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Chapter: 116

Chapter 116: Thousand Mountain Martial Arts Hall.

Edited by: Mochisuagi 

Searching for monsters was something that must be done.

Otherwise, it would be akin to a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time.

Facing the possible arrival of the Barbarian army, the probability that Jin City could successfully resist them was not high.

If one added the monsters making trouble, there was no possibility of resistance.

Compared to the Black Tiger Army, Cultivators from the Martial Community were more suitable in dealing with the monster problem. 

A Cultivator had an equally powerful perception.

A monster might be hidden, but as long as one was close to it, it would be possible to find traces.

After Chu Ding finished speaking, he took a step back and looked at Shen Changqing.

"Lord Shen is a member of the Demon Suppression Division. I believe that you also have a certain understanding of monsters. Why don’t you tell them and remind them of some precautions."


Shen Changqing nodded.

He took a step forward and looked at everyone calmly.

"The most common way to hide monsters is to refine Corpse Puppets. These Corpse Puppets are not much different from ordinary people on the surface, and only when they are very close, will we be able to detect some Evil Aura."

"Moreover, Jin City’s monster’s Corpse Puppet refinement has reached an unimaginable level."

"If you want to find the traces of monsters, you must search carefully one by one, and must not take anything lightly."

"In addition—"

Shen Changqing paused, then turned to face Chu Ding next to him, before opening his mouth.

"Last time, when I fought against the monster in the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion, her strength was not weak. Although she has not reached the Grandmaster Realm, she was not like the average Innate Outer Astral Realm Cultivator."

"The strength of everyone present at the moment is very strong, but there is still a certain gap compared with the Innate Outer Astral Realm."

"I think it is best to have some elites of the Black Tiger Army accompany them. If you really want to find the traces of the monsters, you can also set up a formation and besiege them as soon as possible."

Innate Outer Astral Realm!

While Chu Ding didn’t reply, Fang Xue, Tang Hong and the other’s faces had already turned ugly.

They know that there were monsters, but if Shen Changqing didn’t talk about it, they would never have known that they had reached the Innate Outer Astral Realm.

Among the people present, not counting Shen Changqing and Chu Ding, the strongest were only able to step into the Innate Realm.

Comparing the two, the gap wasn’t small.

However, in addition to being shocked by the strength of the monster, these people were also shocked by Shen Changqing’s strength.

Being able to destroy the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion despite a strong monster guarding it, really showed his capabilities. Was he also in the Innate Outer Astral Realm?

Or maybe even a Grandmaster? 

In an instant, everyone’s attitude to Shen Changqing had changed.

They originally thought that the other party was simply an Innate  Realm Cultivator. Boy were they wrong. 

Chu Ding nodded.

"Lord Shen’s words are reasonable. The Black Tiger Army will fully cooperate and kill the monsters in the city."

Afterwards, Chu Ding continued: "In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong, this General has already communicated with the Government Office, and they will cooperate with the Black Tiger Army. If the whole city is searched, no monster has any possibility of escaping."

"However, there is one thing that I would like you to understand."

"That is, you can search the homes of the people, but you must not take this opportunity to make trouble. Otherwise, once you are found out, not only will you have no way to live, but even the Sect or force behind you will be in trouble."

After speaking, an invisible aura emanated from Chu Ding’s body, covered with killing intent, making the hearts of everyone present tremble.

"General Chu, don’t need to worry, we know what to do!"

They were very clear that Chu Ding’s words were not a joke.

In the Great Qin, the Imperial Court was akin to the sky. No matter how powerful the Sect was, it was not qualified to compete with the Imperial Court.

The same was true for the forces that were subordinates of the Imperial Court. Many Sects were not qualified to compete with the Imperial Court. They were all at a distance.

Powerful and tyrannical forces, such as the Black Tiger Army and the Demon Suppression Division, shunned the Sects.

Even the top Sects did not dare to fight against them.

If they do, only a dead end awaits.

Looking at the faces of everyone, Chu Ding nodded with satisfaction.

"This General is warning you all now, lest there will be any trouble in the future. Everyone, do your best for Jin City. You will be rewarded accordingly afterwards"


All of the Cultivators in the Qi Circulation Realm and above were summoned by the Black Tiger Army. As for why they didn’t include those below that, to put it bluntly, they were too weak and they wouldn’t bring much impact.   

At that time, maybe not only would it not work, but it may be possible to just give the monsters free food.   

At this time, in addition to leaving people in the necessary checkpoints, the Black Tiger Army in the city had gathered the rest to accompany the Cultivators in search for monsters.

