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Chapter: 867

True Immortality

Chapter 867 – True Immortality!

The moment he sensed that one had been created, he broke it apart by using his mental energy.

The others were doing the same too.

This was the reason Manananggal’s copy couldn’t control their blood externally even though they were in his range.

Any order he had given would be contested heavily by the true owner of the blood.

It was like trying to reclaim ownership of a castle with its soldiers while the emperor was still sitting on the throne.

With mere 5%, Manananggal’s copy could cause blood clotting from such a distance.

If he wanted to cause more damage, he would need either to inject them with a bit of his bloodline or wound them and extract it.

‘Damn it, this is never ending!’ Rotspawn cursed while continuing to pop off a blood clot after the other.

‘Just keep defending.’ Felix stressed, ‘If we adapted to this attack, we will have a much easier time later on during our true ambush.’

Not waiting for their response, Felix entered the void realm and returned to the surface of the map.

The moment his eyes landed on Manananggal’s copy, he couldn’t help but drew a deep cold breath in shock.

There wasn’t just one of him anymore but a dozen!!

‘F*ck, he really went all out in his cloning.’ Felix’s expression wasn’t too pleasant.

He was told by his master that blood cloning allowed Manananggal to create perfect copies of him that were capable of using almost everything that he possessed.

The most shocking part? They could think independently if he gave them a split of his consciousness.

This ability was the same as the one used by Lady Sphinx…In fact, it could be classified as even better since Lady Sphinx was using sand to mimic her characteristics while Manananggal’s copies were made out of his own blood.

‘Master told me that clones have at least 30% of the main body’s strength.’ Felix frowned, ‘This meant that every clone here can be considered as a primogenitor’s clone with at least 1% of the real deal strength.’

Felix went through sh*t to kill Erebus’s copy, now he needed to deal with twelve copies that were considered as strong as him!

‘The only good side from this is the weakening of the original copy.’ Felix thought, ‘As long as those clones active, Manananggal’s copy wouldn’t be able to exert all of its strength.’

"This is going to end poorly for Landlord’s team." Micheal shook his head as he watched Manananggal’s copy order all of its copies to assault Webor and others.

This time, Felix didn’t bother to warn them as he knew that nothing much could save his teammates from a combined assault of twelve primogenitor’s copies.

‘Maybe, I should ambush him while he is at his weakest?’ Felix pondered while staring at Manananggal’s copy, chilling above a blood cloud.

At the start, he simply intended to watch the situation unfold without interference even if his teammates got killed.

But, he knew that it would be wasteful to ignore such a perfect ambush opportunity.

‘It needs to be abrupt and deadly.’ Felix narrowed his eyes dangerously while creating a small void domain around his fist.

He didn’t expend it, making it seem like his entire hand belonged to another dimension.

Knowing that time wasn’t in his favor, Felix didn’t hesitate to open a tiny void rift half a kilometer away from Manananggal’s copy.

It was so small, it fitted only his pupil.

That was all Felix needed as the moment his pupil aligned with Manananggal’s copy face, he entered a punching stance and mumured, ‘Blink!’


Just like a ghost, Felix materialized abruptly next to the copy’s cheek and punched him as fast as he could with his void domain fist!

Everything happened so fast, Manananggal’s copy was still in the process of turning its head to see the incoming void punch.

Alas…By the time his eyes aligned with the void punch, it had already made contact with his face.

With such a gusto and speed, one would expect blood and gore to be blown out everywhere.

But in reality? Manananggal’s copy disappeared into particles peacefully under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers.

No one anticipated this or even bothered to consider the possibility!

In their eyes, slaying Erebus’ copy with that cheesy method was the best thing that Felix could come up with.

Now, they were watching live how Felix thoroughly deleted Manananggal’s copy out of existence by a single clean punch!!

Unfortunately, before the heavenly turtles in the stand could celebrate, they saw that Felix’s expression wasn’t as delighted as they anticipated.

Then, it hit them!

"Why is there no announcement?!"

"Didn’t he kill him?"

