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Chapter: 36

Chapter 36 – Time for the Decisive Battle

「---Fuhahahahahaha! How strong you are, my territory!」

I was laughing to myself as I watched the people of Beibalon beat the evil enemy to a pulp in the far back of the battlefield!

After all, I’ve fed you all plenty of meat every day! They were all scrawny until I started using my healing magic to flatter them and now, they are all bulky. No injuries or illnesses of any kind. I’ve wiped them all out with my healing magic.

…..I’ve worked so hard to make me and this territory loved by everyone.

I’ve defeated the economically bankrupt and incompetent lord Jaicov, who suddenly declared war on me; I turned Snail, a viscount that is of a lower rank compared to a baron, and turned into a dragon to take over the world, into a tree; I’ve gladly shared the sea from the coastal territories; and educated the poor children of children nobles. I have protected and led Beibalon.

It’s because they can see my back, the back of a great and peace-loving hero, that they have been able to fight so bravely.

….though I’m a little scared that they are killing people without mercy! Why have they become like that? I should try to gain more of their favor next time.

「Good grief---I’m just being kind to commoners and before I knew it, I’m already at war with the country….this might be fate. After all, I am someone fit to be a "king"….!」

Since there can’t be two kings in one kingdom, the only way is to kill the one who disturbed peace!

Now that I think about it, maybe my dead father realized that I was the one who would eventually become the king. He was drinking and trembling every night while saying "You’re going to do something big one day". Fufufufufu!

And so, when I was watching the battle with a relaxed attitude.

---suddenly, a bright light enveloped the entire battlefield.

---Scene Change---

「---guhahahahahahahahaha! Excellent, excellent, apostles of Beibalon! Your valiant battle echoed in my chest!」

Everyone’s surprised.

The moment when Beibalon was about to destroy the huge army of several million men, an old man wearing a white royal robe suddenly appeared in the air.

Thinking he was an enemy reinforcement, they were about to aim their cannons at him when an extremely bright light shot out from his hand and engulfed the battlefield.

It was truly a divine blow. It was the radiance of the "sun" that transcended even the dimension of fire magic.

It was the light of "nuclear fusion" consisting of super-activated atoms by using overwhelming magical power!


「Wha-what the heck is thattttt!?」

The millions of people from the royal capital instantly evaporated from the world as the heat the light reached was approximately 6000 degrees Celsius.

Even the most powerful creatures, the dragons, were helplessly scorched out of the sky. The people of Beibalon, who had been strengthened by the "dragon gene" were also turned into charred corpses.

「Ah, you guys were simply amazing---however, you’re not strong enough to take a blow like this. Did you really think you can surpass the most powerful mage Yaldabaoth with just that!」

Yaldabaoth laughs loudly as he descends onto the battlefield, which has turned into a scorching hell.

Even amidst the burning grass, trees, and corpses, his majesty as a king even keeps the surrounding flames at bay. This old king was truly a "monster" that transcended humanity.

Therefore---he continued to prolong his life with enthusiasm and waited for a long long time. He had been waiting for the appearance of a wonderful "hero" who could defeat him.

「Gufufufufu….I have been thirsty for a long time. I was born in the weak Kingdom of Gnossia 130 years ago. I have conquered the surrounding countries one after another, and have had wealth and fame but my heart…’s never satisfied. Because the one I want is an enemy that can kill me! However, those boring days are over today! Let’s start our first and last battle to death! Wha---!」

At the same time he let out a soulful cry, Yaldabaoth looked at the sky with starving eyes.

There was a herd of 600 million cows flying toward him---!


A horde of cows poured down with a mooo. The destructive power is immeasurable though the scene is too crazy to be true.

If six hundred million adult cows, each weighing 1 ton, fall down, its threat is no different from a falling meteorite.

Yaldabaoth’s heart raced in anticipation of such an attack that was out of ordinary and yet had nothing but bloodlust.

The only one who could do such a thing was the man he had been searching for all along…!

「Gwahahahahaha! Then, I must show you my cool side tooooooooooooooo!」

Yaldabaoth thrusts his hands toward the heavens and unleashed nuclear fusion. Six hundred million cows and the forbidden heat light collide in the air, causing a huge explosion---!



A competition of super volume and superheat lasted for a few seconds. It was Yaldabaoth’s magic that won the contest. The flash of light from his hand burned through the 600 million cows in a spectacular manner.

Cattle ashes, cattle charcoal, and partially burned cows rained down like rain from the skies of Beibalon.

「Guhahahaha! I’ve never eaten an attack like that in my 130 years of life! You’ve gone from teasing to openly revealing!」

Thus, the starving old king faces the being who walks toward him from beyond the shimmering sun, and proclaims his name!

「How are you, my adversary---Rize Beiblon!!!」

「How dare you do that to everyone---Yaldabaoth Gnossia!!!」

At the moment of confrontation, the overwhelming amount of magical power overflowed from their bodies collided with each other as a storm!

Facing the ruthless-eyed young man, Yaldabaoth is convinced. This is Rize Beibalon---a "hero" who has sworn to rebel for the sake of justice!

Rize is convinced of the old man with a maniacal smile on his face. This is Yaldabaoth, the "demon king", who he has sold his favors to like brainwashing and training his son to become a better one but has thrown him away and destroyed his castle!

…..The owner of the old evil brain who never doubted his convenient delusions and the owner of the infant brain who never recognized his own evilness.

These two nightmarish men unleashed all their god-like magical power and finally started the decisive battle…..!

It is the worst.

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