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Chapter: 1080

toad mark

Since he cleaned up Fred and George, Filch's backlog of depression has been swept away. Now not only is he in a happy mood, his body and mind are healthy, but even his food tastes better than before.

After dinner, Filch paced toward the dungeon where the Weasley twins were being held, preparing to let the starving Weasley twins go to the school hospital to wipe the nightpot. Nodding their pain, they can get rid of their bad habits of being naughty and mischievous.

Just when Filch thought he was going to see the Weasley twins, who were languishing, he found that the dungeon was empty, and the Weasley brothers who had been locked in it were--disappeared.

Filch looked at the empty dungeon, and his whole body was stunned. He couldn't help trembling all over. He didn't know if he was angry or just too excited.

For Filch, the "prison break" of the twins is actually not too bad news.

Because those two unknowing little beasts must still be at Hogwarts, and as long as they are still at Hogwarts, they must not escape punishment, their new headmaster is not as tolerant as Dumbledore, certainly not Allow someone to get away with it.

The series of changes at Hogwarts today is too wonderful for Filch.

Filch immediately went to the principal's office and reported the news to the lady. Presumably the naughty little beasts would be punished more severely. He would definitely beat them to pieces with a whip, and no one would dare to rashly violate the school rules again. .

After learning the news of Fred and George's "jailbreak", Umbridge not only did not get angry and angry, but the smile on his face became even brighter.

"So, they didn't want to accept punishment and escaped?"

After hearing Filch's report, Umbridge glanced at the two wands on the shelf and continued to ask, "Do you know who helped them escape from the dungeon?"

"I don't know for the time being." Filch bowed his head and said respectfully, "But I think after those two little beasts lost their wands, it would be very difficult for them to escape by themselves."

"That's it, you go to post a notice and let them go back to the dungeon to be punished. If they don't go back tomorrow to be punished, they will be punished more severely, and even be expelled from Hogwarts." Umri Chi picked up the quill and scribbled the next bulletin on the parchment and handed it to Filch, so he could stick it on the bulletin board.

If Weasley is not willing to give in, then take this opportunity to fire them, and also give everyone a warning, and let them know what it takes to disobey her.

The news of the Weasley brothers' "jailbreak" spread like wings in Hogwarts Castle. Everyone was very angry at Umbridge's actions, but there was nothing they could do about it, and few people dared to challenge the authority of the new headmaster.

After this incident spread, Fred and George never appeared in front of people, ignoring Umbridge's threat directly.

Because of this, everyone was surprised by the boldness of Fred and George, and they were discussing whether they would really be fired by Toad if they didn't show up.

After learning the news, Professor McGonagall was almost mad, so he directly asked Albert to find out the situation.

"They probably escaped."

Facing the gloomy Professor McGonagall, Albert said lightly, "Those two guys always wanted to drop out of school and go to their joke shop."

"Opening a store? You mean..."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Professor McGonagall frowned slightly, walked over to open the door, and found Umbridge standing outside with a smirk on his face.

"Is there something wrong?" Professor McGonagall asked impatiently.

"I'm here to talk to you about Weasley." Umbridge smiled and said her intentions. She obviously liked to enjoy Professor McGonagall's anger and helplessness.

"I'm talking to Mr. Anderson about the specific situation." Professor McGonagall said with a blank face, "If you want to listen, come in and hear what's going on!"

Umbridge glanced at Albert, who was sitting on the sofa drinking tea, and walked up to Albert with a smile. He also coughed twice. However, Albert didn't seem to hear, and directly called Umbridge I ignored it, as if there was nothing more worthy of attention than the black tea in my hand.

"You can go on, Mr. Anderson." Professor McGonagall ignored Umbridge and sat opposite Albert.

"Where did you just say, oh, I think Fred and George couldn't bear it anymore, so they dropped out of school by themselves." Albert took a sip of the black tea and continued: "They thought about it before. Leave school to start a business…"

"Cough cough..."

Umbridge coughed again, this time a little louder.

"As you can see, their products are selling well at Hogwarts, so you don't have to worry too much about the failure of your business." Albert comforted: "Maybe they will be more comfortable than those who go to work at the Ministry of Magic. ."

Umbridge coughed loudly again, but neither Albert nor Professor McGonagall continued talking as if nothing had happened.

"So, you think they have left the school and dropped out on their own." Professor McGonagall's expression was extremely complicated. She knew about this when she gave the two of them employment counseling, but unexpectedly...

"They can't leave the school," Umbridge interrupted with a dark face, "and they can't break free from the chains and leave the dungeon alone."

"There must be. Everyone knows that Fred and George are more familiar with the various secret passages in the school than Filch, and Hogwarts has secret passages that can leave the school. If you don't believe me, you can ask Filch." Albert put down the teacup, turned his head and smiled at Umbridge, "This is actually common sense, many people know that Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts through the secret passage, but most people don't know. The exact location of the secret passage.

"You let them go." Umbridge stared at Albert and suddenly said, "They don't have a wand, they can't break free from the chains, it's you..."

"The slander wants to tell evidence?" Albert smiled in response to Umbridge's gaze, and did not forget to remind him kindly: "If there is no evidence, I will sue you for slander. Well, the Ministry of Magic seems to have not perfected the crime of slander. You should complete the law in this regard, I think it is reasonable to compensate for a mental damage fee."

