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Chapter: 1083

harmless albert

Latest URL: "Don't try to rebel against Potter unless you want to be fired."

Draco Malfoy strode towards this side with Goyle and Crabbe, tapping his palm with his wand, and gleefully looking at Harry Potter who had just been called out of the library by Filch, the corners of his mouth. Leaning upwards with pleasure, "You've been completely exposed, Potter, you're screwed, don't try to run away like the two Weasley brothers, you can't run away."

Malfoy motioned Potter to look around. The members of the investigation team were in full swing, and they were surrounding him from all directions to prevent Potter from slipping under their noses.

"What exposure?"

Hermione turned her head to look at Harry beside him, and found that Harry's face did not change, but raised his eyebrows slightly, as if thinking about Malfoy's words. So, Hermione looked at Malfoy again, trying to get some useful information out of the other's mouth.

"Don't talk to me, Mudblood." Malfoy lifted his chin arrogantly.

"do not!"

Ron had drawn his wand, but Hermione set it aside.

"Very sensible." Malfoy pointed his nose at the three of Harry, "Potter, times have changed."

"Who knows?" Harry glanced at Malfoy contemptuously before answering Hermione's question. "Maybe, Toad is just trying to find an excuse to drive me away, and it's not the first time this has happened!"

"Excuse, no, no, it's not an excuse, you know what you did." Malfoy led Goyle and Crabbe to lead the way.

Filch held the whip, his eyes flashed maliciously, and urged: "Come on, don't make Madam wait too long."

Under the watchful eyes of many students, members of the investigation team and Filch escorted Harry to Umbridge's office, leaving only a whisper.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other and followed quickly.

In fact, not only Hermione and Ron, but also many members of the Anti-Toad Alliance followed, ready to make trouble for Umbridge and save Harry.

As for the members of the investigation team, they are not in their eyes at all.

When Filch knocked on the door and led them into Umbridge's office, Harry finally learned of his "crime".

"You were seen conspiring with the Weasleys."

Umbridge put down his work, looked up from behind his desk, and looked at Harry with a smirk, glad he finally got hold of Harry Potter.

"Even if you are a professor and want to slander me, please show evidence."

Harry looked at Umbridge's disgusting ugly face without fear, and sneered: "I've been reviewing exams in the library lately, and most of the students can testify for me, or the Ministry of Magic is all the rage right now. slander others casually."

The smirk on Umbridge's face was gone, his eyes fixed on Harry Potter like a toad on a fly.

"Don't try to quibble, they saw with their own eyes and heard your plot with those two little beasts." Filch clenched his whip fiercely.

Recently, he was also devastated by Fred and George. Not only did he have to face those annoying joke props, but he also needed to guard against sneak attacks from the students. In Filch's eyes, he colluded with those two little beasts to make trouble. Special, there is no doubt that it also needs to be hung up and given a hard blow.

"Recently, have you made up a time?" Harry scoffed. "It's really unprofessional to slander others like this."

"About half an hour ago, we saw it with our own eyes," Malfoy said confidently. "I'm sure I'm not mistaken, and he ended up in the library."

"We saw it too." Goyle and Crabbe quickly agreed.

"You guys are really unprofessional. I reviewed it in the library half an hour ago." Harry couldn't help sneering, "If you don't believe me, you can ask other people, and the students in the entire library can testify for me."

"Yes, I can testify, we've been in the library," Hermione said to Umbridge, slamming the door open and breaking into Umbridge's office.

"Not just us, Mrs. Pince and the other students can testify for Harry." Ron followed into the office, glaring at Malfoy.

"If you want to slander me, please come up with a better excuse." Harry ignored Umbridge's displeasure that Hermione and Ron had barged in without her permission, obviously annoying Toad.

"Slander, it's just you." Malfoy looked a little annoyed. He didn't expect Potter to make a quibble, and there was so-called testimony from the entire library, but he did see Potter contact the Weasley twins not long ago. , although in the end, because he lost Potter, he didn't see him enter the library, but... he must have not recognized the wrong person.

"So, you would rather believe the unfounded slander of the three of them than the testimony of the numerous other witnesses?" Harry looked at Umbridge with a strange expression, he knew that there were many people outside using Retractable ears to eavesdrop on conversations in the office.

"I think they're more honest and credible than you." Umbridge put on a fake smile again. "Potter, you better be honest and don't force me to use other methods."

