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Chapter: 114

Chapter 114: Take The Initiative.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"The Black Tiger Army has now entered the city. Currently, we can only obtain news about the Barbarians from the soldiers. For the specifics, it will still take some time."

"However, considering where Jon City is located, the Barbarians will definitely not ignore it."

"The purpose of the monster attacking last night was probably not to destroy the Government Office. Rather, they wanted to cause panic in the city."

"The Black Tiger Army is already investigating this matter, but if Lord Shen can lend a hand, it would be much better." 

In the end, Nie Xu turned the topic to Shen Changqing.

To be frank, Nie Xu was not sure whether Shen Changqing would stay in Jin City at this time, or go back to the Demon Suppression Division. 

After all, he only came here for a mission. If he wanted to go back, no one had a proper reason to stop him.

Moreover, Nie Xu was not qualified to tell what Slayers should do. 

Shen Changqing replied, "Although the Demon Suppression Division is committed to eradicating demons, it is also its duty to protect the Human Race. Now that the Barbarians have invaded the Great Wilderness Province, I naturally have no reason to stand by idly."

"Lord Shen is righteous!"

Nie Xu bowed slightly.

"The Barbarians and demons are cooperating with each other, with the purpose of disrupting Jin City. Although the Eternal Life Alliance stronghold has been removed, this Official believes that there are still places where the monsters hide in the city."

"Therefore, this official hopes that Lord Shen can join forces with the Black Tiger Army in searching the entire city. After all, the monsters are difficult to detect for ordinary people."   

In his opinion, the Demon Suppression Division should have a way of finding monsters.

Even their means of perceiving Evil Aura were not comparable to ordinary people.


Since the Black Tiger Army entered the city, the news of the Barbarians attacking the Great Wilderness Province did not make the people of Jin City panic and riot. On the contrary, it made their hearts more united.

In less than half a day, the Black Tiger Army had already taken over all of the places in Jin City that needed to be defended.

Simultaneously, the headquarters of the camp was also set up in place of the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion.

"The headquarters of the Black Tiger Army is actually set up here, in the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion. It seems that this person doesn’t take the Eternal Life Alliance as a threat in his eyes!"

Looking at the tent erected in front of him, Shen Changqing smiled.

The Black Tiger Army setting camp on the ruins of the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion was a slap to the Eternal Life Alliance’s face.

Of course, if it was Shen Changqing, he would probably also do the same.

After all, the location in the city was limited, and this was undoubtedly the best place to place tents.

As for the Eternal Alliance, the Black Tiger Army had no need to be afraid of the Eternal Life Alliance.

As a well-known army in the Great Qin, the Black Tiger Army could kill monsters 

In the camp were soldiers in black armor standing guard.

After Shen Changqing revealed his identity, he entered the center of the camp under the guidance of the soldiers.

Inside the tent, a burly middle-aged man was sitting like an iron tower, giving people a strong impression.

At the same time, a bloody smell loomed in the air.

This was something Shen Changqing was all too familiar with.

"Demon Suppression Division’s Slayer, Shen Changqing, greets General Chu!"

He then clasped both his fists with solemnity.

Chu Ding’s a General of the Black Tiger Army and he only commanded 12,000 people. He should not necessarily be much higher than Nie Xu in terms of status.

But in fact, if the two really had to be compared, Chu Ding’s identity, strictly speaking, was higher than Nie Xu’s.


Simplest reason was that one of the two parties was in power, and the other had almost no power.

Hence, although Shen Changqing was from the Demon Suppression Division, when facing Chu Ding, he must also give the latter a certain amount of respect.

Not to mention that the person in front of him was not only the General of the Black Tiger Army, but also an Innate Realm Cultivator.

When Shen Changqing spoke, Chu Ding’s tiger-like eyes also looked at him.

Immediately after, a thick voice sounded.

"It turned out to be Lord Shen. You are welcomed here, please take a seat."

"General Chu."

Shen Changqing nodded and sat down at the lower left.

It was only after Shen Changqing sat down did Chu Ding speak, "This General had long heard of Lord Shen’s name. Among the Cultivators in Jin City, there is no one who can compete with Lord Shen."

"Meeting you personally, you really live up to the reputation."

"General Chu jests."

Shen Changqing’s expression remained unchanged.


"I heard that General Chu is also at the Innate Outer Astral Realm." 

The surroundings seemed to have suddenly become quiet.

