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Chapter: 119

Chapter 119: Supreme Yin Sword Body.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Late at night.

Jin City was currently under martial law, as the search for monsters never stopped.

A large number of the Black Tiger Army troops held torches and strictly guarded the entrances of various streets. At the same time, some experts and people from the Martial Arts Community were constantly narrowing the scope of their search.

"Are there really any monsters hiding in Jin City?"

A person from the Martial Arts Community looked at the darkness in front of him and frowned involuntarily.

When the others heard his words, they all fell silent.

Were there any monsters hiding in Jin City?

This question was really hard to answer.

Most of Jin City had now been searched, but there was no trace of monsters.    

Fang Xue said in a deep voice: "It’s not up to us whether there are monsters or not. We just need to search Jin City. As for the rest, it is a matter for the Imperial Court."

If he wasn’t pulled by the Black Tiger Army here, perhaps he would have already evacuated Jin City.

To his words, the others who just started to speak became silent.

On the silent street, shrouded in darkness, a group of people searched from house to house. Only the light from the torches dispelled the surrounding darkness.

Time ticked by and it was soon midnight.

[Tuk Tuk~]!

"Is anyone there? The Black Tiger Army is conducting a routine inspection, please open the door!" 

A courtyard door was knocked, breaking the silent night sky.

However, even after a long time, there was no movement.

Wen Ce frowned.

However, he did not immediately break into the door, and patiently knocked on the courtyard door.

[Tuk Tuk~]!

This time, footsteps finally sounded.


"Who is it?"

"I am a member of the Black Tiger Army. Please open the door for routine inspections!" 

After a while, the courtyard door was opened, and a powerful-looking tall man appeared in Wen Ce’s line of sight.

When the man saw the Black Tiger Army holding torches, he couldn’t help showing a fearful look on his face, and his originally straight back bent a bit.

"It turned out to be my Lord. What matter has brought my lord here?"

When speaking, the man had a smile on his face.

For the Black Tiger Army, the people of Jin City maintained a level of respect.

"Don’t worry. If we don’t find any problem, I won’t make it difficult for you."

Wen Ce glanced at the other party, and then led someone in.

A large number of Black Tiger Army troops then poured, crowding the yard.

Wen Ce turned his head to look at the people around him, and said in a deep voice, "Properly check and see if there are any problems."


"No problem."

Fang Xue looked at the other party and nodded.

The Black Tiger Army was responsible for deterring the common people, while the Martial Arts Community were responsible for searching for monsters.

Immediately, a few people scattered, looking for places where the monsters might hide.

Fortunately, the yard was not very big, but it took less than a while to search the inside and outside of the yard.

"Lord Wen, I didn’t find anything."

"I didn’t find anything here either."

Wen Ce nodded after hearing the reports of several people.

He looked at the man, who was standing aside with a respectful look on his face, and clasped his fists slightly.

"Sorry for disturbing your night, I hope you don’t misunderstand."

"My Lord jests." 

The man replied hurriedly, looking flattered.


Wen Ce nodded, and then left with the others.

Soon, the originally lively yard became silent.

Out of the alley, Wen Ce stopped and said to the person beside him: "Notify the others that we have found the Barbarians. Immediately block the alley, they must not escape!"

Immediately after, the hundreds of Black Tiger Army troops standing behind, under the command of Wen Ce, scattered around and quietly surrounded the entire alley.

Looking at the movements of the Black Tiger Army, the faces of the people from the Martial Arts Community were full of shock.

Fang Xue couldn’t help but ask: "Lord Wen, how do you know that he is a Barbarian?"

When he faced the man, he didn’t notice any abnormalities.

When the other people heard this, they all turned their attention to Wen Ce.

Just as Fang Xue couldn’t see it, they also couldn’t.

"It’s very simple."

Wen Ce smiled and patiently explained.


"The Barbarians live in the wilderness all year round, where the conditions are harsh, and their skin is much rougher than that of the people of the Great Wilderness Province."

"Moreover, most of the Barbarians drink blood. They all have a bit of wildness in themselves, and their bodies are generally stronger than that of the Great Qin people. The man looks tall and more burly than ordinary Great Qin people."

"Of course, based on these alone, we cannot 100% determine that he is a Barbarian."

"But just now, that man showed a big flaw."

"That’s– accent!"


Fang Xue and several people looked at each other.

"But Lord Wen, that person’s accent was no different from the Great Qin people, right?"

"If you haven’t dealt with Barbarians before, then you wouldn’t find any problem with that accent. But if you do, you will find that his speech has a native Barbarian accent."

