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Chapter: 89

Chapter 89: Burning The Zhou Family Ancestral Residence.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

After leaving the Zhou Family’s residence, Xu Yi and the others temporarily found a restaurant, then sat down to discuss their plan of action.

"Zhou Qin’s strength is not weak, yet she was still injured by the monster. If we want to deal with the monster, I’m afraid it will not be so easy."

Xiao Wen had a worried look on her face.

She originally had a great amount of confidence before. But now, that confidence has decreased significantly.

After all, from the information gathered by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, Zhou Qin was at the Middle Stage in the Qi Circulation Realm.

If their group worked together, they may not be much stronger than a single Middle Stage Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator like Zhou Qin.

Jiang Yu’s expression also did not look good. There was a gloomy look on his pretty face: "If we can’t deal with the monster, then this mission will be a failure–"

If what they failed was just a normal mission, it would have been okay.

But this was an assessment mission. If they fail, the Demon Suppression Division would definitely give them another one, which would probably be even more difficult.

If they continued to fail two or three consecutive missions, they would be punished.

While the atmosphere in the group became heavy, on the other hand, Xu Yi had a faint smile on his face. It was as if he wasn’t nervous at all.

"The demon at the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is indeed powerful, and we may not have any chances of winning against it. But we could do something…"

"Brother Xu, what do you mean by this?"

Jiang Yu had doubts on his face.

The other two also looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi calmly explained, "Zhou Qin went deep into the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence last night and met the monster, which proves that it had always existed in the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence."

"In other words, the monster may not necessarily be able to leave the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence."

Hearing this, Tian Feibai realized something.

"Although the monster has always existed in the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence, it doesn’t mean that it has no way to leave there, right?"

"Brother Tian should know that the monsters feed on the Human Race. Since it has appeared, its purpose must be to absorb the blood of living people. This can be seen from the various deaths of  the Zhou Family members."

"But now that all the people of the Zhou Family had moved out and there is no living person inside, how come the monster doesn’t relocate to find more prey?"

"So I have reason to believe that the monster has no way to leave the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence. Either that or it is coveting something in the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence."

Xu Yi paused, before continuing.

"No matter what the reason is, there is no doubt that the monster is attached to something in order to exist. If the object it is attached to is destroyed, its strength will inevitably be damaged."

"At that time, the difficulty of dealing with it will be much lower."

Tian Feibai and others understood Xu Yi’s thoughts.

It’s just that–

"The Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is so large, how hard would it be to find the thing that the monster had possessed?"

"Although the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is large, it’s not impossible to do so, depending on what we do."

Xu Yi slightly smiled.

"As the saying goes, water and fire are ruthless. Wherever fire passes through, everything will be wiped out."

"You are going to burn the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence?!"

Xiao Wen was shocked.

The Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence was the foundation of the Zhou Family. Even if there was a monster, the Zhou Family would not be willing to give it up.


Xu Yi said: "Only by burning down the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence, can we force the monster to show up. We must remember that killing the monster is our main objective."

"Otherwise, when the monster leaves the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence, God knows how many more people would die."

"Should we discuss this matter with the Zhou Family?" Tian Feibai hesitated.


Xu Yi shook his head.

"There’s no need to discuss. Anyone who dares to stop the Demon Suppression Division from killing the monster, will be punished with the same crime as abandoning the Human Race."

"No matter how bold the Zhou Family is, they will never dare to say anything."

Xu Yi knew very well what kind of power the Demon Suppression Division had in the Great Qin.

Not to mention the mere Zhou Family in Jin City, even the aristocratic families in the Capital did not dare to hinder the Demon Suppression Division. 

It could be said that the Demon Suppression Division was like the unreachable sky in the Great Qin.

Except for the current emperor, even a member of the Royal Family was not qualified to point fingers at the Demon Suppression Division.

This was the strength of the Demon Suppression Division.

