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Chapter: 115

Chapter 115: Tempting Rewards.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"It’s an eventful autumn!"

Tang Hong couldn’t help, but sigh inwardly.

This time, because the Dan Clan needed to expand its influence, he came to Jin City to find a place to open a Dan Clan shop.

Unfortunately, before the shop was set up, he encountered a Barbarian siege.

Now, the Barbarians were about to attack the city, and the Black Tiger Army had gathered all of the forces Jin City. Obviously, the army was not planning to give them a retreat.

But then again, there was nowhere to run.

While the people had their own thoughts, Chu Ding and Shen Changqing walked out of the tent.

"General, all of the Cultivators in Jin City have been invited."

Wen Ce, who had been waiting, stepped forward and said at this moment.

He obviously paused when he said the word ‘invite’. 

Shen Changqing looked at the faces of the two and knew that the so-called invite was not as simple as they made it to be.

"Lead the way."

Chu Ding said.

Immediately, Wen Ce took the two of them and walked in the other direction.

Soon, the three came to the place where those Cultivators were.

The noise had now subsided.

Wen Ce looked at the crowd and said loudly, "Everyone, this is General Chu Ding, the Commander of Jin City’s Black Tiger Army. The other guest here is Lord Shen Changqing Shen from the Demon Suppression Division."

Chu Ding!

Shen Changqing!

After Wen Ce finished speaking, everyone turned their attention to the two.

Whether it was the Commander-in-Chief of the Black Tiger Army or someone from the Demon Suppression Division, their identities were not comparable to those of ordinary people.

"Demon Suppression Division’s Slayer Shen Changqing!"

Tang Hong seemed to recall something, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

At this time Chu Ding took a step forward. He looked at the crowd and his majestic voice sounded.

"Today, I invited you all here for a simple reason. I believe that you all already have a certain understanding of the Barbarian invasion, so I will not beat around the bush."

"No matter where you are from, you are still the Great Qin’s people. The Great Wilderness Province is the territory of the Great Qin, and as the Great Qin’s people, how can we allow Barbarians to trample upon our lands?"

"Currently, the borders of the Province have been destroyed, countless soldiers have died in battle, and the Barbarian army is marching straight in, approaching Jin City. This is a major event related to the rise and fall of the Great Wilderness Province. As the saying goes, the rise and fall of the country is the responsibility of everyone."

"You are the Great Qin’s people and are in Jin City, so you should do your part." 

His voice was so loud that it overshadowed all of the noise in the field.

Chu Ding also secretly used True Qi to add an effect. 

It was only after he finished speaking did someone say: "General Chu, don’t worry. Since we are Qin people, we naturally have no reason to back down. It’s just that grouping and directly fighting wouldn’t bring much of an effect."

"In defending the city, it would be difficult for us to exert our power, and may not be able to compare with the soldiers of the Black Tiger Army. In this case, what should we do?" 

Great question!

Hearing what that person said, the others secretly praised him.

Indeed, it was not that they didn’t want to contribute, rather their expertise was something else.

If one insisted on letting them go to war, there wouldn’t be any difference between sending them to their deaths.

Although the Black Tiger Army was powerful, they cannot afford to let all of the people die just like that.


Hearing what was said, Shen Changqing couldn’t help, but take a few more looks at the man.

The clothes on the other party’s body reminded him of a sect he had known before.

Golden Toad Sect!

"Your Excellency is from the Golden Toad Sect, right?"

Chu Ding asked.

The man bowed his body and replied politely: "Replying to General Chu, I am an Elder of the Golden Toad Sect, Fang Xue."

"The Golden Toad Sect has always been proficient in poison techniques. If used properly, it would bring a huge impact to the battle. Elder Fang speaks modestly."

Chu Ding’s expression remained indifferent.

He then ignored Fang Xue’s stiff face and looked at the others again.

"The battle against the Barbarians is naturally handled by the Black Tiger Army. Unless it is a last resort, the Black Tiger Army does not need anyone else to intervene, but currently, Jin City has other hidden dangers besides the Barbarians."

"A few days ago, monsters caused turmoil in the City. A lot of people were killed and injured."

"Last night, there were even more monsters attacking the Government Office and mutilating people in various parts of the city. Although most of them were stopped by the Black Tiger Army, the matter was already known to the people."