"Cough, if it's all right, you can go out first." Professor McGonagall coughed lightly, not wanting Albert and Umbridge to have an unpleasant conflict.

She knew too well that Albert didn't care about Umbridge at all, or didn't care at all.

"They don't really care. I'm pretty sure about that, so don't worry about them. They're a group of adults who have to be responsible for their own choices." Albert left this sentence, pushed open the office door and left .

"It seems that they have to be fired in advance. I hope you can write to inform..."

"It hasn't been officially confirmed, is it?" Professor McGonagall interrupted impatiently, "Just because they suspect they have dropped out of the school, they will be announced directly..."

"It's not dropping out, it's expulsion," Umbridge corrected.

"What if there are other situations?" Professor McGonagall said impatiently, "At least we need to confirm the specific circumstances of the whole thing first, to make sure that they have left the school, instead of being fainted and hidden."

"You mean they didn't leave the dungeon by themselves, but someone forced them to leave?" Umbridge raised his eyebrows slightly, as if he thought Professor McGonagall's statement was ridiculous.

"Who knows?" Professor McGonagall continued without even looking at Umbridge. "It's not the first time this has happened. At least, I think as a professor teaching others, you need to do as much as possible. Do everything fairly because we are role models for our students."

With Professor McGonagall's words, he almost pointed at Umbridge's nose and scolded him for not being a professor.

Umbridge's face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye. Before she could open her mouth, a sharp explosion of fireworks suddenly sounded outside.

I saw that something seemed to explode in the night sky, and the sky outside the window showed a green fluorescence.

Professor McGonagall walked to the window and looked out, and saw what looked like a Dark Mark shining in the sky above Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Unlike the Dark Mark, the poisonous snake did not come out of the mouth of a skeleton, but out of the mouth of a toad.

"what is that?"

Professor McGonagall turned to Umbridge. The voice, the tone, the tone seemed to be certain that Umbridge had made the strange mark shining over the castle.

"How would I know."

Umbridge's face was very dark, because the mark on the top of his head was too similar to Voldemort's Dark Mark, but the original skull was turned into a toad with an open mouth.

"You don't know? But it says that the Toad Alliance is recruiting members." Professor McGonagall pointed to the line that just appeared next to the mark, and seemed to be certain that this matter had something to do with Umbridge.

"It must be them, it must be those two bastards, I must fire them." Umbridge was extremely annoyed by Professor McGonagall's suspicious eyes, and he kept babbling and cursing.

"We have no evidence." Professor McGonagall glanced at Umbridge, who was furious next to him, and reminded in a calm tone, "Albert is right, evidence must be given in everything, we cannot slander others, let alone put past the culprits."

"I don't need you to teach me!" Umbridge slammed the door angrily and left.

"A toad?"

Professor McGonagall looked at the mark on the sky and sighed softly. She actually guessed who did it, and there were not many students who had the courage to do such a thing under Umbridge's eyes.

The sharp sound of fireworks and the flashing marks in the sky made more and more students pay attention to the toad marks on the Quidditch pitch, especially after the appearance of the "Toad League recruiting members", the entire Hogwarts Castle was completely bombed. After that, there was a howl of wolf cries and ghosts throughout Hogwarts, and people were responding to the toad markings in the sky.

Really **** off Umbridge.

As long as you stand at the window and look up, it is not difficult to see the toad marks and beckoning advertisements on the Quidditch pitch.

People are talking about who did it.

After people regained their senses, they quickly locked their targets.

Fred and George.

This is most likely done by the Weasley brothers. People are talking about it loudly, and they don't forget to ridicule a wave of Umbridge's toad mark. Some students even drew it down, intending to be a member of the Toad League. mark.

At this moment, Umbridge was in a hurry and rushed to the Quidditch pitch to remove the toad mark floating above the Hogwarts school, and she knew that she could not let this go on.

Just as Umbridge drew out his wand and was about to disperse the markings on his head, he heard a sudden click of a camera around him.

Afterwards, a light lit up in the darkness of UU reading Before Umbridge could turn her head to look, she felt that her whole body was spinning. When she reacted, she was already suspended in the air with her head down, as if there was a The invisible hook caught Umbridge's ankle, hanging him upside down.

Umbridge struggled in a panic, and the wand in his hand fell to the ground in a panic.

However, the attackers never showed up or made a sound. They left quietly without leaving any evidence.

All indications are that this could not have been done by the Weasley brothers, because they had no wands at all, so how could they attack and subdue Umbridge?

However, Fred and George's wands were indeed temporarily seized by Umbridge. However, it was indeed the Umbridge who came in a hurry by their sneak attack.

The two borrowed a new wand from Albert, and hid in the Quidditch pitch to finish their work and were about to leave. Unexpectedly, Umbridge came here alone, and she hadn't brought her group of dogs.

Both Fred and George felt that this was a good opportunity. After discussion, they decided to give each other some surprises, which is why they used the fuchsia just now.

As for the wand confiscated by Umbridge, it was silently taken away by Albert when Umbridge left the castle in a hurry.


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