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Chapter: 1033

Umbridge s Big Failure

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The arrival of the centaur Firenze has not been able to hide from the eyes of other students, or the principal did not intend to hide it from the very beginning.

At that time, when Umbridge, who was standing on the stone steps, saw Firenze, his eyes almost went out, and he showed everyone what it means to be stunned.

She obviously hadn't thought that Dumbledore would find a centaur to be a professor of divination.

Umbridge can't say much about it, because most centaurs dabble in divination, even more so than most wizards.

No one would have thought that Headmaster Dumbledore would hire a centaurus to be a professor of divination at Hogwarts, which is undoubtedly a novelty. This was especially true for the Hogwarts students who knew little about centaurs, all of whom were curious about the professor's arrival.

And, of course, the string of prophecies that Trelawney left behind.

Although centaurs have the same intelligence as humans, centaurs have requested the Ministry of Magic to classify them as "beasts" and do not want to share human identity with creatures such as hyenas and vampires, so centaurs are not humans.


Not man, but beast.

Trelawney's third prediction is that Headmaster Dumbledore will hire a non-human professor of divination to serve at Hogwarts.

There is no doubt that Trelawney's prophecy has come true again.

What will the next prophecy be?

Most of the students had forgotten the prophecy Trelawney had made, but there were always a few who remembered it. However, the content of Trelawney's next prophecy is really bad, because Umbridge will drive out Dumbledore and become the new headmaster of Hogwarts?

Umbridge becomes headmaster, what an international joke.

The poor performance of the Deputy Minister of Magic, except for some Slytherin students who support her, I am afraid that the entire Hogwarts students will hate and reject her.

In fact, after the content of the fourth prophecy spread, most of the students looked at Umbridge with unprecedented disgust.

It's not that everyone is willing to believe the old liar's prophecy, but that three consecutive prophecies have come true. Even if they don't want to believe it, they are powerless to change the cruel fact that the fourth prophecy may come true.

For a time, conspiracy theories about the Ministry of Magic and Umbridge spread like wings at Hogwarts.

These rumours are not really friendly to Umbridge, and the reason for Trelawney's firing is unreasonable.

Trelawney couldn't predict at all. The claim that she was a liar was completely untenable. How could she be fired like Umbridge's revenge?

To be honest, Umbridge doesn't really care about these gossips. As long as the means are strong enough, they can completely shut up the students.

The worst thing about Umbridge is that her original plan was completely disrupted. Not only did she not get any benefits, but she was also slapped with dung on her head, and her whole body exuded a stench.

According to the original plan, Umbridge actually planned to install a new Ministry of Magic professor at Hogwarts. It was not important whether he knew divination or not. The important thing was to put people in first. The changes at Hogwarts made her more and more powerless, and the damned attacks made her dizzy.

Umbridge needed new helpers, even if they were not capable, they could help share the firepower of the students, but Dumbledore's move to find a centaurus to serve as a professor of divination undoubtedly turned all of Umbridge's previous efforts into Fantasy bubbles.

It was worse than stuffing a big dung in her mouth.

That day, Umbridge locked herself in the office and smashed things. She had forgotten how many times this was the first time. Since coming to Hogwarts, Umbridge has found that her temper has gotten worse. .

This is also impossible.

Who told her that every time she passed the corridor, she could always hear Hogwarts students discussing the new divination professor, or discussing her, and the number of students who retched at the walls increased sharply, and the eyes were even more contemptuous. is never lacking.

Umbridge has managed to make herself the subject of much-discussed Hogwarts students again, and while she's been the subject of much debate among students over the past few months, those topics aren't as scary this time around. , because everyone is talking about why Umbridge ended up dying in Azkaban prison.

What the **** did she do to get her sentenced to life in prison?

Many students believed Trelawney's prophecy, and they looked at Umbridge with fear. Only the most vicious wizards were eligible to be imprisoned in Azkaban forever. The class name was about to be deducted from Umbridge's head.

Many students also questioned the current Ministry of Magic. If the deputy ministers are all such things, what about Fudge as the Minister of Magic?

Could Fudge be the same thing?

They had not forgotten that in Trelawney's words, Fudge, the Minister of Magic, would eventually be ousted by everyone, and it would be next summer.

Unless something outrageous has been done, there are very few cases where the Minister of Magic has been ousted.

These gossips made Umbridge extremely irritable, because wherever she went, she could be heard whispering about her.

Although Umbridge tried to change all that, and even put several people in confinement in a row, the situation did not improve, and she could still listen to the gossip of the students, even if the students shut up when she passed by, and then Staring at her with a look of disgust, and speaking ill of Umbridge behind her back was more commonplace.

As expected of Albert!

Privately, Fred, George and Lee Jordan admired Albert's methods. The three of them spent a long time creating an anti-toad alliance, and the result was not satisfactory.

Everyone was afraid of the authority of the toad, and only dared to nag a few words in their mouths, but had no courage to stand up and resist.

Most of the time, a few people used the Anti-Toad Alliance to do things everywhere. Even if the situation improved a little later, it was far from Albert's wave of divine manipulations.

The current Umbridge is simply a toad roasted on the fire. Not only is he hated by most of the Hogwarts students, but also a lot of hatred by the way. Except for some Slytherin students, now even Huo The other professors at Gwartz were hostile to her.

It's a complete isolation of Umbridge!

No way, no one wanted Umbridge to be the headmaster of Hogwarts.

Look at what she has done now as a senior investigator. God knows what the whole Hogwarts will be like when she becomes the headmaster?

Even in Trelawney's prophecy, Umbridge's stay at the school was only about half a year, but it still made most students feel extremely uncomfortable.