"Even if you use Veritaserum on me, it's useless, there's no such thing, what are you going to ask me to explain?" Harry looked at Umbridge with an idiot's eyes, and sarcastically said, "Or do you think I should Tell a lie to fool you? If you want to hear it, I don't mind saying something you want to hear."

"Then I have no choice. It's not a matter of school discipline anymore, it's about the security of the Ministry of Magic..."

"I don't know how you have the face to say such a thing. I'm ashamed of you." Harry interrupted with disgust on his face: "The Ministry of Magic has lost a lot of credibility, and at least half of it is due to you."


Not only Hermione, but everyone else present was stunned by Harry's audacity.

However, they quickly recovered and looked at Umbridge with anticipation, hoping that Harry Potter would be punished more cruelly.

"...Someone is trying to fight against the Ministry of Magic. This incident is very bad." Umbridge seemed to have not heard Harry's words, took a slow sip of tea, looked up and down the boy in front of him, and seemed to be very stubborn to Harry. Satisfied: "But the security of the Ministry of Magic..."

"If you want to find Fred and George, I suggest you ask Anderson, he must know where they are, after all, they are the best friends." Harry interrupted Umbridge mercilessly again, and continued. sarcastically: "Why don't you ask Anderson? Don't you dare, or are you afraid?"

"You don't have to stir up trouble," Umbridge said angrily, narrowing his eyes, "As far as I know, Anderson didn't do anything outrageous, he spent most of his time in the library studying books, and that guy was the only one left. He'll be graduating from school in the last few months, and he's much safer than you."

Umbridge said things that she didn't even believe, but it was undeniable, at least on the surface, that Albert was very quiet, and he was too quiet. He was synonymous with good students.

Although Umbridge had always suspected that Albert was behind the scenes, she had no proof, and Fudge didn't want her to trouble Albert.

In addition, there are various indications that Albert is a genius with excellent character and study. He is obsessed with learning and researching magic. He often publishes various academic papers in magazines, and discusses academic research results with other famous wizards. Even Umbridge retracts Deng. When Brido gave Albert the library card that could be used at any time in the forbidden area, Albert didn't respond much, and simply returned the library card, and couldn't find any flaws at all.

"You don't believe it yourself!" Harry couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Albert safe?

Harry thought it was the funniest joke he'd heard this century.

It's a shame Umbridge can tell.

Fred and George frequently asked Umbridge for trouble, and Albert must be supporting them in every way.

Although they don't have any proof, sometimes they don't need proof at all.

In fact, many people have thought of this, but they all tacitly assumed that they did not know.

Albert probably just didn't want to get into any big trouble before graduation, so he just surreptitiously offered help to Fred and George.

"Okay Potter, don't try to change the subject. If you don't want to talk, maybe I'll have to use another method," Umbridge said softly. "The Cruciatus should get you talking."

"Are you crazy? Once you cast the Unforgivable Curse on someone, you'll be imprisoned for life in Azkaban." Ron's eyes widened in disbelief, as if the toad in front of him was an out-and-out lunatic.

Hermione shouted hastily, "Fudge wouldn't want you to break the law."

"Don't worry, she doesn't dare to use the Cruciatus. Don't forget the old liar's prophecy. If she dares to use it, I can guarantee that she will spend the rest of her life in Azkaban." Harry was still very calm, completely ignoring it. In response to Umbridge's Cruciatus threat, "Several Trelawney's prophecies have been fulfilled."

"Harry..." Hermione said almost imploringly, but she realized that Harry seemed to be deliberately provoking Umbridge.

"Very good, very good!" Umbridge's face twitched, shaking his body from side to side uneasily. "Do you really think I dare not, Potter?"

"Of course you dare not."

"As long as Connelly doesn't know, it won't upset him," Umbridge said firmly. "Even if he does, I'm sure the minister will understand that I have no choice."

"Like you let those two Dementors attack me?" Harry sneered. "Fudge must be very happy afterwards!"

"Yes, Connelly is very happy to have you on trial. It's a pity that you escaped." Umbridge asked, shaking his wand. "Do you really think I dare not use the Cruciatus Curse on you?"

The eyes of Malfoy and his two henchmen lit up in disappointment, and they looked at Umbridge expectantly, eager to see Harry suffer the most brutal punishment.

"Can you use it, with your pathetic level of magic, you can really use the Cruciatus?" Harry pouted in disdain.

"Harry..." Hermione groaned helplessly.

