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Chapter: 1081

uncontrolled state of affairs

Update: The next morning, the halls of the castle at Hogwarts were extraordinarily lively, with everyone chattering about last night's "Toad Mark". People also found words like "Anti-Toad League" scribbled on the walls near the foyer, which directly ignited people's curiosity.

Many students thought it was Fred and George, who were equally shocked by the twins' audacity, but secretly cheered. Because Fred and George did things they never dared to do, a lot of people wanted to throw themselves into the confrontation with Umbridge, and while they were still just talking, people were still keen to discuss these things.

Some students tried to get more detailed information from Albert, and they even speculated that Albert might also be involved, otherwise, where would Fred and George have the courage and confidence to fight against Umbridge?

In fact, as long as your brain is normal, you can guess with your knees.

Take the toad statue at the entrance of the foyer as an example. Even the Ministry of Magic's spell-removing team couldn't destroy or take it away. , that is obviously not what Fred and George can do, it can only be Albert, and it can only be him, because the professors in the school obviously don't do this kind of thing.

What surprised everyone the most was that the school didn't respond much to it, and Umbridge miraculously skipped all Defence Against the Dark Arts classes in the morning.

Only later did everyone find out why.

It turned out that Umbridge was spelled upside down on the Quidditch pitch last night and blew the wind all night, and Snape himself rescued her, and now their new headmaster is in the school hospital Lie down.

This is undoubtedly a provocation to Umbridge.

To add to the excitement, the vulgar phrase "Umbridge eats shit" was written in 5-foot letters on the Quidditch pitch.

And their manager, Mr., is also worried about the graffiti on the walls. Even Mrs. Skoll's all-purpose magical stain remover can't completely remove those **** graffiti.

This small victory angered Umbridge, and Ginny and Ron were immediately called by Umbridge for questioning.

On the same day, Umbridge also suddenly led people into the Gryffindor common room, raided Albert's dormitory, and tried to catch Fred and George on the spot.

Umbridge, however, was doomed to no gain, as both Fred and George's cabinets were empty, as if they had really dropped out of school early.

"You are very rude, at least knock on the door before you come in."

After Albert moved the checkmate Lee Jordan, he raised his head and looked at the group of people who poured into the room. His tone was as if he was teaching a group of impolite children.

"What about them?" Umbridge asked angrily.

"Who knows? Maybe moved overnight." Albert bent over to pick up Tom and walked outside, "If you want to search, please do it, but don't break my stuff, otherwise... I haven't thought about it yet. it is good."

"I really don't understand what you are doing?" Lee Jordan raised his hand and tapped his head, sarcastically, "Fred and George are not fools, how could they wait for you to arrest people?"

The two left the dormitory under the glare of the investigation team, but more people glared at the investigation team.

No way, whoever made the Slytherin investigation team go to the Gryffindor common room will naturally arouse the glare and dissatisfaction of the Gryffindor students, even if Umbridge and Filch are pressing, watching When it comes to smug Slytherin students, everyone still wants to kill them.

"The First Cause of All Realms"


This is just a step. Only idiots do that, deliberately messing up other people's rooms. Is it really that Albert has no temper?

Umbridge just looked it over carefully, and after confirming that Fred and George had moved out, he turned and left in a huff.

"What a bad temper." Albert said to himself, looking at the back of the group of people leaving.

"I feel like half of it is mad at you."

After everyone else left, a familiar voice suddenly came from the side.

"Nonsense, what I'm angry with her is obviously because her upbringing is too poor." Albert returned to the room with the cat in his arms, and soon heard a sound from the stairs.

The anger accumulated in the hearts of the Gryffindor students finally erupted when Umbridge and his group were about to leave, and it was unknown who attacked the investigation team and made Goyle's toenails grow wild.

This directly detonated the conflict between the two sides. In the melee, the members of the investigation team naturally lost to the Gryffindor students, and were brought down by a group of people using a stun spell.

Thanks to the meeting with DA, many students have mastered common dueling spells such as Iron Armor and Stun spell.

"It's unlucky, they must have caused me to lose to Albert." Lee Jordan raised his foot and kicked the **** of the kicker and complained.

"Don't make excuses for yourself, unless Albert is playing the whole game, you can't win." Angelina complained.

"What should I say, you know?"

He bent down to pick up his wand from the ground and looked at the students who were fighting.


"Then throw them out so that they won't be an eyesore here."

This group of guys, covered in footprints, was eventually thrown out of the entrance of the Gryffindor common room by everyone, like they were throwing large garbage.

As the people celebrated their victory against the Toad again, Professor McGonagall burst into the common room in a huff and asked what the **** they were doing.

Everyone pretended that they didn't know anything, that they didn't hear anything, as if they didn't know what was going on from beginning to end.

"Professor, I was comforting the disturbed cat in the dormitory," Albert said helplessly, saying that he was not there at the time, otherwise he would definitely come out to stop the atrocity.

As for the cause of this conflict, everyone said it was the investigation team's first move. They attacked Ron with a spell first, which caused the chaos. "

"Yes, yes."

Everyone agreed one after another. Anyway, it was the investigation team that moved first and turned Professor McGonagall away in anger.

"You can't mess with Umbridge like this."

As Professor McGonagall said, Umbridge didn't take it at all. When she calmed down, she waved her hand and shut down all the students who participated in the fight, even if many students claimed that they did not. At the scene, he still could not escape the fate of being locked up, and in the end he could only accept Umbridge's punishment on a hungry stomach.

Except for Albert, of course.

Because he didn't pay any attention to Umbridge. Although Umbridge was very angry with such ignorance, Toad finally endured it for a while, because what she could rely on was no deterrent in front of Albert. There is no way to get Albert.