As for Dumbledore?

He didn't seem to know about these things, and he never cared about them. It was in line with what Trelawney said: Dumbledore just didn't like to care about a fool like you, so he didn't bother to care about you.

"I just saw the news about the resumption of the divination class on the bulletin board, in classroom 11," Lee Jordan shared the news he had just seen with a few people, "I also heard that Toad plans to take time to review The centaurs course, do you think she'll find an excuse to kick our new professor out?"

"It depends on how crazy the toad is." Fred swallowed the food in his mouth and said, "I hope she tries to do that, it must be interesting."

"You are enough, we don't go to the advanced fortune-telling class."

George, who was flipping through the Daily Prophet, couldn't help but complain, "Lucius Malfoy is a lot of lies. His little **** didn't take divination classes at all."

"Firenze can't go back to the Forbidden Forest, and, I heard Nick, who was almost headless, say that Umbridge is trying to find the meeting place of Dumbledore's Army recently, and she seems to have decided that there is one in the school. An organization." Albert was amazed at Umbridge's madness, suspecting that once Dumbledore was driven away, the whole of Hogwarts would be thrown into chaos, and there might even be an Auror from the Ministry of Magic trying to suppress the students scene.

There is no way, with Albert, the spoiler, Umbridge, who has a strong desire to control, is forced to go crazy.

"They can't find it, and even if they find it, they won't be able to get in." Fred comforted.

"The scope of Hogwarts is not very large, maybe they can't get in, but sooner or later they will find it somewhere." Albert always believed that the most important thing was that the other side couldn't find it, "As long as it is known, the toad will be able to find it sooner or later. It's safest not to let the toad know about the flaw."

"Although you say so, it's difficult... It's impossible to dissolve DA!" George frowned and thought about a solution to the problem.

In the end, he decided to tell the other DA members about the news and let them help find a solution together.

"Where are you going?"

All three looked at Albert, who had finished lunch and got up to leave.

"To visit a friend."

"Albert really knew that centaur." Fred looked at the back of Albert's departure and said to the two beside him, "Look, I won."

"You have evidence? No, you don't have any evidence." Lee Jordan reminded.

None of them wanted to eat several chili-flavored Bibi multi-flavored beans in one go, let alone taste the newly developed Devil's Chili Candy.

Albert walked through the foyer to classroom eleven.

He raised his hand and knocked gently on the classroom door, waiting for the centaurs' response.

"Please come in."

Albert pushed the door and went in, his eyes swept across the classroom, and found that the original floor had become covered with soft moss, and lush trees grew out of the moss, traversing the ceiling and windows, and soft, dappled light poured from above. And down.

There is no doubt that Dumbledore cast a spell on it, imitating the classroom into a forest, and probably only Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall have the ability to transform this classroom in a short period of time.

At this moment, Firenze is sitting under the shade of a tree to rest.

"Albert Anderson." After entering the classroom, Albert took the initiative to introduce himself to the centaurs: "I take the liberty to disturb you. I don't know whether cents accept owl mail or not."

"I heard Hagrid and Dumbledore remind you that those Bai Xian helped me a lot." The white-blond-haired centaurus looked at Albert with those surprisingly blue eyes without blinking, and his tone was very calm. .

"Hagrid will help you out of trouble even without me, I'll just remind him a little." Albert found a place to sit down, "To be honest, I didn't take advanced divination classes, Trelawney. The advanced fortune-telling classes taught did not give me more useful knowledge."

"I don't mind you coming to the lecture." Firenze guessed Albert's intention. Dumbledore had mentioned to him that Albert would probably be happy to exchange knowledge about prophecy with him.

"Thank you." Albert nodded and said, "I heard that centaurs are very good at divination. If you don't mind, I hope to chat with you about centaurs' divination. To be honest, this is a rare opportunity. In return , I'll tell you something about you, and I'm sure I can help you."

"If my words offend you," Albert added, "I can apologize to you here. To be honest, I don't know your customs."

"You didn't offend me, young prophet." Firenze looked at the humble young wizard, who felt more comfortable with him than the other Hogwarts students, no wonder Hagrid said he wouldn't hate him .

"To be honest, this is the first time I have met a wizard who is good at prophecy. I don't know how you human wizards predicted." Firenze looked up at the sky and said softly: "The centaurs will lie down and observe the sky, Interpret the horoscopes. For those who can read the horoscopes, the destiny of our nations has been painted there."

"If possible, please allow me to take the time to visit you." Albert tentatively proposed to exchange prophecy knowledge, "Humans have a completely different understanding of astrology from centaurs."

"No problem, UU reading This is originally the knowledge I planned to teach to the students here after I came to Hogwarts." Firenze said calmly.

"Thank you." Albert looked at the centaurs and said gently: "I know you have been ostracized and expelled by the centaurs, but please don't feel lost because of this, one day, your compatriots will be there for you Be proud of your choice and read in your return so you don't have to regret it."

"It really surprised me." Firenze stared at Albert, with unconcealed surprise in his blue eyes.

"I see from the crystal ball that in the near future, you will resign as a divination teacher and return to the Forbidden Forest." Albert explained gently.

"Thank you." Firenze didn't think the other party was lying. The other party said this to him as a response to his agreement to exchange divination knowledge.

This doesn't bother Firenze because the news is important to him.

"Oh, yes, there is one more thing."

Before leaving, Albert stopped, turned and reminded: "Be careful of Umbridge, she hates non-human creatures, such as werewolves, centaurs and half-giants, so you are very uncomfortable at Hogwarts. Happy."

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