"For the general public, monsters are unmatched, but for people in Cultivators, they are not invincible—" 

Hearing Chu Ding’s words, the other people somewhat understood the meaning of the other party.

Tang Hong frowned: "General Chu wants us to deal with the monsters in Jin City?"


"I am confident with my strength to deal with monsters, but they are hidden and it is not easy to find them. Could it be that the Black Tiger Army has already grasped the location of the monsters?"

"The Black Tiger Army has not yet found the monsters’ location."

"But since the monsters are in the Jin City, as long as you search patiently, it wouldn’t be a big problem to find it out. All of you are not weak. I believe that your perception of the Evil Aura is stronger than ordinary people."

"In addition, Lord Shen of the Demon Division would also go."

"You may not have heard of Lord Shen’s, but he’s the one who took down the stronghold of the Eternal Life Alliance in Jin City a few days ago."


Everyone took a deep breath.

What was the Eternal Life Alliance stronghold?

That’s the brain of the Eternal Life Alliance over an area. There was no need to doubt whether there were strong monsters guarding it.

Since Shen Changing could destroy the Eternal Life Alliance stronghold with his own strength, it goes without saying that he had plenty of strength.

At this time, Tang Hong cupped his hands and asked, "Pardon me for my question, but Lord Shen stayed in Lin’an City, right?"   

Hearing Tang Hong’s words now, Shen Changing showed some surprise.   

"You have heard of me?"   

"This one is fortunate enough to hear about Lord Shen in Lin’an City!"   

Tang Hong said with a smile.   

Shen Changqing also smiled in return, took a deep look at Tang Hong, and stopped talking.  

But some people’s eyes flickered when they heard the conversation between the two.   

Lin’an City?   

There were many things happening all of the time, and not everything could be completely spread out.   

But they also heard something about Lin’an City.

After all, when the Demon’s Essence Blood appeared, it prompted Grandmasters to take action, causing a sensation.

At this time, many people were flipping through their memories in their minds, recalling that battle and checking whether there was a person named Shen Changqing.

Unfortunately, no matter how they recalled it, there was no news about Shen Changqing.

At this time, Chu Ding continued: "This one will require you to defend and patrol in Jin City. Search any area where there may be monsters hiding. We must eliminate all of the monsters in Jin City."

"Otherwise, when the Barbarians attack, the monsters will definitely cause endless troubles."

Saying this, Chu Ding no longer bothered with the facade, and his face became cold.

"If anyone dares to retreat at this time, or destroy the stability of Jin City, then don’t blame me for being ruthless."

"There are hundreds of thousands of people in Jin City, and there must be no accident because of any one person."

"Anyone who resists the order will be judged by this General’s sword!" 

He then unsheathed the sword on his waist.

A dazzling sword light cut through the air and hit the ground.


The ground shook, and a deep sword mark appeared.

Seeing this, everyone’s expressions couldn’t help changing.

Innate Outer Astral Realm!

Not everyone knew that Chu Ding was a Cultivator at the Innate Outer Astral Realm. It was not until he revealed his strength, that they understood that the person in front of him was much more than they expected.

Such an existence was enough to be respected.

The heads of many Sects were at this level.

Some of the hesitation and disobedience in people’s hearts disappeared.

Seeing everyone’s faces, Chu Ding nodded in satisfaction.

"Of course, if Jin City can withstand the Barbarian’s attack, after this battle, the Court will reward the defenders for their meritorious deeds."

"At that time, whether it is gold, silver, or Martial Arts, you can get it."

"I believe that few Martial Arts in the world can compare with the Imperial Court’s."

Hearing this, many people were slightly short of breath.

They all knew that Chu Ding’s words were no different from having a pie fall down the sky.

Just that, even if they knew it was a lure, these people couldn’t resist the temptation.

Not everyone was born in a big Sect, and many lacked Martial Arts.

They were scarce. Especially some of the quite advanced Martial Arts, even more so.

Many people stop at a certain Realm due to the fact that other than their talent limitations, not having Martial Arts to Cultivate was also a big hurdle. 

Chu Ding’s words undoubtedly gave these people hope.

Immediately, someone said in a loud voice: "General Chu, don’t worry. With us here, the monsters will definitely not disturb Jin City!"

"Yes, I will definitely clear the monsters in the city, and Jin City will have a bright future."

"It is my duty to kill the monsters in the first place—"

Seeing that the morale of the people were roused, Chu Ding nodded in satisfaction.

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