Chu Ding stared at Shen Changqing and immediately smiled: "To be honest, this General really wants to exchange pointers with Lord Shen."

"It is a pity that the current situation is not suitable for that. I guess we can only wait until the matter with the Barbarians is settled in the future."

"This Shen will wait for that day. "

Shen Changqing agreed.

Just as Chu Ding wanted to fight him, Shen Changqing also wanted to fight against Chu Ding.

When he saw Chu Ding for the first time, the other party gave him a very strong pressure, which was to be expected. After all, the strength of the person in front of him was by no means as simple as the ordinary Innate Outer Astral Realm Cultivator.

To break through, apart from seclusion and Cultivating, the most useful method was to compete against people of the same level.

But As Chu Ding said, the current situation was not suitable for fighting. 

The reason was very simple.

If the two fight and one of them was accidentally injured, it would have a big impact on the incoming disaster.

Shen Changqing said: "Now that the Black Tiger Army has entered the city, what does General Chu plan to do next? With only 12,000 troops, defending Jin City will be difficult!"

Switching to this topic, the atmosphere in the camp suddenly became much more solemn.

"The Barbarians are being aggressive and broke through the gate of the Great Wilderness Province overnight. Their current strength should not be underestimated. According to the news from the border, the Barbarians may number in the millions."


"However, Jin City is not an important city. It would be impossible for all of the millions of Barbarians to attack it. It is more likely that their forces would separate and capture different areas of the Great Desolate Province."

"Therefore, the number of Barbarians that Jin City may face is about 100,000 at most."

100,000 Barbarians!

Shen Changqing frowned: "Even if it is just 100,000 Barbarians, given the current situation in Jin City, it may not be able to resist it!" "


Chu Ding nodded.


"The Barbarians live in the wild, where the environment is harsh. Those who can survive there have developed a character of being brave and not afraid of death. The strength that a 100,000 Barbarians can use to attack a city is stronger than that of an average 100,000 army. It’s scary."

"But we have no way out now. It will still take a certain amount of time for the Imperial Court to send reinforcements."

"We have already begun to block the city, and the force in the city is ready to fight."

"However, I don’t think not much strength could be integrated from the city."

Chu Ding calmly relayed his thoughts.

"Alas, we have no way to retreat. If the Barbarian’s want to attack the city, we can only defend. We must not let the Barbarians drive straight in. Otherwise, the Great Desolate Province will suffer even more serious losses."


"I have ordered all of the Cultivators in Jin City to integrate. Although those Cultivators are not proficient in group combat and large scale wars, their individual combat power is not weak."

"They can also be of some use."


Shen Changqing was a bit surprised.

Thinking about it, it was normal for Cultivators to stay in a city like Jin City. 

It was just that he didn’t pay attention to such details.

Though, these Cultivators were worse compared to the Demon Suppression Division.

After all, those who can reach the Innate Realm were almost qualified to start their own Sect.

Those who can reach the Grandmaster Realm were the top existences.

Chu Ding continued: "Now that the war is ahead, all of the Cultivators have to be integrated. Last night, as a monster attacked the Government Office, there were also monsters attacking the people everywhere. Fortunately, they were stopped by the Black Tiger Army."

"However, instead of waiting for the monsters to come, isn’t it better for us to take the initiative and eliminate all hidden dangers in Jin City, so that we can fight against the Barbarians with peace of mind?" 

Chu Ding paused for a while.

"Even if Lord Shen doesn’t come to my Black Tiger Army this time, I would like to talk to you. After all, you are a member of the Demon Suppression Division. Naturally, you have a set of methods to deal with monsters."

"If you take action, I believe that the monsters in Jin City would have absolutely no chance to escape."


Who knows when, but outside the camp, a group of people from all corners of the area had gathered.

There were men and women, both old and young.

Everyone’s clothes and looks were all completely different.   

"The Black Tiger Army calling us here is definitely not for something easy. I heard that the Barbarians are going to attack. I want to leave here, but there is no way out!"

An old man in a brocade coat, looked around while snickering.

Hearing this, the faces of the people around did not look good.

They all understood what the other party meant by these words.

Now that the Barbarians were attacking the city, the Black Tiger Army had summoned them for the very obvious purpose.

Looking at the expressions of the people around him, Tang Hong secretly shook his head, but said nothing.

Right now for him, the most important thing was how to save his life.

But obviously, it was impossible to fight against the Black Tiger Army.

Not to mention him, even the Dan Clan behind him does not have the capital to fight against the Black Tiger Army.

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