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Chapter: 39

The Misunderstood Heroic Tales Final2

Final Chapter 2 – The Misunderstood Heroic Tales of the Bottom Lord

…..but there’s no one in this world that can point that out.

This man, who mistakenly believed himself to be a righteous hero, who fulfills all desires of the people, who robs the sanity of those around him, and who kills all his enemies without mercy, is truly an invincible being.

Yes---there’s no way Rize Beibalon, will admit defeat silently.

He interpreted the reality of being cornered as "a prelude to a miracle’ and his twisted brain cells produced further hallucinations.

However, Rize could see not only Jaicov and Snail but hundreds of millions of strangers before his eyes---!

『Hero-sama, please bring peace to the world!』

『You are worthy to be the king of all nations!』

『The happiness of all mankind is only possible if Rize-sama rules the planet!』


Rize’s brain melted with even greater happiness as more indemnity by the pleasant words of the hallucinations of his runaway consciousness.

His self-love was overflowing and he could no longer stop. With it, his magical power, which should have been empty, rose further and further, without knowing its limits.

"Ah, thank you, everyone in the world! Now, wait for me, Yaldabaoth and all the villains of the world that are yet to be seen! For everyone who believes in me, I’ll keep fighting no matter how far, no matter how long, no matter how hard!!!"

Rize Beibalon smiles a horrifyingly brilliant smile in the shattering darkness.

The self-righteous thoughts that have reached a critical point will not stop anymore. Rize will continue to run wild toward the future, even though no one has asked him to do so.

Ah, he is the embodiment of the extremity of humanity’s catastrophe. He will finally be birthed as the "blind-idiotic demon king". Just living a dream without acknowledging or thinking about any inconvenient reality.

"…….My name is Rize-Beibalon! I am the man who will one day lead the world to peace and create a heroic taleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

---The nightmarish "Misunderstood Heroic Tales of the Bottom Lord" will now truly begin…..!

---Scene Change---

「Wha-what’s this…..what’s going on……!?」

Yaldabaoth gulped as the light of catastrophe shone forth.

Rize Beibalon…..was truly a fearsome foe but in the end, he won by sheer magical power.

In order to send him to the other side in a grand manner, he released "nuclear fusion light" with such output that made the world infested with lava---but the silhouette that remained in the white light did not disappear forever….!

「This is ridiculous….what does this mean….! He must surely have been completely out of magic! Even if there is a little left, there’s no way he could have defended against my magic---!」

Having said all of that, Yaldabaoth became even more impatient with the anomaly.

As soon as the silhouette in the light pointed one hand straight ahead, just as he had done---the most powerful and invincible fusion light exploded…..!


Yaldabaoth was sent flying backward by the shockwave.

As a blast of tremendous strength blows through the air, he stares in front of him and wonders what the heck just happened……

「---I have returned from the depths of hell, to obliterate you….!」

…..seeing Rize standing there made every cell in Yaldabaoth’s body tremble with fear.

Ah, if anyone has to judge using his appearance, everyone will come to the conclusion that he’s half dead. He had burns all over his body and even his well-tailored black coat was burnt in tatters.

However, that’s all there is. While being consumed by the nuclear fusion light that would not even leave ashes if hit directly, Rize somehow managed to survive.

With a glint of chilling bloodlust in his eyes, Rize glared straight at Yaldabaoth.

And above all, it was the strongest mages that trembled….!

「What in the….Rize Beibalon, in the face of unavoidable death, what kind of technique did you completeeeee!?」

In front of the "jet black sun" that emerged behind Rize, Yaldabaoth raised a scream of confusion for the first time in his life!

His instinct as a living creature is howling and screaming. That’s bad news, don’t get in its way! It’s not a fireball by fire magic or plasma by lightning magic or anything like that!

That this is definitely a light that should not exist in this world. It’s a world-destroying radiance comparable to the "nuclear fusion" magic that he took 130 years to make!

Yaldabaoth’s smile is drawn back as he faces his adversary, who was an extreme healing magic user, returned with a magic of unknown attribute.

「Ha, hahahaha,….ahahahahaha! Ah, my adversary! You are truly a man who never gets tired of showing off. Now you have an impossible to analyze magic technique and attribute! However, I will not be defeated! This time, you will really enddddddddddddddddd!」

Facing Rize, who was standing quietly, Yaldabaoth shot countless of light bullets from both of his hands.

Each shot was a nuclear fusion light of extinction with a temperature of one million degrees. It was supposed to be the strongest magic that no being in this world could resist.


「Cows, now is the time to show him the true brilliance of justice---!」


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