Unless the two sides fall out completely, which Umbridge doesn't want to do.

Naturally, this matter did not end so easily, and in the next few days, new changes appeared at Hogwarts. When everyone went downstairs to eat, they found that Zhang Toad licking Slytherin's buttocks and Fudge kneeling and licking Mysterious Man's buttocks were posted on the oak door of the auditorium hall. The two paintings looked very vivid and vivid. Look at them. Umbridge trembled, and immediately dispatched an investigative team to search for the Wesley brothers' whereabouts around the castle.

And the Wesley brothers, whom the investigation team was searching for, were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, selling joke props and boasting to people about their deeds against Umbridge, and successfully received a shipment. Wave adoring gaze.

"Toad does send someone to patrol at night."

"However, the only person she can rely on now is Filch. She's the worst headmaster I've ever seen."

"No, she's not even a headmaster."

As for Filch, everyone knows his situation. Although the guy does know a lot of secret passages, as a Squib, he is not destined to be a wizard's opponent, so we used a little trick to play Filch. Turn around.

Umbridge didn't dare to get up and patrol at night, so he didn't have to worry about getting caught while traveling at night.

"You are still at school?"

Harry, Ron and Hermione were very surprised to see Fred and George selling joke props in the common room. They thought the Wesley brothers had quietly left Hogwarts.

"Why are we leaving?" Fred and George asked in unison.

"Mommy's going crazy, she's looking for you all around." Ron said gloomily, just about tossing the envelope in his robe pocket at the twins' faces, "She also blamed me for not stopping you from leaving."

"Don't worry, we just wrote to Mom to make things clear," Fred said comfortingly.

"Those guys are looking for you like crazy," Harry reminded.

"They can't find it."

"Where are you hiding, the Room of Requirement?" Hermione asked curiously


Fred and George noticed that the other students around were pricking up their ears to eavesdrop, and said with a smile: "Albert has a house in Hogsmeade, and we can go back to Hogwarts to fight the toad at any time."

"Now someone always needs to stand up and hold back Toad's experience, so that she has no other mind to do things. Anyway, don't we really need an s certificate?"


"Don't be stupid, Hermione, if we don't stand up and hold Toad's time and energy, do you really think she'll let Harry go easily?" Fred scoffed at this, "That guy really wants to fire him. Leigh, kick him out of Hogwarts."

"Fred was right, Toad really wanted to do that all the time." Harry admitted it too, believing that Umbridge had been trying to shut him up, discredit him and kick him out of school.

"What are you going to do?"

"Ai...cough, we hope to call on more people to drive the toad out together." George coughed lightly.

"Our ultimate goal is to unite the students of the other three houses and expel Umbridge from Hogwarts." Fred continued to tell everyone about his grand plan, "Umbridge will also be the first A professor expelled from Hogwarts is going to be famous in Hogwarts, A History, but it's hard to succeed."

Because many of them are used to being neutral.

"We should go to Albert, he can certainly do it."

So, a group of people ran to find Albert, and by the way, they just left Umbridge.

"Unfortunately, I can't do it. In fact, even Dumbledore may be difficult to do it." Albert was not affected by their passionate emotions, but gave them some advice, "You can resist them together. , use the reputation of Fred and George, or the Anti-Toad Alliance, and let Fred and George teach you, he's better at these things, and knows better how to deal with investigative operations Rent and Toad."

It only took a few days for the investigation team to be sent to the school hospital one after another. Even Umbridge was severely beaten by an unknown person, and his face was swollen. Such atrocities directly shocked the entire Huo. gwarts.

The Ministry of Magic stepped in urgently to investigate, but nothing came of it, as if the so-called Hogwarts riot didn't even exist. The Fred and George they suspected were not at Hogwarts at all. At least there was no one in the Room of Requirement. If Fred and George were hiding there, no one else could get in.

As for Hogsmeade, the Ministry of Magic did send people to search the village of Hogsmeade, trying to find the hideout of Fred and George, but they never found the legendary house.

"Didn't you have people search Hogsmeade? Why are you still asking me?" Facing Umbridge, who ran in front of him with murderous intent, Albert said calmly: "And how would you believe it? Don't you think it's ridiculous to ask me that kind of nonsense?"

Fred and George had actually been at Hogwarts the whole time, in the dorm where Albert used to live. It's just that they are living in the suitcase that Albert prepared, using the laboratory inside to try to make more joke props, to prepare for the upcoming store opening, and by the way, they can also sell it at Hogwarts at a reduced price, While making a name for himself, he could also cause some trouble for Umbridge.

To this end, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Umbridge also arranged for a reporter from the Daily Prophet to appear at Hogwarts to interview the Slytherin students in an attempt to discredit Fred and George as vicious students.

However, the ambitious reporter ultimately failed, because Fudge didn't dare to report, and he had to hide the truth about Hogwarts as soon as possible, lest all the bad things Umbridge did come to light. They can only send a task force to patrol the castle in order to restore peace to Hogwarts, of course, it is only a weapon in the face, to deter those students, lest they continue to be naughty to Umbridge. trouble.

This "elite" task force from the Ministry of Magic is not elite at all.

The content of the education order in the hall the next day was tampered with, and the photo of Umbridge conjuring the toad was enlarged and hung directly in the hall for people to enjoy.

At the same time, a new edition of the "Guide to the Toad" began to circulate privately at Hogwarts. Fred and George privately taught everyone how to avoid punishment or reduce the punishment when resisting Umbridge. The "Guide to the Toad" " soon became a must-have book for Hogwarts students, after all, it's everyone's responsibility to fight Umbridge.

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