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Chapter: 1032

horse man

The explosion of Professor Trelawney before leaving really shocked all the teachers and students at Hogwarts, and refreshed everyone's previous impression of the old liar.

No one thought that all this was actually done by someone behind the scenes, and the actual operation was not very difficult.

Professor Trelawney is a seasoned liar in her own right, with decades of experience at tricking and fooling others, and, to use Albert's euphemism, a master of language.

With the help of the Blessed Elixir and the full script, it's not surprising that the supernormal performance is at all.

The last success story was Harry Potter.

To this end, Albert was surprised to find that he triggered a task called "Highlight Moment".

It is a pity that the task is not easy to complete, especially Albert is about to graduate from Hogwarts, there is not much time to complete the task, and more can only depend on luck. Although Albert has always claimed that his luck is good, he himself is not willing to pin things on luck.

What makes Albert more puzzled is that Potter didn't trigger a similar mission when he was arguing against Fudge during the trial.

After this incident, the prophecy that Professor Trelawney left before he left was once again turned over from the garbage heap of history by everyone.

In addition to the prediction that Potter was banned by Toad not long ago, the second prediction that she was expelled from Toad also came true.

The next prophecy: Headmaster Dumbledore will hire a non-human professor of divination to serve at Hogwarts.

This prophecy will be verified in the next few days, and it won't make everyone wait too long. What if the third prophecy also comes true?

Will the remaining prophecies gradually come true?

Trelawney's prophecy left Umbridge stunned like a slap in the face.

Umbridge never thought that he would go to great lengths to drive Trelawney away and prepare to put "his own person" in Hogwarts, but Dumbledore had already found a new professor of divination.

Did the other party already expect it?

What annoyed Umbridge even more was that Dumbledore didn't tell her who the new professor of divination was, but only mysteriously said that he would know in a few days, and even assured him with confidence that if the new professor didn't arrive within three days. , the Ministry of Magic is entirely free to appoint new professors of divination.

The smile on Dumbledore's face gave Umbridge a bad feeling that she didn't want the old liar's prophecy to come true anyway, not just because of Trelawney's follow-up prophecy, but it also meant She expelled a professor who could truly predict the future.

Not only will Minister for Magic Fudge be questioned, but her ability to serve as a senior investigator will also be questioned.

Umbridge really guessed right, Albert really dug a hole with her backhand and let her jump down.

After sending off the desperate Umbridge, Dumbledore couldn't help shaking his head. He came to the window and fell into a brief silence as he looked in the direction of the Forbidden Forest.

Honestly, the old man did overlook something at first and might even have made bad mistakes if it wasn't for Albert's reminder.

Centaurs hate wizards.

Moreover, the superiority of most wizards always easily touches the centaurs' nerves.

However, for an elderly person who is always busy and often needs to think about a lot of things, it is sometimes very helpless to forget something.

Fortunately he was reminded.

When Dumbledore found Firenze, the only centaur who was willing to come to Hogwarts as a professor of divination, he actually reminded Firenze privately and invited him to go back to school with him, but Firenze refused. , the centaur is still determined to return to his community and tell everyone the news, rather than go directly to Hogwarts with Dumbledore.

This is undoubtedly a bad thing.

Therefore, when Dumbledore came back from the forest, he asked Hagrid to go to the Forbidden Forest to meet Firenze.

Honestly, it wasn't really a knowing choice, but Dumbledore was running out of options.

If another Ministry official was involved, it would only make things worse, possibly even leading to Trelawney being driven out of the way.

Dumbledore never intended to let Trelawney leave Hogwarts, especially after the prophecy about Voldemort made her situation dangerous.

Her current departure is obviously related to someone.

In fact, Dumbledore would have preferred Trelawney to be unknown and sheltered at Hogwarts, rather than to be as big as she is now.

However, things had already happened, and there was no point in saying anything else. He believed that the other party would ensure her safety, as Trelawney had said before she left, and she would return to teach at school next semester.

