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Chapter: 1034


"When you have time, you should take a good look at the education order hanging on the notice wall, instead of complaining to me about these problems. Even if you come and complain to me, I can't help you solve the problem. If you have any problems, just directly Go to the Senior Investigator, she has that power. If you want to plead with our Senior Investigator to lift the Potter and Weasley brothers' ban, I suggest you take the time to re-select new players."

In the face of the Quidditch captain's request for help, Professor McGonagall's tone was very calm. She also knew Angelina's difficulties, but Professor McGonagall really had nothing to do. Even if Toad has been miserable recently, she is still a senior investigator. Everyone is here. No violation of Ministry of Magic law on the surface.

Therefore, Angelina's attempt is doomed to fail.

"See you later!" After Fred greeted Albert, he chased after Angelina and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

"Albert, wait a moment."

Albert withdrew his gaze from the end of the corridor and was about to head to the ancient magic pattern classroom, Cedric emerged from behind and walked alongside him on the corridor, attracting the attention of many girls.

"Is something wrong?" Albert asked.

"I've been in a bit of trouble lately."

Cedric raised his hand and pointed to the corner on the right, and the two of them turned into the empty classroom with no one beside them.

"Why, Qiu is breaking up with you?" Albert teased.

"No, we have a good relationship." Cedric shook his head immediately.

"Then when will you get married?" Albert continued to ask.

"Married?" Cedric was a little embarrassed.

"Or, are you just going to play love games?" Albert continued to tease the embarrassed Cedric.

"Of course not," Cedric said suspiciously, "but...isn't it too early to think about marriage now?"

"It's not too early, if you can find someone you like, you must cherish it."

"you are right."

Cedric seemed to be seriously considering the possibility of marrying Qiu Zhang, but was completely misled by Albert.

"Tell me, what do you have to do with me?"

"Cough cough, I almost let you go astray. It's about Umbridge, I think you should know DA too!" Cedric looked around, and after making sure no one was around, he lowered his voice and said, "I Suspected that Umbridge knew about the DA and was ready to act."

"Didn't Dumbledore's Army make a lot of noise beforehand?" Albert didn't care about DA's exposure.

"No, you know what I'm trying to say?" Cedric shook his head.

"She suspects you?" Albert raised his eyebrows slightly, guessing what was going on.

"I don't know, but I received a letter from my family, probably telling me to pay attention to my safety and not to fight hard with Umbridge, so as not to be fired and ruin my future." Cedric received the letter after receiving the letter. , and guessed the reason, nothing more than that Umbridge put pressure on her father.

"However, how could Toad suspect you?" Albert was very puzzled, and Cedric didn't seem to be related to DA.

"Maybe a Slytherin student saw the "Guide to Self-Defense" you gave me and told Umbridge about it." Cedric was a little annoyed, but he didn't expect that, "I'm worried..."

Cedric didn't finish his sentence, but the meaning was obvious.

"Worried that Umbridge will trouble you?"

"Yes, that woman is really..."

Cedric disliked Umbridge very much, but he was also helpless in some matters, just like other professors, so he chose to ask Albert for help.

Otherwise, once exposed, you need to bear the price of betraying DA.

"If Umbridge is staring at you, it's really a problem." Albert nodded and said he could understand Cedric's concern, "That guy can do anything to achieve his goals."

"what do I do?"

"One day Toad invites you to tea, you have to be careful. God knows if she will add a few drops of... potion to your drink."

"No way!" Cedric opened his mouth blankly. "It's illegal to use Veritaserum on others. She's the deputy minister, so she shouldn't..."

"Who knows?" Albert reminded: "There has always been a saying in the magic world that as long as it is not discovered, it is not illegal."

"What's more, she's the deputy minister, Fudge's right hand."

"Doing something illegal for some purpose, as long as no one mentions it, that's it. Don't forget that **** pile of education orders, do you think Fudge would prefer to get hold of Dumbledore, or find him Trouble with Umbridge for her merits?"

"You're right." Cedric looked around and asked in a low voice, "How did you solve this problem."

He hadn't forgotten that Albert had been to Umbridge's a few times for tea.

"this is very simple."

Albert directly gives three solutions.

"You can have someone mess with her, or make Umbridge forget about it, or bring some Veritaserum antidote with you."