"Although this accent is very weak and people who are not very familiar with Barbarians wouldn’t notice, the Black Tiger Army could easily."

Wen Ce shook his head.

The Black Tiger Army had been stationed in the Great Wilderness Province all year round, and had fought many times with the Barbarians.

They were very familiar with the Barbarian accent.

The other party was obviously prepared, and had specially learned the accent of the Great Qin people, trying his best to eliminate his native accent.

Alas, an accent was not something that can be eliminated just because one wanted to.

Even if he lived in the Great Qin for decades, Wen Ce would still be able to hear some clues.

Immediately after, Wen Ce paused, before continuing. 

"The Great Qin and the Barbarians are incompatible. It is impossible for a Barbarian to survive in Jin City. It is very likely that this person is the Barbarian force hidden in the city."

After that, he silently added another sentence in his heart.

Taking a step back, even if it wasn’t the forces of the Barbarians planted in Jin City, the fact that the other party was a Barbarian could not be denied.

As such, it was better to kill than have the possibility of letting a fish escape the net.

"Lord Wen really has a brilliant eye!"

Fang Xue couldn’t help, but show a look of admiration.

If it wasn’t for Wen Ce’s explanation, he would not have known that the man had revealed so many flaws.


It could be seen that the experience of the Black Tiger Army in some aspects cannot be compared to himself.


After bidding farewell to the Black Tiger Army and closing the courtyard door, the smile on the man’s face disappeared, replaced by gloom.

"Damn it, the Black Tiger Army has already searched here. It seems that this place is not safe. I have to leave!" 

Although they say that the most dangerous place was the safest place, no one really wanted to put themselves in a dangerous situation.

Since the Black Tiger Army had just finished their investigation here, they should not come back in a short time.

Although the man was very confident in his own strength, if he faced the Black Tiger Army, he had no certainty that he would be able to compete. Not to mention that there were still people from the Martial Arts Community. At the same time, there were some who were not weak.

"If it wasn’t for Nie Xu’s Righteous Energy, I wouldn’t end up in such a situation—"

Thinking of Nie Xu, he had the urge to grit his teeth.

It’s like hunting a wild goose all day long, but in the end the goose pecked his eye.

If it hadn’t been for the failure to assassinate Nie Xu, the Black Tiger Army would have no reason to search the entire city, let alone force itself to the point where it had to shift positions.

"My clan has already invaded the Great Wilderness Province in a big way. It won’t be long before the troops will be under the city. By then Jin City won’t be able to resist, so let’s endure for now!"

After thinking about the situation, the man returned to the house.

He groped for a place on the wall, and then pressed hard.

An entrance to a secret room suddenly appeared in the corner of the room.

The man did not hold an oil lamp for some light source, and just directly entered the dark passageway of the secret room.

After a while of treading the long corridor, the field of view opened up.

There was a small room, where a pool of red water quietly sat. A strong bloody smell was coming from it, which made people feel sick.

In the middle of the blood pool was a graceful figure soaking in place.

If someone knowledgeable was here, they would find that the figure was the missing Eldest Miss of the Zhou family, Zhou Qin.

Currently, Zhou Qin’s eyes were tightly closed, and she was soaked in the blood pool to the top of her neck.

Her beautiful face had blood-colored patterns all over it, like worms, giving people a very weird feeling.

"It’s coming soon!"

"In a few days, once the Blood Kui is officially refined, using the blood of her close relatives, the Blood Kui will definitely undergo a major increase in strength!" 

The man looked at Zhou Qin in the blood pool, his face wore a morbidly insane smile.

The blood in the blood pool was not simple blood, but the blood of the Zhou Family.

There were many ways to refine Blood Kui.

But the Blood Kui refined with the blood of their close relatives were the most powerful.

In addition to revenge, the reason for the attack on the Zhou Family was to refine and collect the blood of the Zhou Family, in order to refine a powerful Blood Kui.

In fact, right from the beginning, the man had already set his sights on Zhou Qin.

It’s just that the other party had entered the Yi Jiang Sect and its strength was not weak.

It was only now, when Zhou Qin came back, that the man found a chance.

"Supreme Yin Sword Body!"

"According to the rumors, it is an amazing physique, and it is the best embryo for refining puppets. Now just absorb the energy in the blood pool. Once you are reborn, I will make the entire Jin City into a ghost town!" 

The manic smile on the man’s face became more and more obvious.

Once the Blood Kui refining was successful, even if he was surrounded by the Black Tiger Army, he was certain that he could fight back.

As if hearing the man’s words, Zhou Qin, who was soaked in the blood pool, seemed to have her eyelids twitch a few times, but it quickly returned to normal.

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