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Chapter: 202

Siblings Voluntary Practice

After being forcibly awakened by Eleonora-neesan, Sylvio-niisan and I have now gathered in the courtyard in the early morning to have voluntary practice. 

The phrase ‘voluntary practice’ might sound good, and it seems that it depends on each person, but the reality is different. It was a forced voluntary practice after being dragged by Eleonora-neesan.

This wretched situation is probably the same as voluntary commuting to the company in my previous life. And my loyalty this time does not go to the company but to my sister I guess.

「Now what? You’re going to make me run again?」

Since now is still early in the morning the air is cool but, it will gradually increase and turn hot soon. My lower body is aching, so I want you to excuse me for a long training run.

「Nope, we’re going to spar today. I want you to show me how much you have improved in a month where I’m gone」

Eleonora-neesan said that cheerfully, maybe she was happy since she can hold a wooden sword in the morning.

Hmーm, a spar, huh. I can only see the future where I lost against Sylvio-niisan and Eleonora-neesan, but it’s mentally easier than running for a long time.



「Now then, let’s do some light exercise by running!」

When Sylvio-niisan and I nodded obediently to her, Eleonora-neesan also nodded while looking satisfied. 

We stretched our legs, arms, and start to loosen up our bodies.

Because of yesterday’s running and I can feel the pain every time I sat down or move my body that it makes me groan.

「A, ahhー」

「Muscle pain is terrible, huh」

「Don’t make a weird voice like some uncle」

The culprit of my condition - Eleonora-neesan - coldly said that to me, though Sylvio-niisan gave me kind words.

My mental age is 34 years old. Using the standard of my previous world and this current world, I’m actually a praiseworthy uncle.

So it’s understandable that the young Eleonora-neesan would say that I made a voice like an uncle.

While quietly thinking like that, I stretched my body and then lightly run around the courtyard for three laps.

After our bodies has warmed up enough, we took our wooden swords and gathered again.

「Now, first will be Sylvio!」

Then the order of the opponent is decided by Eleonora-neesan.

Thank god, I’m next, huh. Looks like I can rest for a while.

「I also have a shield, what are we going to do?」

「We will only use a sword for now」

While listening to the exchange between Sylvio-niisan and Eleonora-neesan with my back on them, I cheerfully leave that spot.

After I took enough distance from them, Sylvio-niisan and Eleonora-neesan are now facing each other at a reasonable distance.

Sylvio-niisan look serious as he held the wooden sword with both of his hands. On the other hand, though Eleonora-neesan also looks serious, it seems like she’s still calm somehow.

As I observe them while thinking like that, Eleonora-neesan glances at me.

That should mean that I have to give the signal to start.


And when I yelled after understanding her intention, Eleonora-neesan started to move despite having a subtle expression on her face.

It’s the same attack as usual, but as always her movement is still fast.

Eleonora-neesan shortened the distance between them in an instant using nothing but her prided physical ability, without using Body Strengthening magic.

In contrast, Sylvio-niisan stands ready while carefully observing her.

Disregarding Sylvio-niisan’s defensive stance, Eleonora-neesan struck him from the front.

Eleonora-neesan and Sylvio-niisan’s wooden swords make a dry thud as they met.

Their wooden swords connected for a moment, then Eleonora-neesan pulled her sword right away and made a downward swing after that. Sylvio-niisan calmly dealt with her attack and defends himself.

Their movement until now looks like a warm-up for them.

Eleonora-neesan attacks while Sylvio-niisan fends her off. After repeating such an exchange for some time, Eleonora-neesan’s movement started to become faster gradually.

A downward swing from the front, a downward diagonal slash, a cutting attack, Eleonora-neesan send her attack and connected them in a flowing-like manner one after the other toward Sylvio-niisan. Though I simply say that she did it in a flowing-like manner, her movements are rather fast and sharp. It was a series of attacks that gives you the impression of a storm.

