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Chapter: 1084

send you on the road

The latest website: "I hope you can continue to be tough in the future, and now you can go."

Umbridge glared at Harry in disgust, the other party's tough mouth made her very uncomfortable, so Umbridge didn't plan to let Harry go so easily. Although he said that you can go, he had already decided to let him go. Filch has suffered enough for the nasty guy in front of him.

"Harry, go."

Hermione pulled Harry out of the office, who was still going to continue spraying, for fear that Umbridge would suddenly change his mind.

"Harry, are you alright!"

As soon as they left the Defense Against the Dark Arts office, the members of the Anti-Toad Alliance surrounded the three of them and asked at a loss.

"It's okay, it just hurts a bit," Harry muttered.

"You shouldn't have been so reckless to provoke Umbridge just now, it's only you who will suffer." Hermione looked at Harry reproachfully, not understanding why Harry had become so reckless.

"Toad dare to use Cruciatus on you, she should be sent to Azkaban Prison." Ernie McMillan was furious, he could not believe that officials of the Ministry of Magic would use Cruciatus on Hogwarts students curse.

Ernie McMillan's words got a bunch of echoes, everyone was angry and upset, and Umbridge's brutal methods shocked them.

"We'll take you to the school hospital and have Madam Pomfrey examine you," interrupted Hermione, who was more worried about Harry's health now.

"Oh, yes, go to the school hospital first." Ron immediately echoed.

"Before going to the school hospital, Potter may have to go to the dungeon with me first."

A voice came from the side, Filch did not know when it appeared, followed by members of the investigation team.

"Let's go Potter, this is the headmaster's order." Malfoy sneered, "Or you're going to be fired."

The next moment, the hallway begins to fill with tension, with both sides raising their wands at each other.

"Do you want to be locked up too?"

Filch stared at these arrogant and domineering guys, raised the whip in his hand and threatened.

However, he didn't dare to stimulate the nerves of the students, but turned to Harry and said, "Aren't you being rude just now? I hope the dungeon can make you calm down, let's go!"

"Don't be too happy, there will always be times when you are unlucky." Harry glanced at Malfoy and followed Filch to the dungeon.


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Harry was locked in a cage under the castle, and I don't know if Filch intended it or not. Harry was not hung like the Weasley brothers.

"It seems that they really want me to escape from here, and then they can make any excuses to fire me." Harry raised his foot and kicked the fence gate. Min and Ron said.

"Toad still likes disgusting people so much."

"Harry, are you alright! You've been..." Hermione looked at Harry worriedly, she noticed very early that Harry was irritable and abnormal, which would never have happened before.

However, what surprised Hermione even more was that Harry used magic to open the gate.

"Harry, you are..."

Before Hermione could finish speaking, Harry waved his wand and used the earplugs to listen to the spell.

"Harry, how are you feeling?"

Ron, who had checked the corridor and was sure that no one was snooping around, asked worriedly. Harry had been subjected to the Cruciatus twice by Umbridge just now, and although he still seemed to be fine, it was still worrying, and there must be a reason why the Unforgivable Curse was called the Unforgivable Curse.

"It's okay." Harry took a necklace off his neck and stuffed the special defense necklace into his pocket. "This thing is not as easy to use as I imagined, and the weakening effect of the Unforgivable Curse is mediocre."

"Harry, you..." Hermione looked at Harry, then turned to Ron, speechless in surprise, "You actually..."

Hermione felt that Harry and Ron were not normal just now, but she didn't know what the **** they were doing. She had suspected that they wanted Umbridge to go to the Forbidden Forest to find the so-called secret base of the Order of the Phoenix, so that the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic could fight the big spiders.

Is such a thing possible?

In Hermione's view, the probability is not high.

"Recently, the toad has been tossed by Fred and George. If you don't give her some news, the toad will not give up and will come to trouble me sooner or later." Harry took a bottle from Ron's hand. Drink the purple potion to relieve the pain caused by the Cruciatus.

Umbridge's own magical power is not strong, so the power of the Cruciatus she uses is very mediocre, especially after experiencing Voldemort's Cruciatus first-hand.