Cedric vaguely guessed how Albert had solved Umbridge's trouble.

He hadn't used the Oblivion Charm, though, and God knows what would happen to Umbridge.

"Do you have an antidote for Veritaserum?" Cedric asked after a moment of hesitation.

"There's half a bottle left, I can give you some." Albert did not refuse, he knew that if Cedric encountered Veritaserum, 80% of them would cause big trouble.

"You said we want everyone to stop the DA's activities?" Cedric frowned. "Umbridge will definitely continue to investigate, if she wants to trouble Dumbledore."

"If you can convince them, I'm not against it." Albert doesn't care, but he doesn't think Cedric will succeed.

"That guy is really annoying. If you have a way to drive her away one day, remember to notify me." Cedric reached out and waved a few fists, wishing to slap the face of the flat toad.

Before leaving, Cedric did not forget to say: "You help me tell Weasley about this, let them remind Potter, and be vigilant by the way."

"I will."

Albert took out his pocket watch and glanced at the time, realizing that he was going to be late.

"Where have you been, I haven't seen you all afternoon."

In the evening, as soon as Albert returned to the common room, he saw Lee Jordan greet him with a smile, and Fred and George were sitting in the corner fiddling with their suitcases, which were filled with all kinds of joke props.

George was holding a note while Fred was handing out dung and stink bombs. The items in the box are all gadgets they use to deal with Umbridge, many of which are joke props developed by the twins themselves, such as roaring balls, screaming frogs, etc.

Of course, a lot of students like to fill their place with fast-acting candy, and no one likes Umbridge's classes, and it would be great if they could skip class.

"You were teaching Luna, you forgot about her." Albert raised his eyebrows to remind George that he took some time in the library to answer some of Luna's questions about maintaining the Wizarding Card Club.

"If you want her to be a suitable successor, you have to invest more time and energy in her."

"There are so many things that need to be busy recently, I forgot about it." Lee Jordan is really busy recently. In addition to covering the Weasley twins, he has to spread all kinds of rumors and win over More students who hated Umbridge against her.

Now the anti-toad alliance is very marketable in the school, because no one wants toad to be the principal, it is a nightmare.

"It's a pity that we still haven't been able to kick Umbridge out of Hogwarts School." Fred said regretfully.

"You can't drive her away."

Albert agreed with everyone's efforts, but didn't think they would be successful, and Umbridge obviously couldn't be scared away unless she was seriously injured and hospitalized.

"Last time, Harry proposed to turn Umbridge into a toad." George came over and said, "Let her disappear completely, and everything will be solved by then."

"This is not a good idea." Albert shook his head and rejected the proposal. To be honest, he is still more repulsive to kill, and more repulsive to let a few people kill.

As a last resort, he'd rather let Umbridge accidentally become the next Lockhart and keep her "happy" alive forever, rather than kill her.

"You can spread rumors that Dumbledore has a training base in the Forbidden Forest, where to train their troops." Albert said without hesitation: "Let the toad and the eight-eyed spider harm each other!"

"Do you think Toad would believe it?"

Lee Jordan felt that the plan was unreliable, because Toad's belief was probably low.

"Isn't there Dumbledore's Army in the school?" Albert reminded, "Hagrid made those eight-eyed spiders. Dumbledore can give Hagrid an order to indirectly order the group of eight-eyed spiders to die. Something wrong!"

"This kind of rumor doesn't sound very reliable." Lee Jordan frowned again.

"The rumors are inherently unreliable. It doesn't matter if the toads don't believe them when they spread, as long as everyone believes it." George agreed with Albert's plan unscrupulously, "Fudge might send someone over to take a look. We don't care what happens next, let alone, even if they don't believe it, we won't suffer."

"Let the Ministry of Magic clean up the group of giant spiders, which is also a good thing for the students of Hogwarts." Fred also supported Albert's suggestion. He didn't forget the thing that was almost eaten by the spiders. And this plan is actually very simple, nothing more than spreading more rumors.

Exactly how to spread rumors, the three are actually very good at it, and they have done that a lot in recent months.

Rumors are said too much, even if you don't believe them, you will have doubts. Suspicion is enough. Umbridge, who is anxious to grab Dumbledore's handle, will definitely pay attention, and then he will naturally be hooked.

