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Chapter: 1082

shut up

The latest website: To be tossed about every three days, every five days, and to make the whole Hogwarts school go crazy. Richie was not a good-natured person.

Fred and George's troubles and the changes brought to Hogwarts are simply unbearable for Umbridge, who has a strong desire to control.

However, after a long time, after the novelty wears off, wrestling with Umbridge has become a bit boring, especially for the Wesley brothers who are all thinking about going to the joke shop in Diagon Alley. . Now that the two have completely opened up the market at Hogwarts, they just want to open a store to fulfill their dreams.

As for Umbridge, the toad, after leaving school, it will have nothing to do with them.

After completing a new round of struggle and being taken back to the common room by Lee Jordan, the two discussed to talk to Albert about leaving school and opening a shop in Diagon Alley.

"I'm afraid you have to wait!" Albert said while covering his yawn.

"Does it really make sense to continue doing this?" George asked his doubts. If Albert really wanted Umbridge to get out of Hogwarts, he would definitely be able to come up with ten, if not a hundred ways. Instead of hanging like this now, it's like teasing a cat with a cat stick. No, maybe it would be more appropriate to say fiddling with a toad with a stick.

In fact, whether it was Fred, George or Lee Jordan, they didn't understand why Albert asked them to fight with Umbridge. After being with Albert for so many years, their thinking patterns were already more mature than other wizards. Naturally, they didn't think what they were doing would cause much trouble to Umbridge, at most to make Toad sick.

But does that really make sense?

Might as well take down Umbridge in one go!

"At least, everyone must have the courage to resist Umbridge." Albert knew their doubts and said softly, "This is a relatively long process."

"I don't think that's the reason," Fred muttered.

"Maybe, this is only part of it." George raised his eyebrows.

"You should make things clear." Lee Jordan echoed.

"You really want to know?" Albert asked with a serious expression. "The truth may be far more cruel than you think. You really want to know, are you really ready?"

Fred, George and Lee Jordan looked at each other, realizing that things might not be as easy as they thought.

"Come on, we're ready."

"We're adults."

"We...well, at least we won't back down."

"Life at Hogwarts is too comfortable. A comfortable college life is actually a good thing for peaceful times, but in the turbulent times to come, it's a very bad thing. Comfort will erase a lot of things. Makes people vulnerable." Albert picked up his wand by the pillow and with a flick, locked the dormitory door to make sure no one was eavesdropping, although he didn't think anyone would come to eavesdrop at this time. .

The three did not speak and continued to listen.

Albert waved his wand again, and four cups of steaming tea appeared out of thin air. He picked up one, took a sip, and continued: "And the appearance of Umbridge just happened to remind everyone. , but that alone is not enough."

"So, you tossed Umbridge over and over and used her as a tool, hoping everyone would wake up?"

Just think about all the bad things Umbridge got to Hogwarts...

This man is so bad.

"It's not even tossing."

Albert took another sip of tea to make his mind clearer, "I just think it's okay for everyone to experience Umbridge's cruelty for themselves, at least it can make some people's heads clearer."

"If Umbridge hears it, I'll have to run and fight with you." Fred couldn't help but complain.

"She became what she is now..."

"It has nothing to do with me, that's part of her character, Umbridge herself is such a person." Albert shook his head in denial, and after he drank the cup of tea, he refilled himself another cup and continued. : "Half of what you are doing now should actually be done by Harry Potter, but he is not suitable now, and he will have other things in the future, so I can only 'pull people on board' It's up to you to do."

"I think you're a good fit," George said, although they all wanted to rant about what Albert called "pulling people onto the boat."

If anyone at Hogwarts is more appealing, it must be Albert.

"I'm not suitable." Albert shook his head and explained, "At least not now, Harry is the savior, these reputations are very important to him, at least for those who believe that he is the savior, and I don't need them. Fame, I dare say I'm famous enough now."

"You actually believe this." The three of them all showed surprised expressions. They even thought that with Albert's character, they didn't believe in the so-called savior at all.

"A long time ago...About ten years ago, there was a prophecy, a prophecy that the mysterious person would be defeated." Albert suddenly said.

