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Chapter: 38

The Misunderstood Heroic Tales Final1

Final Chapter 1 – The Misunderstood Heroic Tales of the Bottom Lord


---Is this hell? Or is this a momentary hallucination of a dying consciousness? In the dark and stagnant world of darkness, Rize is quietly ashamed of himself.

I was so eager to be the king and now I’ve ended up like this.

I have no face to show to the people who believed in me.

"Everyone….I’m sorry…..I tried my best but I couldn’t win….! I swore to everyone that I would show them a peaceful world….!".

Alone in the dark, Rize Beibalon bit his lips in frustration.

However, no matter how devastated he is, there is nothing a mage can do now that his magic has run out.

In the end, nothing was accomplished and he ended up being consumed by the light of destruction….that was Rize’s fate.

"Haha….after all, I was just the bottom lord of the worst territory, Beibalon. I should have lived as my dead father used to say…."The easiest way to run away is to drink, not to wish for anything, and not to have any hope.".

If I had done that, I at least wouldn’t have died.

….and so, with bitter regret, Rize tried to close his eyes----then.

『---don’t give up, Rize Beibalon!』

『---you’re not someone who should end up here!』

Two hot and fierce voices echoed through the darkness---!

Suddenly, Rize looks up to where the source of the voices was.

There---he found a giant man with shiny, smooth head and a giant man with red robe but thin like a wire!

"Y… are Viscount Jaicov and Viscount Snail!"

Ah, there’s no way he could have mistaken who they were. To Rize, they were evil mages who had disturbed the peace of the people.

However, the men in front of him were somehow different from what he remembered. There’s no trace of evilness that he had felt in the past.

The two men speak quietly to Rize, who is dismayed with his unexpected encounter with them.

『Rize….I’m grateful to you. You’ve done a wonderful job of reviving the territory that I had ruined economically. I was an incompetent lord when I was….alive. You’re doing really well compared to me back then.』

『Yes, I feel the same way as Jaicov….I have hurt many of my people by becoming a dragon in an attempt to conquer the world. You saved them. If I could do it over again….I would become a gentle person like Rize-dono and Lead them right this time….!』

Jaicove and Snail smile bitterly, ashamed of their former misdeeds.

They changed their expressions and then screamed at Rize---!

『Therefore, let me say it again---don’t give up, Rize Beibalon! You are the most powerful mage we have ever seen!』

『That’s right, Rize-dono! Show us again that heroic appearance you had the day you won against us! We believe in you!』

"---You, two…..!"

Cheered on by his former rivals, Rize’s sunken heart begins to glow with heat once again.

….I got it. I believe in the peaceful future and went this far while stepping on their corpses. If I give up now, Jaicov and Snail’s death will be meaningless.

If that is the case----even if I die, I can’t lose, can’t I---!


In the midst of darkness, Rize let out a passionate roar! What kind of man wouldn’t get passionate after being slapped on the back by his two arch enemies! How can a "king" who got the words "We believe in you" not respond?

At that moment, the magic power, which should have been all consumed, swelled beyond its limit!

It’s a phenomenon that shouldn’t be possible. In this world, where it is believed that an increase in magical power capacity can only go on along with age, what happened to Rize was an anomaly that can even be considered as a miracle!

『Our hero, destroy evil and carry out justice!』

『Go on, conquer! The real fight has yet to come!』

Rize’s magical power and voltage increase even more as he receives the thoughts and feelings of the two men! The heat overflowing his body purifies the darkness around him and puts a crack in the space---!

"Thank you, my old enemies, who have become my stepping stone! As long as you guys believe in me, I’m invincibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Unleashing magic beyond the critical point in all directions, Rize finally shattered the world of darkness….!

---the Jaicov and Snail who appeared in front of him were, of course, hallucinations!

The real one died with a lot of regrets about getting involved with Rize and Snail was even turned into a tree and was enjoying a living hell. Furthermore, it was Rize’s dissemination of the copy goods that caused the economic collapse of Jaicov’s territory. Snail’s transformation into a dragon was again due to Rize’s folly.

Therefore, their final evaluation of Rize is, "a shitty person who you should never get involved with". And of course, they don’t have a single ounce of trust in him at all. However, Rize Beibalon is overly positive and his scum of a toddler’s brain is so encouraged by his hallucination of his victims that he was even brought back to life. The result was an insane phenomenon. It’s the worst.

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