"are you OK!"

Albert did not participate in the discussion of the three, and looked at Angelina, who was tired.

"Not good, very bad," Angelina tore off her cloak listlessly, staring reproachfully at Fred and George.

"We found a substitute." Arya said bitterly,

"But... just barely," Katie muttered.

"They're just inexperienced and you can't expect everyone to be Quidditch talent," Abbott consoled.

"You are the least qualified to do this." Angelina gave Albert a stern look and said impatiently, "If you want, we can save a lot of trouble, at least we can have a higher chance in the subsequent games. win."

"You know, I'm busy and don't have time to train." Albert said indifferently.

"Who are the substitutes?" Fred asked curiously.

"The new Seeker is your sister Ginny," Angelina said dissatisfiedly. "She's flying well. She was the Chaser's backup, but since we couldn't find a more suitable Seeker, we had to Let her do it first."

Angelina suspected that Albert had recommended Ginny to her because she was worried that she would let him play.

It must be so!

"Andrew Kirk and Jack Sloper are the new batsmen." Arya was a little depressed, "They're a little dull, but better than the other woods, and they're the best batters we can find so far. "

"Ron's condition has not been very good. The last game hit him hard." Angelina found a chair and sat down and complained, "I doubt how I can bring everyone to the top spot. The victory of the Ditch game."

The Gryffindor team was running out of steam, which was why Angelina went to Professor McGonagall.

One Ron was enough at first, and now with three new players, Angelina couldn't believe how she was going to win with three drag bottles.

"Why don't you discuss with other teams and give up the Quidditch game?" Lee Jordan peeked at Angelina with a tired face and suggested.

Not only him, but others are not optimistic about the current team.

Everyone knows how bad Ron's performance is. But Angelina patiently taught each other, because they both knew that if they could help Ron overcome his nervousness and rebuild his confidence, they could get a passable goalie.

Now there are two more batsmen who are holding back. As for Ginny, it can only be regarded as barely holding everyone back.

Angelina was silent.

To be honest, she didn't want to give up, even if Gryffindor was crushed in the end, she didn't want to give up. If she didn't play Quidditch for a semester, it was hard for her to imagine how she would join the team after graduation.

However, today's training almost broke her mood, and Angelina seemed to see a fiasco in the second game.

"Let me calm down. By the way, Albert, I have something to ask you. Let's go over there and talk?"

"You want me to predict whether you can join a certain Quidditch club?"


After confirming that Angelina was looking for her prophecy, Albert was a little surprised, but it seemed to be expected.

"If you want to join a Quidditch club, I don't think there should be a problem. After all, there are too many Quidditch teams in the UK and Ireland, and there are not enough freshmen at Hogwarts every year to replenish their fresh blood. They always need There are new members, at least backup members, but…"

"You haven't predicted yet." Angelina looked at Albert, "This is just your guess."

"Yes, some things don't really need to be predicted. I'm more curious about whether you will join the Quidditch team. After all, after we graduate from school, the British wizarding world will not be calm, and I can't guarantee whether you can join will make You are satisfied with the team. UU Reading"

"Okay, thank you, Albert." Angelina turned and walked away.

"What does she have to do with you?" Fred, George and Lee Jordan appeared out of nowhere.

"Angelina wants me to help her predict whether she can join the Quidditch club after graduation and become a professional Quidditch player." Albert explained to several people.

"The results of it?"

I don't think it's a problem to join, if she does play Quidditch, there's always a team that will let her join, your sister Ginny should choose to be a professional Quidditch player too, but girls become professional Quidditch players life won't be long.

"Why?" Lee Jordan asked curiously.

"Why? Because they always get married!" Albert said as a matter of course: "The choice of family and career is always a problem that many girls will encounter."

"That's a problem," Fred muttered.

"Oh, yes, Cedric asked me to tell you something."

"what's up?"

Umbridge seems to be eyeing DA.

"We know." The three said in unison.

"No, you don't know." Albert reminded the three people who didn't care, "If she wants to find clues, she will definitely use unscrupulous methods."

"For example?" Lee Jordan raised an eyebrow.


"So, you think the toad might be..."

"It's not possible, it's a certainty, if Toad really makes up his mind."

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