Hagrid had heard about what happened yesterday, and knew that Trelawney had been expelled by the woman named Umbridge, but he never thought Dumbledore would hire Firenze the Centaur to be the school's teacher. Professor of divination.

Also, the fact that Trelawney was fired upset Hagrid.

Although Hagrid was confident in Thestral's class, he was still a little worried that he would be kicked out. Not only did Umbridge censor his course not long ago, but Albert's warning.

The reminders given by Albert will basically come true, which means that he may also be driven away by Umbridge one day, which is undoubtedly not good news.

After Dumbledore left, Hagrid seemed to remember something, took out Albert's letter from the cabinet, read it carefully, threw the parchment into the fireplace and burned it, and then took the bow and arrows to the forbidden area. Lin received Firenze.

"Hopefully it's not that bad."

Hagrid plunged headlong into the Forbidden Forest and walked quickly toward the centaurs.

Before Hagrid could get close to the centaurs, he saw a scene that shocked him. Half of the centaurs were kicking around.

There was no doubt that what Dumbledore feared had happened.

"Stop, stop, what are you doing?" Hagrid stepped forward, trying to stop the atrocity.

"Go away from Hagrid, this is a matter within our community." Baine glared angrily at Hagrid, who forcibly pushed him away.

Hagrid lifted the fallen centaur from the ground. Firenze looked miserable, with horseshoe prints all over his body.

"Firenze betrayed us and became a slave of mankind."

Instead of attacking Hagrid, the centaurs glared at him disapprovingly.

"Betrayal? Just because Firenze intends to help Dumbledore?" Hagrid glared at the group of stubborn centaurs in front of him in dissatisfaction.

"Our customs are different from yours, and our laws are different from yours," said a gray centaur with deep wrinkles on his face. "Hagrid, don't get involved in the private affairs of centaurs."

"I only saw one murder," Hagrid exclaimed.

"Firenze tried to sell our knowledge and our secrets to humans," said Margaery coldly, stepping out of the crowd of horses and standing in front of Hagrid, "It's a disgrace to us centaurs, we This has to be stopped."

"Your knowledge is not as valuable as you think. I can't watch you murder my friends. If Dumbledore knew you were going to kill his professor, I think he would be very upset." Hagrid had no choice but to Moving out of Dumbledore, he knew that only Dumbledore could shock the centaurs in front of him.

However, this did not produce the expected effect, instead it made the originally irritable centaurs even more angry.

"Dumbledore is in a little trouble now, and it only takes half a year at most to solve the problem." Hagrid said loudly, "He just invited Firenze to come to Hogwarts as a professor, a position worthy of everyone's respect."

"Firenze, if you insist on leaving us, then we will regard you as a traitor, and you will be expelled by the community and never step into the woods, or we will kill you." Magrey calmly said. Looking at Firenze, he knew what trouble Dumbledore had encountered, but centaurs were not willing to be involved in conflicts and wars between wizards, and Firenze's actions would undoubtedly bring trouble to the entire community.

"Sorry Margaery, I don't regret my decision." Firenze turned and walked outside the Forbidden Forest.

"Hagrid, you have lost your centaur friendship." Margery looked at Hagrid's back and said indifferently, "From now on, don't come to our Forbidden Forest, you are no longer welcome here. ."

"This is not your forest."

"Just let them go?"

The black, bearded Bane scratched his hoof impatiently. "We know what he's hiding in the Forbidden Forest."

Margaery didn't answer Bane, turned and left.

As leader of the centaurs, Margaery was calmer than the other centaurs, and he didn't want any unpleasant confrontation with Dumbledore if he could.

After all, the Forbidden Forest is near Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As their neighbors, they know that the old man is a wizard worthy of the centaurs' respect. Perhaps this is why Firenze chose to help Dumbledore.

On the other side, Firenze limped over to his old friend and said softly, "Thank you Hagrid, you've done me a big favor."