"There is such a thing." The three of them were very surprised.

"Otherwise, where do you think Harry Potter's title of savior came from?" Albert asked rhetorically, "because Harry Potter defeated You-Know-Who? No, it was because of that prophecy that in Harry 'defeat' Mystery After the man, he was crowned the title of savior."

"You know what's in the prophecy?" George seemed to realize what Albert was going to say next.

"Almost no one knows the real content of the prophecy, maybe Dumbledore knows, but I can probably guess who made the prophecy." Albert noticed the suspicious glances from the three of them, "After all, the world is famous for There are not many prophets, and the circle is too narrow."

"It has something to do with the prophecy?" George asked suddenly.

"What?" The other two didn't respond.

"Yes, the prophecy ball that records the prophecy is now kept in the Department of Mysterious Affairs of the Ministry of Magic. This should be what the mysterious person wants. He probably wants to find out whether Harry Potter is the legendary savior. A strange expression appeared on Albert's face, "Because the mysterious man is always shriveled in Harry Potter, at the level of the mysterious man, killing Harry Potter casually is as easy as killing a bedbug. , and he actually missed one after another, which made him a little suspicious of life, so he wanted to figure out the content of the prophecy."

"As for the evidence, the place where your father was bitten by a venomous snake is in the corridor of the Department of Mysteries. Harry keeps saying that he often has nightmares, so I can be sure of it."

"So, Harry is really the savior?"

"Even if Harry isn't, he must be." Albert put down the teacup and said seriously: "This actually has nothing to do with whether he is the savior or not. The so-called savior is more of a trick."

"What's the meaning?"

The three of them were a little confused, didn't they just say they were the savior?

"The hatred between the two sides is too great. Whether it is killing the enemy of the father or other aspects of hatred, it is impossible to eliminate it, so Harry Potter and the mysterious man must have a battle to decide the life and death of both parties." Albert said to three The man said: "If Harry Potter wins, he is the real savior, if he loses, he will be a victim of the mysterious man who ruled the British wizarding world."

All three fell silent, because they all realized that the probability of Harry wanting to defeat the You-Know-Who was very low, almost impossible.

"Actually, you don't have to worry too much. Although Harry's ability is not as good as the mysterious man, he can always escape from death like the protagonist in the novel, and constantly overcome various difficulties to defeat the enemy, so I am very optimistic about Harry Potter. In the end, you can defeat the mysterious man." Albert smiled and comforted, "At least, you have to trust my vision."

"I think you are more like the protagonist in the story." Fred couldn't help but complain.

"I also hope that I can have the invincible fortune of the protagonist." Albert shook his head and said, "That way, it will be easier to face the next predicament."

"The situation is bad?"

"It may be worse than the last time." Albert explained softly: "Now, mysterious people have gathered most of the dark power, werewolves, giants, vampires and other dark creatures that have always been disliked by the Ministry of Magic will be willing to Join, there are too few werewolves like Lupin who can keep their hearts."

"There is never a shortage of dark wizards in the magic world, there are a lot of them in Knockturn Alley, believe me, most of them will be willing to follow the mysterious person to make money.

"As for the Ministry of Magic, to be honest, I'm not very optimistic. The current Ministry of Magic has been messed up by Fudge. It has completely made the vast majority of British wizards lose confidence in the Ministry of Magic. At the same time, it has also left a mess for Fudge's heir. old traditions, whether it's wizards or Muggles." Albert said the Ministry of Magic in a tone that couldn't hide his disgust, "plus what Umbridge did at Hogwarts. In order to make most students instinctively reject the Ministry of Magic, how many people do you think are still willing to believe in the Ministry of Magic, dare to believe in the Ministry of Magic?"

"I dare say that You-Know-Who and the Death Eaters have already infiltrated the Ministry of Magic into a sieve. When the time is fully ripe, You-Know-Who will definitely find an opportunity to make Fudge's successor disappear, and then put the puppet controlled by the Imperius Curse up. Push, he is more than the Minister of Magic." Albert looked at the three people with stiff expressions and continued, "That is to say, the Ministry of Magic will also fight against Harry when the time comes, even if the wizard who knows the situation will come. Will choose to stay neutral, wait for the final result, and then stand on the winner's side."

small book booth

"As for Azkaban's Dementors, they have probably already negotiated with Voldemort the price of betraying the Ministry of Magic."

