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Chapter: 91

Chapter 91: Zhou Family Extermination.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

At night.

The Zhou Family residence was silent.

After their ancestral house was engulfed by the fire during the day, Patriarch Zhou seethed with rage, causing the servants to be silent.

No one dared to speak loudly.

There were only some guards around, that were patrolling the Zhou Residence.

"I heard that the ancestral house was destroyed and the monster was also killed. Will the Master rebuild the ancestral house?"

A team of guards was patrolling the garden. One of them looked at the dark surroundings and chatted with his companions.

Someone replied: "He will definitely rebuild the ancestral house. I heard that the Feng Shui of the Zhou Family’s ancestral house is very good. The Zhou Family is able to make such a fortune because of the Feng Shui of the ancestral house. Otherwise, the Master would not be so angry because of the ancestral house burning down." 

"The Government people are really bold, to set the ancestral house on fire without saying a word to the Zhou Family."

"It wasn’t the Government who ordered the fire. I heard that it was the people from the Demon Suppression Division. Otherwise, how could the Master not be informed?"

"So that’s the case—"

As a big family, the Zhou Family had some power in Jin City.

The ancestral house was no trivial matter. If it was someone from the Government that ordered it, they would definitely notify the family in advance. But since it’s the Demon Suppression Division, it was another matter.

At this time, someone suddenly said: "Say, has the monster in the ancestral house really been killed?"

"That’s for sure. The Government Officials were present, how could it be fake?"

Another person shook his head.

At this time, illuminated by the torch, one of the guards suddenly saw something squirming in the shadow of the rock garden not far in front and was shocked.

"Look, is there something there?"

Hearing this, the others were also surprised.

As they looked in the direction the guard pointed, their hearts became tense.

At this time, one person laughed and scolded: "Old Lin, you’ve been visiting the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion a lot, and now your eyes are dim. There is nothing there, it’s clearly just a shadow."

"That’s right, Old Lin, you must be going blind." 

The one called Old Lin rubbed his eyes and looked towards the rock garden again. There was indeed only the shadow of the rock garden, and nothing else.

Old Lin breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "It seems that I saw wrong. By the way, the wages will be paid tomorrow. How about we all go and drink at the Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion?"

"Just drinking?" 

"Most of you are invited to have a drink, there is nothing else you can do."

As the group laughed and chatted, the atmosphere eased.

When he passed by the rock garden, Old Lin couldn’t help, but take another look.

It was then a pale palm suddenly stretched out from the shadow on the ground; pulling him into the darkness.


The torch fell to the ground, and Old Lin’s figure disappeared.

When the others heard the scream, their faces suddenly turned pale. They hurriedly fled without even thinking about it.


The next day.

Shen Changqing finished his nightly meditation and was just about to call someone to fetch water, when someone knocked on the door.

It was Zhong Chi.

"Something has happened!"

As soon as Zhong Chi entered the room, he went straight to the point.

A problem!?

Shen Changqing’s expression froze, and asked in a deep voice, "What happened?"

"Last night, the Zhou Family was wiped out. When it was discovered, everyone in the Zhou Family had already been sucked dry. Besides, Miss Zhou Qin is missing."

Zhong Chi quickly briefed.

The Zhou Family was destroyed?

Miss Zhou was missing?

The two news completely exceeded Shen Changqing’s expectations.

He then thought of something and asked Zhong Chi, "Is it related to the killing of the monster in the Zhou Family’s ancestral house yesterday?"

"It’s possible, but not certain."

"Where are the Apprentice Slayers? What’s the situation now?"

Shen Changqing thought about Xu Yi and others who did the killing. If the Zhou Family was wiped out, then Xu Yi and others would definitely have some accidents.

"This is the second news I want to say."

Zhong Chi’s face was ugly.

"They left Jin City early in the day yesterday, and went back to the Demon Suppression Division. But according to the report of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, all four of them have disappeared. I suspect that it is very likely that they died in the hands of a monster."

Missing does not necessarily mean death.

But being missing at this juncture was almost the same as dying.

"I’ll go to the Zhou Family Residence and check out the situation."


Currently, the Zhou Family Residence was surrounded by a large number of Government Officials.

Outside, many people stopped by to watch. The expressions on each person’s face were all the same: filled with fear.

Obviously, the fact that the Zhou Family was wiped out was a big shock to them.

"This place has been blocked. No one can come in without an order from the Governor."


Shen Changqing had just arrived, when he was stopped by an Official guarding the gate of Zhou’s house.

At this time, Shen Changqing took out his Demon Suppression Division token.

"I’m from the Demon Suppression Division!"

"The Demon Suppression Division!"