"Look at the highlighted copies! They are still alive and thrashing the heavenly turtles!"

The viewers came up to their senses when they realized that Queen Ai didn’t announce Manananggal’s copy death.

The fact that his copies were still active made it even harder to believe that he had been killed.

"Life isn’t so simple." Saurous snickered mockingly as he eyed the displeased Felix.

"He actually thought he had him." Wendigo chuckled, "Doesn’t he know that as long as brother Manananggal has a single blood drop remaining, he could never be considered as dead?"

The ultimate ability of Manananggal…True Immortality!

Other primogenitors enjoy basic immortality of not dying of aging. However, they could be killed if their brains got bashed or hearts blown out.

On other hand, as the primogenitor of blood, Manananggal had already reached the peak of immortality!

He could be truly unkillable unless one got rid of every single blood drop he had in this universe.

Otherwise, he would be reborn and continue living his life like nothing happened.

‘At least, I got rid of the main body.’ Felix eyed the remaining copies dangerously, ‘I need to eliminate the rest before the main consciousness can reborn in one of them.’

Jörmungandr and Thor weren’t stupid to not inform Felix about Manananggal’s ultimate ability.

Felix had already taken precaution against it when he made his move, knowing that the only way to truly kill Manananggal’s copy was by deleting everything related to him in this floor!

‘Webor has been eliminated…Rotspawn has been eliminated…Barbyclaw has been eliminated.’

Unfortunately, his teammates couldn’t hold it any longer against twelve copies combining their forces to end them.

In fact, only three copies made a move, yet that was more than enough to kick them outside the floor.

As for the rest? The moment Felix killed Manananggal’s copy, they all turned around and flew rapidly in his direction!

Seeing nine primogenitor’s copies flying in his direction was enough to make anyone freeze in fear…But Felix? He took a deep breath to calm his emotions and blinked suddenly amidst their formation!

‘Electrical Shock!’


Felix discharged a frightening number of electrical tongues around him, hoping that the insane voltage would be enough to paralyze the copies.

Unfortunately, their reflexes were still quick enough to block them by simply creating giant liquid blood walls.

The electricity went silent the instant it touched the blood walls, like it was being extinguished.

Just as Felix wanted to go for another attack, he was forced to reconsider after seeing that he had been imprisoned inside a giant cube made out of blood!

He couldn’t even react to its creation since it was made from the walls connecting with each other.

‘Shit, this isn’t it good.’ Felix knew that it was time to bounce.


Alas, the instant he attempted to manifest a void rift, he realized that his vision was growing blurry and disoriented. Worst of all, his head felt as heavy as a boulder.

‘Am I experiencing hypotension?’

Unfortunately, the copies didn’t wait for Felix to confirm his condition as they all manifested thousands of crystallized spikes from the blood cube and tightened it on Felix.


Felix was turned into meat askew, dying instantly…

When he opened his eyes, he found himself next to his teammates in front of the gate.

"You too boss?" Webor raised an eyebrow in surprise, "I thought you will be focusing on gathering Intel."

"Maybe I should have just done that." Felix massaged his eyelids in frustration, not pleased with the way things turned.

He realized that dealing with twelve copies simultaneously was truly asking for a death wish.

The fact that they were able to lower his blood pressure in a split second without even touching him was enough proof.

"Landlord’s team first attempt has failed miserably." Micheal commentated, "Sure, they have killed the main copy, but it wouldn’t take even a few minutes before it reappear again, voiding their efforts."

Felix knew so too, making him sigh in disappointment.

The reentry duration was five minutes. It was more than enough for the main copy to be reborn and bring them back to the starting line.

He understood that the loser of this conformation was no one but them since he had exposed far too much over nothing.

"What’s next, captain?"

Webor and the others looked at him with look filled with utmost confidence, making him feel even more pressured.

‘I can’t tell them that I am as stumped as them.’

For a first time in a while, Felix was truly out of ideas on how to deal with the current situation.

If he was asked to impress the primogenitors, he could come up with tens of strategies.

But how could he kill something that couldn’t be killed?

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