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Chapter: 37

Chapter 37 – Rize Beibalon, Death

「「Let’s do itttttttttttttt!!!」」

The final battle finally began. Amidst the hot flames, two men unleashed their magic power---!

「Healing formula, full effect! Sprout life, proliferation, multiply, regeneration, spread----!!!」

Rize Beibalon puts his hand on the ground and attacks using extreme healing magic.

At that moment, over a billion of trees(…………..) grow simultaneously from the ground in a radius of several hundred kilometers, rushing toward the enemy!


「Attack magic, full effect! Gathering sea of clouds, seize control, thunder sky fall----!!!」

Reaching for the sky, Yaldabaoth Gnossia uses extreme attack magic.

At that moment, the morning sky was enveloped with black thunderclouds, and suddenly, over a billion of lightning(………….) rained down---!

They annihilated the big group of trees that were headed for Yaldabaoth, turning them into ashes in an instant.

Ah, it was truly an act of god. The most powerful mage can even control the weather with his absolute talent.

Rize, however, is not intimidated in the face of such crazy facts. Because even though he is unaware of it, he too, is a mage standing in the realm of gods!

「----Then, here’s what’s next! Cows, charge at him!」

Rize threw the beef he had stuffed in his pocket at Yaldabaoth, who laughed maniacally, with all his might.

They repeatedly split and regenerated in mid-air, instantly becoming a herd of several hundred million and charged at Yaldabaoth.


「Hmph, the same technique will not work on me! Thunderbolt, lay waste to those in my way!」

The sight of hundreds of millions of cows charging toward him is breathtaking but for Yaldabaoth, he has already seen this technique once.

Once again, he controlled the black cloud, sending countless thunderbolts into the herd of cows!


『---Moooooooooooooooooooo! Mooooooooooooooooo!!!』


The sight he was in the lightning flash made the strongest mage shudder this time---!

The cows burned by lightning continued to charge at him, even those reduced to bones!

At the same time he made the cows, Rize applied continuous healing magic to their brain that "snapped off fatigue" with all his might, increasing adrenaline secretion by hundreds of millions of times! This completely destroys the brains of the cows and turns them into suicide weapons of the worst kind, unable to even understand that they are already dead---!

An army of zombie cows finally rushes toward Yaldabaoth, who has been caught red-handed. If even one of them tramples him, he could be turned into a stain on the ground by the hundreds of millions that followed. However, Yaldabaoth did not panic. On the contrary, the smile on his wrinkled face was further distorted lewdly and he exhaled a breath full of hot ecstasy…!

「Gufufufu guhahahahahaha! You really want to kill me that badly! Fine, I’ll take it with my body!」

Yaldabaoth rips off his cloak and exposes the upper half of his body. His muscular body, which doesn’t look like the body of a 130-year-old man, is on a roll as he confronts several hundred millions of zombie cows---!

「Gather, wind and thunder, dwell in me and be my armor!---bring it onnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!」

Then, he began sending killing blows. Yaldabaoth clenched his fists and began to launch hundreds of millions of punches per second against a supermassive army!

The zombie cows were shattered one after another by the punches which were covered with wind and thunder. As if sucked into Yaldabaoth, the cows rapidly dwindled in number.

「Yaldabaoth…..I never thought you would be such a monster….!」

This chilled even the quintessential Rize, but that did not mean he was giving up.

Against Yaldabaoth, who’s continuously punching at super speed, he too, grabs a beef and faces him head-on---!

「Guhahahaha! Let it all perishhhhhhhhhhhh!!!」

「…….nice try, Yaldabaoth! Then, we’ll make it faster than you can destroyyyyyyyyyy!!!」

Thus, the battle between "destruction" and "creation" started.

As the tension increased, Yaldabaoth’s attack rate continued to jump even higher and trillions of punches made the army of cows disappear.

However, in order to counter this, Rize also exceeded the limit of his speed in activating his magic formula, creating more than a trillion cows per second---!

「Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」


Two men scream out as they both continue to exceed their limits together.

….thus, a chain of grief greeted the trillions and trillions of cows that were born and disappeared but there was no decent person in that place who sympathized with them.

「Nuhahahahahaha! Ah, how fun is this, Rize Beibalon! Such an interesting match against someone with equal power! Hey, don’t you feel the same!?」

Yaldabaoth asks Rize a question while laughing as burnt flesh of cows fills the earth.

His joyful words enraged Rize from the bottom of his heart!

「----don’t play the fool, Yaldabaoth! Yeah, I agree that you are worth fighting! However, you hurt the people of Beibalon who are dear to me! And I will never forgive you for killing millions of your allies without mercy! …Whoever treats life so poorly has no right to be a kingggggg!!!」

Roaring with rage, Rize creates more cows and has them charge---!

…..of course, what he said is very contrasting to trillions and trillions of life he was using for his offense. According to his scraggly toddler brain, he is "justice".

Yaldabaoth, on the other hand, was not even annoyed and even said, "I can’t believe he’s trying to kill me even if he has to fill the earth with corpses….!". The old masochist’s brain was boiling over with excitement and the rate at which the cows were being killed jumped explosively. It’s the worst.


Rize and Yaldabaoth continued to fight beyond human knowledge(in a bad way) as the blood-colored wind blew across the battlefield.

But the time has come for the decisive battle to end.


---suddenly, a large amount of blood gushed out of Rize’s mouth.

It was a side effect of the damage to the internal organs caused by breaking the limit of allowable heat… short, he ran out of magical power.

Yaldabaoth, with a smile on his face, annihilates the entire herd of cows as Rize falls on his knees from sheer agony. Now that the production of cows has stopped, it was an easy matter to destroy them.

He slowly approaches Rize who’s catching his breath.

「Fufufu---too bad, my adversary. Apparently, I have more magical power than you. Well, it is said that magical power grows with age….」

「Da-damn…..only, until here…..!」

Rize Beibalon spewed blood. He can only glare at the man approaching him.

Ah, no matter how overly positive his brain is, he has to admit, in the face of the most powerful mage---Rize had suffered defeat.

「It was a really, really good time, Rize Beibalon! Thanks to you, my hope for humanity has been restored! I hope that someday, someone like you, a person who genuinely wants to kill me, will appear again! Hoping that I can meet him---it is time for me to ravage the world!」

It was a far-fetched declaration of human annihilation.

It was Yaldabaoth who transformed the Kingdom of Gnossia into an absolute authoritarian state of weak vs strong in the hope that a rebel named Rize would appear.

This man would surely be willing to kill hundreds of millions of people with impunity in order to earn the hatred of the whole world.

That is the true nature of mage Yaldabaoth….The worst human that can even be called the demon king.

He held Rize with one hand and casted the art of destruction.

「No, the game is over. My beloved adversary….receive the "light of heaven"!!!」

「D-damn it……damn itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!」

And then, heat as hot as the sun flashes. Drunk by the brilliance of "nuclear fusion" at over a million degrees Celsius, Rize’s figure scratched away---….!

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