"Lord Shen, do you want to act alone, or do you need some people to accompany you?"

Wen Ce asked Shen Changqing.


Looking at the elite soldiers clad in black armor behind him, Shen Changqing shook his head slightly.

"It would be a waste for the Black Tiger Army to stay by my side. It’s better to spread. As for myself, I only need one or two people to lead the way."

Although the Black Tiger Army was powerful, it wouldn’t do much for him.

To be frank, with the Level 10 [Impregnable Golden Body] and Level 16 [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], in Jin City, Shen Changqing had the confidence to sweep everything.

Even if he encountered Hongyi again, he was certain that he could kill her.

Wen Ce also no longer pursued the matter.

All of the Jin City Cultivators, excluding Shen Changqing, were then divided into three teams.

Each of these teams was accompanied by a thousand elites of the Black Tiger Army.

The Black Tiger Army was inherently strong. As the elite of the Black Tiger Army, there was no need to say much about their strength.

A thousand of them forming a formation would be enough to surround and kill Cultivators at the Innate Realm.

Even if it was inconvenient to deploy an army in the city, it was not a big problem to confront monsters in the Innate Realm.

Jin City was not that big.

Once the battle occured, other teams from other places could also provide immediate support.

Watching people leave, Shen Changqing turned his head to Liu Jian and said, "Constable Liu, please lead the way!"

"Yes, Lord Shen!"

Liu Jian respectfully complied.

After returning from the hospital, he went straight to the location of the Black Tiger Army.

His purpose was very simple. To be Shen Changqing’s guide and find areas where the  monsters may hide.

Searching the whole city may sound simple, but it’s actually not.

After all, not everyone would allow their residence to be searched, and there would naturally be some resistance during the period.

But with the Government Officials, people had to give face in the end.

Even if they were dissatisfied in their hearts, they didn’t dare to vent indiscriminately.

Subsequently, Shen Changqing and Liu Jian began to enter the investigation stage.

Due to the leadership of a Government Official, the investigation was hardly hindered.

Anyone who heard the names of the Government and Demon Suppression Division would consciously step aside, letting the two enter to investigate.

With the case of Zhang Family in Lin’an City, and the example of Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion, Shen Changqing knew that monsters’ concealment methods were much more powerful than he imagined.

Not only he had to get close to perceive a clue, even after half a day of searching and asking people about abnormalities, they couldn’t find anything.

"It seems that the place where the monsters hide is not ordinary!"

Shen Changqing sighed.

The two of them were currently standing in front of a mansion.

Thousand Martial Arts Hall!

This was the first time Shen Changqing saw the existence of a Martial Arts Hall.

The Martial Arts in the Martial Community were all tightly controlled and would not be easily leaked out. As for the Imperial Court, they also control their Martial Arts, and few people outside the Imperial Court could learn them.

For the people who were not qualified to enter a Sect or qualified to join the Imperial Court, if they wanted to practice Martial Arts, the Martial Arts Hall would be their first choice.

However, not every place had a Martial Arts Hall.

It’s because the meaning of its existence was to make money and expand its own power.

If a city had no Martial Arts Hall, in some respects, it meant that there was no great future in the city.

Noticing Shen Changqing’s gaze, Liu Jian said: "The Thousand Martial Arts Hall has been around for some years, and has a great reputation in Jin City. The owner of the Martial Arts Hall, Qianyang, is very powerful and has a great reputation."

"In my opinion, the possibility of monsters hiding here is not very high."

"It may not be very likely, but we have to go in and look. Simply guessing is useless."

Shen Changqing shook his head, as he walked towards the Thousand Mountain Martial Arts Hall.

When the two of them arrived in front, they were immediately stopped by two young men in strong suits.

"You two, please halt. This is the Thousand Mountain Martial Arts Hall, what is the purpose of the two of you coming here?"



Liu Jian’s face sank.

"Could it be that you don’t know me?"

It would be fine if he was wearing civilian clothes, but he was currently wearing his Official uniform. It would be fine if he was politely stopped, but the arrogant attitude of these two made him strongly dissatisfied.

Hearing this, one of the two men said.

"Constable Liu jests. No one in Jin City doesn’t know Constable Liu, but this is the Thousand Mountain Martial Arts Hall. If there is no prior notice or reservation, no one can just enter it."


Now, Liu Jian was getting angry.

Just when he was about to say something, he was stopped by a hand.

Shen Changqing smiled lightly.

"Demon Suppression Division’s Slayer Shen Changqing and Constable Liu Jian have something to do at the Thousand Mountain Martial Arts Hall!"

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