"But... If it really becomes like that, what should we do?" The three of them were a little flustered, because the prospect depicted by Albert was really bad, and almost everyone stood on the opposite side of them.

"Dumbledore will surely stop..."

"I'm afraid you'll have to ask him personally. To be honest, I'm not very optimistic. The members of the Order of the Phoenix will definitely become the key targets of the mysterious people and Death Eaters." Albert said softly, "If the situation is worse. If you do, after You-Know-Who takes control of the Ministry, his minions will take control of Hogwarts, Snape or Umbridge will be the new Headmaster, and Harry and Dumbledore will be wanted, oh Deng Bulidor is a wanted man now. Of course, it could be...worse."

"Don't say it, your words are terrifying." George interrupted directly, but he still couldn't stop Albert from continuing.

"Harry is destined to not have many helpers. From Dumbledore's situation last year, you should be able to guess the difficulties that may be encountered next." Albert's voice was very light: "Everyone has been frightened. , they are all scared to death, how can they have the courage to stand up and resist?"

"It's not hard to see this from the last wizarding war. Few people dared to stand up against the mysterious man, and almost all those who have the guts are in the Order of the Phoenix. Many people choose to hide or hide their names, even if a war really breaks out. , most wizards will only remain neutral to protect themselves, and then pray in their hearts that the savior can defeat the mysterious man and save them."

"The worst thing is that Harry Potter doesn't have the influence of Dumbledore, let alone the power of Dumbledore."

"Especially with the situation almost one-sided, his situation will only get worse."

"So, I said before that DA is very important. At least half of DA members will fight for Harry Potter and themselves at the most critical moment."

"So, at least we need to give them the courage to stand up and fight. If the strength is not enough, we can teach them, but if they don't even have the courage, then basically it's over."

"War never belongs to anyone. Even if Harry Potter is the savior of the world, it is impossible to defeat the mysterious man and his minions alone, and what we should do is at least not let Harry fight alone."

"What about you?" George asked curiously. "Why did you do this?"

"Because I'm also on the mysterious man's blacklist." Albert said helplessly, "If I don't want my friends and family to be hurt because of this, I have to find a way to kill the mysterious man. I don't want to live in hiding XZ life."

"Perhaps, it was the biggest mistake of his life that the mysterious man regarded you as an enemy." Lee Jordan couldn't help but complain.

"What I want to tell you now is that your situation is also very bad." Albert ignored Lee Jordan's words and said to Fred and George, "Almost all of your family members joined the Order of the Phoenix, right!"

Fred and George fell silent for a moment, because Albert was right, almost all of their family joined the Order of the Phoenix.

"Have you ever thought about what will happen to your family once You-Know-Who wins?" Albert didn't wait for Fred and George to speak, and turned his attention to Lee Jordan, "What about you? You plan to join the Order of the Phoenix in the future. ?"


"Peter Pettigrew was Lupin's friend before, and they joined the Order of the Phoenix together, and Voldemort threatened him as a traitor with Peter's mother."

"And you are my friends, I am on the blacklist of mysterious people, do you understand what I mean?" Albert raised his hand to interrupt a few people, and continued: "This time The war has never been as easy as you think, especially the unfortunate group of us who have been caught in it. If you don't want to fight alone, you'd better prepare in advance, get more people on board, and unite them, now you understand Why do I want you to continue tossing around in school?"

"You want to turn those students who hate Umbridge into people on our side?" All three of them understood Albert's intention.

"Yes, that's about it." Albert nodded.

"As for the joke shop, you don't need to worry if you want to make money."

"In the era of chaos, the field of Defense Against the Dark Arts is the most profitable, and that is the real cash cow. I remember mentioning this to you a long time ago." Albert said softly: "And I have prepared Alright, so you don't need to worry, the joke shop will have it, so will Galleon."

"Before that, it's more important to win the next wizarding war. I don't think anyone wants to live in a world ruled by a mysterious man, living a life of fear and fear all day long."

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