"Isn't there a prophecy that Fudge is about to be ousted?" Harry continued to look at Umbridge with idiotic eyes, "When Cornelius Fudge is no longer Minister for Magic, do you think the new Minister will choose Understand you? No, they'll get rid of the relationship as soon as possible and send you, the guy who dared to use the Cruciatus Curse on students, into Azkaban to calm everyone's anger."

"So, Hermione, you don't have to worry at all, she doesn't dare." Harry's words shocked everyone again.

"Very good, very good, you forced me to pierce the bone." Umbridge used the Cruciatus Curse on Harry in full view.

Harry just snorted softly, struggled in pain, and withstood Umbridge's Cruciatus, not even showing much pain on his face.

"Enough, enough, are you crazy?" Hermione screamed.

"Whatever you want to ask, we'll tell you." Ron was pale and shaking, as if it wasn't Harry who was tortured by the Cruciatus just now, but him.

"Your Cruciatus level is really rubbish, it's like giving people an itch, Voldemort's Cruciatus is more exciting than you." Harry's face didn't have much pain, but with sarcasm and ridicule, he knew Umri Qi is finished, and using the Cruciatus Curse on the students in full view is enough to send Umbridge to Azkaban for a lifetime.

"Don't force me to use the Cruciatus on you again." Umbridge looked at Potter's hard bone, raised his eyebrows slightly like his wand, and seemed to have doubts about the power of his spell.

The members of the investigative team all looked at Umbridge suspiciously, as if suspecting that their new headmaster's pathetic level of magic was simply not enough to use the Cruciatus.

Otherwise, how could Potter not even have a reaction on his face after suffering the Cruciatus, as if the spell Umbridge used just now wasn't the Unforgivable Curse at all.

"Come on!" Umbridge looked at Ron, trying to hide the embarrassment of his low level of magic.

"They're not in Hogsmeade, and they've been deceiving people and hiding their whereabouts from beginning to end." Ron whispered. "They're hiding in the Forbidden Forest now, with Hagrid."

"Forbidden Forest?" Umbridge was dissatisfied with such an answer.

"There's a secret base deep in the Forbidden Forest, where they make joke props and take them to Hogwarts to sell to the students against you, and they tell me that because they're not afraid of being exposed, because there's a bunch of hidden entrances to the secret base. The eight-eyed giant spider guards, only Hagrid can pass smoothly, because those giant spiders are pets that Hagrid has raised since he was a child."

"Shut up Ron." Harry glared at Ron with mock exasperation.

"Secret base?" Umbridge muttered.

She had heard similar news from Harry that the last time the Aurors had entered the Forbidden Forest, they had encountered those giant spiders, which were said to be troublesome.

"That's the secret base of the Order of the Phoenix. Members of the Order of the Phoenix will use Mirage directly, and only they know how to get in. And Harry did study in the library just now." Ron glared at Harry, He took a deep breath and said, "I feel like Fred and George told me about this, and they're not afraid to leak it, because the secret base can't be entered without permission, and I bet they told me that they knew this would happen. of."

"You don't know the location of the secret base?"

"We're not members of the Order of the Phoenix, how could we possibly know the location of the secret base." Harry sneered, "So don't be delusional, you can't even take those big spiders."

"Where's Dumbledore's secret weapon?" Umbridge continued.

"Shut up Ron."

"It's you who should shut up." Umbridge cast the Cruciatus on Harry again, making Harry bart his teeth in pain.

"Stop, stop." Ron pushed Umbridge's wand away from Harry.

"Continue. UU Reading"

Umbridge was satisfied with the result.

"I don't know, they just say there's a secret weapon there to get you and Fudge what they deserve," said Ron confusedly.

"Secret weapon?" Umbridge raised an eyebrow. They had suspected that Dumbledore's prediction that Fudge was going to step down was a ghost, and now it seemed to be confirmed.

"I don't know, Fred and George only said that they will bring it to school when they will, and they can use this weapon to retaliate and drive you away. They haven't disclosed other important things." Ron explained.

"Take me to that weapon." Umbridge stood up straight, she had to stop Dumbledore's plot, and if Fudge was really ousted by Dumbledore, her situation would be very bad.

"It seems that you have a problem with your ears, we have no way of knowing the location of the secret base." Harry mocked Umbridge recklessly, "Fred and George will use it in two months at the latest. You send it to Azkaban, and maybe you can get along with the dementors in Azkaban with Fudge."

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