless sky hung slowly calmed down. Thinking carefully about Nalan Muhong's words, he became more and more afraid.

He only knew that there was a good chance to give the royal family of Youguo a fatal blow, but he ignored that this opportunity was created by the immortal sect.

What the immortal sect created for them would not have allowed them to win in vain and become the first force in Chaotian gorge without conspiracy?

Nalan Muhong continued: "I won't say anything more. Remember, don't break face with the royal family of the Youguo for the time being. Once I fight with Tian Wuxin, it may be an opportunity for immortal sect. I don't know what immortal sect has, but don't be careless. I'd rather do nothing than be led by immortal sect."

"I see!" Endless sky hangs its head.

Nalan Muhong said again, "I know Tian Wuxin. He is not a person willing to admit defeat. He will certainly find a way to avenge the immortal sect. So we just need him to test the immortal sect. No matter what the result is, it will be good for us to cover the sky tower. Moreover, Zushan needs half a step Yuanyang of the royal family of Youguo to guard Zushan. Unless you want to take over Zushan and guard Zushan for them, you should never kill all the royal families of Youguo."

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