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Chapter: 1087

Shred the nightmare

Judge students?

Simply ridiculous.

When does a professor at Hogwarts have this qualification, even the headmaster is not qualified to do so.

"Only a madman would do such a crazy thing." Albert said meaningfully: "Umbridge is destined to make a name for itself in the history of Hogwarts."

Professor McGonagall glared at the gloating guy in front of her. She suspected that everything was caused by Albert!

Maybe, others can't do it, but Albert is definitely possible.

Professor McGonagall really did not wrong Albert, Umbridge was indeed almost driven mad by Albert's series of molestations.

Ever since Umbridge learned from Ron that there was a "secret weapon" secretly prepared by Dumbledore hidden in the secret base of the Forbidden Forest, Umbridge has been uneasy, because the appearance of the secret weapon is like a thread giving all clues. concatenate.

Trelawney's **** prophecy was still hovering over Umbridge's head like a sharp blade.

Although Umbridge has been trying to forget the existence of the prophecy, the secret weapon that Ron mentioned makes her unable to keep calm.

Forbidden Forest, kicked out of school, spent the rest of his life in Azkaban Prison, the Ministry of Magic was still circulating the prophecy that Fudge was about to step down.

Once Dumbledore's conspiracy succeeds, Minister of Magic Fudge will inevitably fall, and Umbridge will inevitably be kicked out of Hogwarts, and Trelawney's prophecy will become a reality.

Although Umbridge doesn't think she will be imprisoned in Azkaban because of this, she doesn't dare to take the risk at all when most of the predictions come true, and she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in Azkaban. .

Worst of all, it was approaching June, and Weasley had mentioned that they would use that weapon in June.

When in June, Umbridge didn't know, but it was like a rope that was gradually tightening, choking her, and time was running out for Umbridge.

As for whether someone is deliberately targeting him.

Umbridge has two suspects, Harry Potter, and Albert Anderson.

Harry Potter without a doubt.

As for Albert, no matter how quiet he is, he is still suspicious. Who made him friends and roommates with the Weasleys' little beast?

He is also a smart guy, and has some grudges with the Ministry of Magic.

There is no doubt that it is impossible for him.

Of course, that's all.

Naturally, Umbridge wouldn't associate everything with Albert.

Who asked Albert to hide himself is too good.


The floor of the entire Hogwarts Castle was shaking slightly.

Professor McGonagall almost lost his balance, and hurriedly grabbed Albert's shoulder to support himself, looking at the fireworks outside with a shocked expression.

The carnival has begun!

The whole castle is like a festival, and fireworks can be seen everywhere.

At this moment, Fred and George were riding broomsticks, flying recklessly in the corridors of the castle, and constantly took out various fireworks and flyers from their shoulder bags and threw them into the corridors and classrooms, creating a lot of chaos and explosions.

Fred and George are not fools. Naturally, it is impossible to wait for the so-called trial time to come out to make trouble. They will undoubtedly plunge into the trap carefully prepared by Umbridge. The risk of Aurors from the Ministry of Magic blocking.

Now it's different.

Just disturb Umbridge's rhythm, and then they can do what they want.

No one can stop the next carnival.

This is what they learned from Albert.

"Good afternoon Toad, I heard you're looking for us?"

Fred and George swept across the corridor on broomsticks, threw a grenade-like fireworks, and after blowing each other into darkness, they were suspended in the void dozens of meters away from Umbridge, smiling. Wave hello to each other.

Umbridge opened his mouth and exhaled black smoke, and before he could speak, he listened to Fred and George.

"We came as you wished."

"I also prepared a big gift for you."

Having said that, Fred and George gave high fives in mid-air, and then took out the disc-shaped flying saucer fireworks from their shoulder bags, shook the lower ring with their teeth, and threw them directly at Umbridge.

A five-foot-diameter wheel-shaped firework formed in plain sight, whizzing and swooping toward Umbridge, causing Umbridge to retreat and fall back into the office.