"Your injuries look a little bad!" Hagrid noticed the horseshoe prints on Firenze's body, and was a little worried about Firenze's injuries. It was not fun to be kicked by a group of centaurs. Hagrid wondered if he didn't Show up in time and Firenze will be kicked to death by the other centaurs.

"Don't worry, I can heal my wounds."

On the way back to Hogwarts, Firenze picked some herbs to use to heal his wounds. Centaurs are good at healing magic, and their healing magic is not quite the same as that of wizards.

It's a pity that it's winter now, and I haven't been able to find too many useful herbs. There are reserves in the community, but Firenze can't go back.

"Hagrid, I need some fresh white branches."

Firenze was kneeling near Hagrid's pumpkin field, processing the herbs he had picked along the way.

"You're lucky, someone sent me a lot of white food a while ago, I'll bring it to you." Hagrid turned around and walked into the hunting lodge to get the white food that Albert had given him to treat his injuries a while ago.

"Oh, it seems that my luck is good." Firenze took a lot of fresh white fresh from Hagrid.

"It was given to me by Albert. I was always surprised that he gave me so much. Now I can probably guess the reason." Hagrid helped to mash up the Baixian and mixed it into the herbs prepared by Firenze. , "I bet he knew you were coming to Hogwarts, no wonder he'd let me pay attention to you so you wouldn't be killed by the other centaurs."


Firenze whispered the name, but he didn't know him.

"Albert is a genius, a very powerful genius, and is good at divination. He has helped me a lot. He is a person with a good personality. You will definitely like him." Hagrid introduced himself to Firenze. A friend, while helping him apply herbs to the wound.

Firenze picked up some white fresh branches, and whispered the centaur's healing spell in his mouth, as if a green light swept along the white fresh branches from the wound where the herbs were applied. Firenze reached out and wiped off the herbs on it, and the part that had been kicked by the horse's hoof was much better.

If Albert was here, if he saw Firenze using white fresh branches as an item to use the healing spell, he would be able to see the reason at a glance.

Bai Xian can actually be used as the core of a magic wand. If it is paired with the horns of willow trees and unicorns, it can create a powerful and extreme healing wand.

As for why Albert knew, it was naturally because he made one and gave it to Mrs. McGonagall to please his future mother-in-law.

"That Albert can foretell the future?" Firenze was a little surprised.

"Yes, he can divination, and he is very good." Hagrid did not hesitate to praise himself, "Many people say that Albert is much more powerful than Dumbledore when he was young, maybe you know him, I remember Albert I used to go into the woods often."

"I probably know who he is, I remember hearing Ronan mention it before." Firenze recalled something that happened a few years ago. UU reading

One night, a young foal broke into the forest alone to look for other lost foals. Later, the centaurs found the bodies of many giant spiders in the forest. For those big spiders, even centaurs are still very concerned about them. alert.

Of course, if Hagrid hadn't mentioned it, Firenze would probably have forgotten about it.

"You stay here to treat your injuries first. I'll go tell Dumbledore that you're here. I think he will help you arrange everything." Hagrid was going to go to Dumbledore and take Firenze's tell each other.

"No need for Hagrid, I'm already here." Dumbledore appeared near the hunting lodge, he looked at the horseshoe prints on Firenze's body, and sighed silently in his heart, "Thank you Firenze, and thank you Hagrid."

"You're welcome, this is what I should do." Hagrid almost patted his chest.

"I also have to thank Albert for the reminder. I think he is probably looking forward to seeing you. I believe you will get along well!" Dumbledore said to Firenze.

Firenze was a little confused and didn't understand what Dumbledore meant.

"Albert is a prophet, and I think he will probably be happy to exchange knowledge about prophecy with you." Dumbledore explained to Firenze with a smile. He felt that Albert reminded himself that he probably wanted something from the centaurs.

As for what to expect, it's not hard to guess. Albert was interested in centaurs knowledge.

"I'm looking forward to meeting him." Firenze said softly, he was a little curious about the young fortune teller.

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