The Official looked horrified, as he glanced at the token in Shen Changqing’s hand. His attitude immediately changed 180 degrees.

"My Lord, please wait here for a while, I will get back to you immediately!"

After he finished speaking, he gestured to another Official with his eyes, and hurried towards the Zhou Family Residence.

Less than a stick of incense time later, a middle-aged man in an Official’s uniform came out in a hurry. Behind him was the Official that initially stopped Shen Changqing, as well as Constable Liu.

"Governor Nie Xu dares ask my Lord’s name?"

When he spoke, he looked at Shen Changqing up and down.

The other party was dressed in plain clothes, however there was an aura around him that couldn’t be ignored.

Shen Changqing showed his token again: "I am Shen Changqing, Yellow Rank Slayer. Greetings, Governor Nie!"


Seeing the token and hearing Shen Changqing’s words, Nie Xu’s pupils shrank, as his face soon showed a warm smile.

"It turned out to be Lord Shen!"

He had never heard of Shen Changqing’s name, but the words ‘Yellow Rank Slayer’ meant that the other party was an Official Slayer.

Official Slayers were rare powerhouses.

Now that the Zhou Family had been destroyed, it was undoubtedly a good thing to have a Yellow Rank Slayer present.


In addition to the surprise, Nie Xu also had some doubts in his heart.

That was, why did Shen Changqing come here. If it was for the Zhou Family’s annihilation, it would be a bit incredible.

After all, the Great Wilderness Province was far from the Capital.

No matter how fast the news spread, it was impossible to arrive this early.

While Nie Xu was lost in his thoughts, Shen Changqing was also checking the person in front of him.

Regarding the Governor of Jin City, he had some relevant information from the Heavenly Inspection Guard. He understood that the other party had returned to Jin City and was awarded the position of Governor. He had been in office for two or three years now.

During Nie Xu’s reign, although there was no major political achievement, he ensured the stability of Jin City. The work he had done was considered to be quite satisfactory, and no major problems could be found. 

"I heard the news that the Zhou Family was destroyed, so I came here as soon as possible. I didn’t expect Governor Nie to be one step ahead."

Shen Changqing lightly smiled.

A wry smile appeared on Nie Xu’s face: "Lord Shen might not know, but Jin City was just plagued by a monster a few days ago. When the monster was finally killed, I thought we could live in peace for a while."

"I didn’t expect that even less than a day later, the Zhou Family would be wiped out."

"As the Governor of Jin City, this Official is currently in a state of torment."

He paused, the sadness on his face subsided a little.

"But now that Lord Shen is here, this Official believes that the destruction of the Zhou Family will not be a big problem."

Shen Changqing’s expression remained unchanged from Nie Xu’s flattery.

His eyes swept across Nie Xu, then Constable Liu and other Officials behind him, before finally landing on the gate of Zhou Family Residence.

"I want to check the specific situation inside."

"No problem, Lord Shen, please come in."

Nie Xu did not hesitate, and immediately stepped aside.

When Shen Changqing entered, Nie Xu looked at the Official next to him: "Continue and strictly guard the place. No one is allowed to enter, and report to me as soon as possible, in case of emergencies."

"I understand!"

Nie Xu nodded and took Constable Liu to catch up with Shen Changqing.

"Governor Nie."

"This humble Official is here, what are your orders Lord Shen?"

Nie Xu’s posture was very low.

Now that the Zhou Family was destroyed, there was almost no doubt that a new monster was causing another disaster. The person in front of him was an Official Slayer. No matter in terms of strength or status, Shen Changqing was higher than him.

Regardless of the rank, just the words ‘Demon Suppression Division’ could represent a lot of things.

Shen Changqing asked, "When did Governor Nie find out that the Zhou Family was destroyed?"

"Today, at 9. Some people, who usually bring vegetables and meat to the Zhou Family, knocked on the door for a long time, but no one responded. They were worried that the meat would be left out for a long time, so they climbed the wall and entered the Zhou Family residence without authorization, wanting to see the situation."

"However, they found the dead bodies of the Zhou Family instead. They then immediately went to the Government Office and reported it." 

"When we got the news, we brought people over to investigate. It was only later, did we find out that there’s not simply one or two people inside the Zhou Family Residence that have been killed, but rather they were all wiped out."

Nie Xu’s voice slightly trembled.

"Are all of the people in the Zhou Family dead?"

"After investigation, Zhou Qin, the eldest Miss of the Zhou Family is missing, while the rest died here."

Nie Xu replied truthfully.

Shen Changqing nodded. What the other party said, was the same as the news the Heavenly Inspection gave him.

Soon, the three arrived at the place where the corpses were placed.

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