When Tian Feibai and the others first entered the Demon Suppression Division, they didn’t understand how powerful the Division was, but Xu Yi was very clear on this matter.

Thinking back, the others realized that everyone was indeed extremely respectful to the Demon Suppression Division.

Combined with what Xu Yi said, it seemed that this was the truth.

"When is Brother Xu going to start?"

Tian Feibai asked.

Xu Yi said: "The sooner the better, so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the monster at night. Although the sun will not have any impact on the monster, it is a great advantage to us."

"The people living around the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence have long since not dared to approach the area."

"So even if the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is set on fire, there is no need to worry about it affecting others." Tian Feibai nodded in agreement.

"However—" Xu Yi pondered: "The burning of the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence will definitely cause some riots. I propose that we go to the Government Office first, and use their power to maintain order."



After their discussion, they hurried to the Government Office.

Meanwhile, Shen Changqing was wandering in Jin City. Except for the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion and the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence, he did not feel the Evil Aura anywhere else.

It seemed that monsters only exist in those two places.


Shen Changqing suddenly stopped and looked forward, as he suddenly saw a large number of Government Officials coming.

In the middle was Xu Yi and the others.

In order to avoid any confrontation or block them, Shen Changqing quickly stepped aside. Like the rest of the people, he stopped to watch the Government Officials pass by.

With a cursory glance, Shen Changqing determined the number of Officials.

What made him curious was what Xu Yi and the others were planning, in order to deal with the monster. Were they going to use the Officials to eradicate the monster?

Thinking of this possibility, Shen Changqing secretly shook his head.

"Although the strength of the Officials in Jin City is much stronger than that of Lin’an City, among the hundreds of them, only a few entered the Body Forging Realm, while most were just ordinary people. They wouldn’t be able to do anything." 

The Government Office could only maintain the normal order of a city, but monsters and demons were beyond their scope of jurisdiction.

In the end, even if he was a powerful expert, he would not enter the Government office. He can be a small Government official or a constable with a peace of mind.

After all, if a Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator could gain a good position, why would there be a need for further risk.

With doubts in his mind, Shen Changqing quietly followed behind the Officials.

Soon, he stopped.

"It’s indeed the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence, huh?"

Shen Changqing raised his brows and jumped on the roof.

From this position, he could see everything below. At the same time, because of the blockage of the building, the people below can’t see him. It was a one way view.

At this time, the Officials scattered and drove away the people who had approached the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence.

Immediately after, the other Officials brought in kerosene and firewood. They began filling the surrounding area of ​​the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence.

Seeing up to this point, Shen Changqing now knew exactly what Xu Yi and the others wanted to do.

"Setting fire to the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is indeed the most convenient way to deal with the monster."

He nodded secretly.

For low-level monsters, the most appropriate and easiest way to make them reveal themselves was by burning them.

Instead of going deep into the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence and confronting the monster, which could be hiding anywhere, it would be better to burn the whole place down.

By then, the monster would have nowhere to hide and would be forced to show itself.

"Don’t miss a spot. Make sure that the outside of the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence is well covered. Wait for my order to set it on fire at the same time."

Xu Yi stood in front of the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence and gave orders to the surrounding Officials.

He then looked at the person standing beside him.

"Constable Liu, after the fire is set, you can lead the Officials to evacuate the people around the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence. At the same time, don’t let other people approach the area. Monsters are strange, and if there are too many people, there may be unnecessary casualties."

"Lord Xu can be rest assured. We’ll handle this matter."

Constable Liu cupped fist and affirmed.

Around half an hour later, the outer wall of the huge Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence had been covered with firewood and doused with a lot of kerosene.

Constable Liu reported: "Lord Xu, everything is ready."


Xu Yi nodded, while looking solemnly at the gate of the Zhou Family’s Ancestral Residence that had the talisman, and waved his hand.


All of the Officials holding torches, then threw their torches into the pile of firewood.

Soon, a raging fire broke out.

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