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Chapter: 40

The Misunderstood Heroic Tales Final3

Final Chapter 3 – The Misunderstood Heroic Tales of the Bottom Lord

The next moment, Yaldabaoth experienced an even greater threat.

From the "jet black sun" that’s existing like a void behind Rize, cows clad in black flames shoot out at the speed of sound---!


It was not only the speed that was unusual. As soon as the burning cows were hit by the nuclear fusion light bombs, they were easily canceled out.

It was not as if a few hundred million cows had somehow managed to block a single, moderate shot, as they had done in the beginning, but each cow had obliterated a serious barrage of bullets. Yaldabaoth almost froze in his tracks.

「How can mere domestic animals offset nuclear light!? How is this possible!?」

「You are already dumbfounded?---there’s still more!!!」

Rize Beibalon floated up into the air accompanied by the "jet black sun" and ejected countless cows toward the confused Yaldabaoth.

Yaldabaoth sensed that this was too dangerous and chose to evade it as quickly as possible.

Ah, he made the right choice. The place where he was standing a moment ago .could.penetrate.the.continental.plate.-.-.-.!

「W-hat’s thatttttttttttttttt!!?」

Yaldabaoth shuddered at the sheer ridiculous power. Cows in black flames poured down on him like a meteor shower with the intent of obliterating him---!


「Gwoooooooo!? This is, what’s this!?」

Yaldabaoth, clad in wind, runs around at the speed of sound, sometimes hitting cows with his nuclear fusion light and somehow managing to get through the bull’s charge.

In the midst of the frantic shooting spree, in which even a single blow could mean fatal, he gradually unravels the magic of Rize Beibalon with his prodigious power of observation.

---Yaldabaoth’s wrinkled face turned pale as he got closer to the truth.

「Th-that can’t be….lie lie lie lie lie lie!」

Soon, the strongest mage is drenched with cold sweat all over his body as he looks up at Rize and howls.

「No way, that, impossible. Are you telling me that it’s just "Healing Magic"!?」

Yes---this technique that can even destroy a planet was the ultimate recovery magic that Rize grasped just before his death……!

Yaldabaoth was deeply frightened and at the same time, felt doomed. Because Rize Beibalon’s technique is the exact opposite of the "nuclear fusion" magic that he was so proud of.

「Hah, hahahahahahaha, what an interesting ability you have there….! My strongest attack magic "nuclear fusion" that I have been using was achieved by controlling countless atomic nuclei using magic power and forcing them to fuse by applying super heavy pressure thus, creating superheat. However, Rize, your technique is the exact opposite! With the power of the healing magic you have mastered, you divide cow’s cells and which gives it destructive power!?」

---that was the true nature of the technique that Rize Beibalon had learned.

The nucleus of an atom generates heat when it splits at a rapid rate. The same is true for cell division of living organisms. By thoroughly investigating such a natural phenomenon, the man named Rize had fully developed the magic that healing wounds would be a destructive attack.

This was also the reason why the cows were burning black. They are dying and regenerating every moment, generating an infinite amount of heat.

And the "jet black sun" on Rize’s back is really a mass of beef. By manipulating the direction of heat generated by its ultra-fast cell division, Rize had even acquired the ability to fly.

It is true that the worst of the worst hides in simplicity. Having obtained the power of "nuclear fission"---the ultimate evolution of healing magic, Rize flutters his black coat as he addresses Yaldabaoth.

「Yeah, you are right, Yaldabaoth. Unlike you, who can use offensive magic of all attributes, I only have the gift of healing magic. ---however, ever since I became the lord of this land, I have used that one and only power for the good of my people. I have healed tens of thousands of wounds, I have acquired the technique to raise livestock from pieces of meat, and I have used it thoroughly for everyone’s happiness. That’s how I got this power. Don’t think that you, who only use magic to hurt people, can defeat me---!」

At the same time as he unleashed his overwhelming bloodlust, more attacks began.

Six trillion fissioning cows appeared around Rize and unleashed a jet black flash---!

「I will protect the world! Planetary devastation, nuclear fission cow laser---!」


Yaldabaoth raised an exclamation in the face of the light of extinction.

Flying at full speed, he evaded them as he weaved through the gaps between the cows but it was only a matter of time before he’ll be directly hit.

With a super army covering the sky, there was no way he could keep dodging forever. Yaldabaoth’s eyes flashed in horror as he watched the cows that had turned into atomic rays penetrate the continental plates and punch holes in the planet.


「Scattered cows, now is the time to strike back! Let’s remind him of the power of life! Life extinction, nuclear fission cow bomb!!!」


The corpses of the cows scattered across the battlefield caused a massive explosion that engulfed Yaldabaoth!

A garden of trillions of mushroom clouds can be seen. At the center of it all, Yaldabaoth somehow survived by making a barrier of wind and fusion.

---however, the next moment, Yaldabaoth regrets that he was not killed by the explosion.

Because in an instant, all of his organs began to buzz and swell with stage 4 terminal cancer---!

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