If you make the slightest mistake, then you will immediately get engulfed by her attack.

However, Sylvio-niisan frantically managed to read each of her moves, avoid them, fend them off, without making any mistake, and wait for a chance to counterattack.

Being able to defend himself against Eleonora-neesan’s successive attacks to such a degree, as expected from Sylvio-niisan.

「You know Sylvio, your defense has improved again, huh」

「I guess」

「There were not many people who can deal with my attacks so cleanly like this you know, even among the people in the Knight’s Order?」I guess Eleonora-neesan still has the energy to talk normally with Sylvio-niisan despite still sending out her attacks, but Sylvio-niisan is defending against her attacks desperately.

Just looking at this scene alone, shows that Eleonora-neesan still has not gotten serious yet.

「But, you’re just defending aren’t you? Your usual counter is great, but can’t you attack from that position?」

「Th, that’s impossible! Defending is the most I can do!」

Sylvio-niisan reflexively replied with a desperate voice toward Eleonora-neesan’s provocation.

For Sylvio-niisan who specializes in defending to say such a thing. He probably can’t even find the chance to truly start his counterattack or send out an attack toward Eleonora-neesan.

Watching from the side, Eleonora-neesan seemed to be attacking him normally, but her attacks are actually fast and heavy that there is not even a single chance to counter.

「Now then, I’m going to disengage here so Sylvio will start attacking me next」

Maybe she got tired of being the only one on the offensive, so Eleonora-neesan deliberately took a distance from Sylvio-niisan and stands ready with her sword.

This time Sylvio-niisan is the one going to attack, huh.

But, Sylvio-niisan can’t quite move from his position, I guess it’s due to the previous exchange of offense and defense that he’s panting.

「Attack me quickー」

「Haa, haa.......wait a minute」

He continued to receive her successive attack after all. So it would be inevitable for him to be unable to catch his breath now.

While being irritated, Eleonora-neesan waits for him and Sylvio-niisan slowly catches his breath.

And after adjusting his breathing, Sylvio-niisan started to run and approaches Eleonora-neesan.

The first attack he uses is a compact downward swing. It’s probably a carefully planned attack he sent out so that he won’t be countered if he made a large swing.

Then Eleonora-neesan reacts by stopping it from the front with her wooden sword.

After that, Sylvio-niisan continues to attack with his sword. It’s a successive attack similar to what Eleonora-neesan did previously.

However, I think it’s probably because I saw Eleonora-neesan’s flowing-like sword attack. They appear extremely clumsy.

For a while, Sylvio-niisan keeps on attacking while Eleonora-neesan fends him off.


Then, Sylvio-niisan made a thrust while shouting - filled with fighting spirit - but Eleonora-neesan dodged that at the last moment as if she already knows about the attack.

Then she slip into her opponent’s flank, swing her sword, and slashed at Sylvio-niisan while they passed each other.

The wooden sword hit Sylvio-niisan’s leather armor, making a light thud *whap*.

 It’s Eleonora-neesan’s victory. They release the tension in their bodies as their bodies pause after that hit and proceed to take a breather.

Watching them from a distance, I was worried about Sylvio-niisan and approaches him.

「Sylvio-niisan, are you okay?」

「Un. There was a little impact on my body, but it doesn’t hurt because it hit the armor and neesan was doing a good job of going easy on me」

While rubbing his leather armor, Sylvio-niisan said there is no problem.

When I look at Eleonora-neesan, she looked calm as if saying it was a matter of course.

Well, setting Roomba aside, Eleonora-neesan can pretty much go easy on others. It seems like there was no need to worry about her. 

「It looks like you’ve improved a bit, but your offense is still not good」

「But I’m also practicing to attack by myself you know」

Even if Sylvio-niisan has the offensive ability like Elenora-neesan, he doesn’t feel like winning against her. I feel bad for Sylvio-niisan, but I hope he stays the same.

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