"This time, the toad should be finished!" Ron muttered. "Many people overheard, and she used the Cruciatus Curse on Harry."

"Using Veritaserum and Cruciatus on students, I think these two should be enough to send Umbridge to Azkaban prison." Harry said, rubbing the place where the Cruciatus was pointing.

"It seems that the old liar's prophecy will come true again." Ron sighed softly, "I always thought she was an old liar."

"You really think the old liar can do that." Harry curled his lips and said, "I dare say that must be Albert's prophecy."

Harry would do that just now, but he was actually reminded by Albert, or Albert reminded him through Fred and George.

If Umbridge really used the Cruciatus, he could settle the account with Fudge after she lost power, and he believed that as long as the next Minister of Magic was not a fool, he would know what to do.

"You... so... Harry, did you purposely provoke Umbridge to use the Cruciatus on you?"

Hermione already understood what they wanted to do, and looked at Harry and Ron with mixed expressions. The strange feelings that the two of them showed were actually... intentional.

"Intentionally, no, Hermione, it wasn't intentional. If Toad hadn't used the Cruciatus, it wouldn't have happened. No one ever forced her. You should have seen that, and she made a ridiculous excuse for herself." Harry raised the back of his hand and said coldly, "After all, Toad sent me in. If I were her, I would pay more attention to those prophecies, especially after most of them came true."

Honestly, Harry had never hated and hated someone so much, not even Voldemort.

So, after Fred and George came to the door and told Harry about Umbridge, he agreed without hesitation, and he wanted Toad to pay the price instead of retreating.

"You should have told me." Hermione's tone was reproachful.

"You certainly wouldn't agree." Harry shook his head.

After making sure that no one was eavesdropping, Harry used the earplugs to listen to the spell again, and then told Ron and Hermione about it.

"Fred and George told me that even if Dumbledore was reinstated as Headmaster, the toad would at best be kicked out of the school." Harry's face was filled with anger and disgust that could not be concealed, "they thought that Toad There will likely be a suspension of investigations for alleged abuse of power, and there is still a good chance that she will return to the position of Senior Deputy Minister of Magic rather than dismissal and arrest for her actions at Hogwarts."

"Just because of what she did at Hogwarts, just to stop the investigation? In the end, she was able to return to the position of senior deputy minister?" Hermione's eyes widened in disbelief, thinking she had heard it wrong.

"It is very likely that this is the result. I don't understand such things as politics, but this speculation should be true. Although Fred and George told me, this prediction is probably Albert's speculation, although it is not Willing to admit it, but Albert's guesses are generally accurate, and there are very few mistakes." In Harry's opinion, Umbridge did a bunch of **** that was enough for him to be sent to Azkaban prison countless times. This is the second time, and such a disgusting guy can continue to stay in a high position to harm others after he has harmed Hogwarts?

Harry hated the Ministry of Magic.

Therefore, UU reading he chose to believe the judgment given by Albert, agreed to increase the weight, and personally sent the other party in.

"Now, even if Umbridge escapes, I'll use the Daily Prophet or Defense Express to accuse Umbridge of abuse of power, Veritaserum and Cruciatus, especially Cruciatus. Curse, it's enough to tear off her ugly mask." Harry's slightly grim face made Hermione very uneasy.

"Hermione, don't you think you should just let the toad go?" Ron turned his head to look at Hermione. There was a reason why they didn't tell Hermione the whole thing. They were worried that Hermione would disagree.

"No, of course... I mean that the next Minister of Magic can't be a fool like Fudge." Hermione said inexplicably: "Everyone must choose a powerful wizard to fight against You-Know-Who, and it certainly won't be Fudge. A weak and incompetent fellow."

"Who knows?" Harry shook his head. "A lot of times, politics is not as simple as you think, and I don't understand it either, but I don't expect the Ministry of Magic to punish Umbridge, they don't Unreliable and unreliable. In fact, they can't do anything well except fight for power and profit. Since the Ministry of Magic is unreliable, I will send Umbridge to Azkaban myself."

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