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Chapter: 203

Spear and Shield

「Do you want to hold a shield on your other hand next? Or do you want to take a break first?」

「Please continue with a shield!」I brought out a shield and said that toward Eleonora-neesan’s question.

I took Sylvio-niisan’s shield with me since I thought it will turn out to be this kind of pattern.

「Why was Al the one answering. Oh well, fine」

Though he look somewhat dissatisfied, Sylvio-niisan began to obediently prepare himself after I handed the shield to him. 

If you force him to do something, then he will often do so one way or another, that’s what I like about Sylvio-niisan.

That being the case, Sylvio-niisan went toward the fight once more, equipped with a wooden sword in his right hand and a shield in his left hand.

.......I wonder why. I feel like Sylvio-niisan appears to be overflowing with more confidence than usual after equipping himself with a shield in his left hand.

Since Sylvio-niisan’s body is slender for a guy, he gives the impression of someone that is kinda unreliable but just by holding a shield in his left hand, that kind of impression seems to vanish.

Although it was just a shield made of wood, I wonder what’s with this difference?

I wonder if he appears to look bigger because of the overflowing confidence that came from inside him?「……your atmosphere changes just by holding a shield, huh」

「Really?」Sylvio-niisan replied to Eleonora-neesan with a fearless smile on his face.

It was as though he was a different person from when he wielded a single sword.

Though he said that he can’t win against Eleonora-neesan, it makes me have a faint expectation that he can do it when I saw him in that posture.

If so, then the target for Eleonora-neesan’s daily practice should lean to Sylvio-niisan.

I want Sylvio-niisan to do his best so that I can spend my practice time comfortably and easily.

After Eleonora-neesan arrives at her position, she holds her sword in front of her and fixes her sight ahead of her. A stance where she can jump at her opponent and swung her sword down anytime as usual.

On the other hand, Sylvio-niisan lowered his posture and stance, put his left hand with the shield forward, and pulled his sword a little, a perfect defensive stance.

There is a feeling of tension in the air, and the sound of the wind blowing sounds louder than usual.

And when the wind stops blowing, I raised my voice as a signal to begin.


The moment my voice resounded, Eleonora-neesan dashed forward by strongly stamping on the ground.

It was a straight move without any tricks involved. However, she crossed a ten meters distance in an instant, a movement incomparable to the one she made previously. 


And along with a loud shout filled with fighting spirit, Eleonora-neesan struck with her sword. A dry thudding sound resounded as Sylvio-niisan block her attack with his shield.

Then Eleonora-neesan immediately pulled back her sword and started to launch her storm-like consecutive attacks.

Sylvio-niisan calmly parried her consecutive attacks that came from all directions by making full use of his sword and shield, and sometimes he dodged them.

Solid sounds that didn’t appear to come from the clashing of wooden swords and shield was resounding without pause in the courtyard.

Amazing, he can defend that stormy attacks.

Just by wielding a shield, Sylvio-niisan's ability changes this much, huh?

While I was amazed at the change, the two of them continue to trade blows and move at a dizzying speed.

Then Sylvio-niisan - who was looking for an opportunity - read Eleonora-neesan’s attack trajectory and remarkably parried her sword with his shield.

Eleonora-neesan - who got knocked backward - continue to use the backward’s energy to launch a spinning attack without losing her posture. 

In spite of being surprised, Sylvio-niisan stops that attack with the sword in his right hand.

Then, - as if to respond to that - he held the shield in his left hand and charged at Eleonora-neesan.

Eleonora-neesan steps aside to evade it with an unpleasant look on her face.「Amazing! It’s the Sylvio Bash! It managed to make Eleonora-neesan avoid it, that’s awesome!」

「It’s a Shield Bash! You too neesan, please don’t add a strange name to it!」I yelled and praised him, but he got angry about it.

It seems like Eleonora-neesan also said the same thing in the past after seeing that move.

Even though I thought I gave it a good name, that’s unfortunate.「Defending against that spinning slash and even counter-attacking, you can do it after all」

「Al did the same thing the other day, so I was able to deal with it」


Hiiiiiii! Don’t look at me! I did that by chance, it’s not a move that can be used naturally like Eleonora-neesan. It would be a problem for me if she raised the bar due to excessive expectations.

「I’m going to attack now neesan!」


「Even though you’re bad at them, I wonder if you can do it?」Eleonora-neesan smiles amusedly after hearing Sylvio-niisan’s say that.

It seems like now it’s Sylvio-niisan’s turn to attack.

Though it seems reckless to me, for Sylvio-niisan who is not good at attacking to do that......

Just when I was tilting my head while being confused deep down, Sylvio-niisan pushed out the shield in his left hand to the front and started to dash forward. 

Ooh, it would look to be a reckless Sylvio Bash at first glance, but then he pushes the shield to the front, the wooden sword in his right hand has become a blind spot as it was concealed by his body.

Would he continue with the Shield Bash, or swing his sword while hiding the trajectory with the shield and his body? He can give quite the pressure to Eleonora-neesan with this.

Sylvio-niisan - who wields the shield and approached her - enters Eleonora-neesan’s range.

Then, he made a horizontal slash with the wooden sword that was concealed by his body and shield.

But, without being deceived in any way, Eleonora-neesan calmly stop it with her wooden sword.

「There are a lot of people who use shields among the people of the Knight’s Order, you know. I have been fighting rigorously with shield users back then」

O, ohh. It seems like Eleonora-neesan has practiced with a lot of shield users. So that’s the reason for her not being agitated at all.

Sylvio-niisan continues to draw closer while swinging his sword and unleashing Sylvio Bash, but he can’t hold Eleonora-neesan back. She swiftly escaped from him with a step to move to the side and assume a vertical stance with her sword (Tate no Kamae).1

Since attacking with a wooden sword didn’t result in a significant threat to her, then using Sylvio Bash is the only way out of the situation. However, Eleonora-neesan is not the kind of sister who would take such an attack from the front. The moment he attacked with the shield, then Eleonora-neesan would probably counter with a strong attack as if she’s been waiting for it.

As Sylvio-niisan continues to attack, Eleonora-neesan avoids his attacks while waiting for a chance to counterattack, and so the exchange of offense and defense continues.「I’m tired of defending. It’s my turn to attack. I will raise the speed even more than before, so follow me properly, okay?」

「Ehh?」Eh? Raised the speed even more? Sylvio-niisan and my state of mind are probably the exact same right now.

While Sylvio-niisan and I were dumbfounded by what she said, Eleonora-neesan starts to send out her attacks consecutively, as though taking turns attacking. Each of them is a sword move we all know about.

But, Eleonora-neesan unleashed each of them in a flowing-like manner, she attack with such an extreme speed while occasionally making a variation at the sword moves that it actually became a completely different move.

Even so, Sylvio-niisan still parried them all desperately with the wooden sword and shield. However, the opponent’s sword speed rapidly increases in a merciless manner.

It’s as though she raised the speed gear, and each of the sword strikes is getting sharper and faster.

It’s just like a storm of swords, then Sylvio-niisan’s sword was sent flying until he can only raise his shield to defend himself.「Surrender! I surrender!」

「Ehh? Even though I’m still not done yet.....」Eleonora-neesan stops her movements in dissatisfaction after hearing Sylvio-niisan’s desperate scream.

She can reach such speed without using Body Strengthening magic. If she used Body Strengthening magic, just thinking about how it will turn out alone is frightening. 

As I was unconsciously trembling in fear, Eleonora-neesan looked toward me and say,「Next one is Al」

「.......please go easy on me. Really.....」

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