The wheel-shaped fireworks hit the wall, but they still bounced back, scaring the group of students who were attracted by the sound of the explosion and fleeing in embarrassment, for fear of being affected by innocent people.

"It's really boring!"

"I'll give you an extra surprise."

When Fred and George flew through the office, they took out a circular firework and threw them into the office.

Umbridge, who had just been lifted from the ground, looked at the fireworks ball under his feet in horror and screamed in horror.

There was a deafening explosion in the office.

Two fireworks exploded directly in the Defense Against the Dark Arts office, and countless colorful sparks filled the narrow space, blowing up everything inside, leaving Umbridge in despair.

"Catch them!"

Umbridge's screams rang out in the room, but were quickly drowned out by the sound of fireworks exploding, and Fred and George had long since left a lot of fireworks and flyers and disappeared.

Gadwin Robards stared gloomily at the double-sided mirror that had been blown up in his hand, and then turned to look at Umbridge, who was desperate.

He had a hunch that this time it was a huge pit.

You are simply a pit.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had just notified his colleagues waiting at the Ministry of Magic through the double-sided mirror, Gadwin Robards would have wanted to find an excuse to leave Umbridge and leave Hogwarts.

According to the original plan, Fred and George were still making riots around the castle. They kept releasing more fireworks, throwing down more flyers, meeting members of the Anti-Toad Alliance, and sharing some of the fireworks with them.

Everyone is happy to join the carnival.

Umbridge was going to try Harry's group, but it made them sick.

Now that someone is taking the lead in rebelling against Umbridge's rule, they are naturally happy to join in and drive away the pesky toad together.

So, Hogwarts Castle became more lively.

Right now, all this is what they are happy to see.

For Fred and George, they're not just fighting Umbridge, they're also showing off their joke props to the Hogwarts students, and there's nothing quite like this carnival.

While it's true that advertising is a bit expensive, it's worth it.

It can only be said that the smart Albert brought everything to the extreme, and even prepared to squeeze out the last trace of the toad's value.

When Albert and Professor McGonagall walked down the stairs, they saw an eagle made up of gold and blue sparks flying across the hall.

A green toad is driving a group of students to flee.

"Is this your solution?" Professor McGonagall asked Albert.

"No, this is Fred and George's solution."

Albert looked at the fireworks stick that was automatically writing swear words in the air, smiled and said to Professor McGonagall, "They are indeed very talented in this regard."

"I don't know, I thought they were going to demolish the castle." Professor McGonagall grumbled, but he had no intention of stepping forward to stop it.

"School is too boring, everyone needs joy and laughter, I think Dumbledore will definitely agree with this." Albert noticed a large number of students pouring out of the corridor leading to the dungeon.

It seems that Lee Jordan has rescued the students who were locked in the dungeon.

"These fireworks are amazing," said Hermione admiringly.

"They're really rich. I don't know how much these fireworks cost." Ron muttered.

"I bet the toad must be mad." Harry looked excited, looking at the toad made of fireworks with interest.

At this moment, Fred and George appeared from the corner of the corridor riding a broom, and while throwing a large number of leaflets, they used a full-body restraint spell to immobilize Filch, who was trying to put out the fireworks with a mop.

"Actually, we don't hate you, because you're just a poor person." Fred and George got off their broomsticks, reached out and patted Filch on the shoulder, took away his mop, and sprayed one continuously. The Fire Wand fireworks were stuffed into Filch's hands.

"Your fireworks are awesome!" Angelina smiled and gave Fred a hug, and kissed him on the cheek, attracting whistles from others around.

"We made a lot of fireworks."

George smiled and took out a lot of fireworks from his shoulder bag to distribute to other students of the anti-toad alliance around, "We made all the funds of the anti-toad alliance into fireworks. Of course, most of the funds came from Albert's Kindly provided."

"Look, our big benefactor is here."

Saying that, they waved at Albert, while Professor McGonagall next to him was ignored by everyone.

"I'm sure you guys can crush Dr. Filippo's business."

Cedric smiled and took a large box of fireworks from George's hand and distributed the fireworks in the box to others around him. More members of the Anti-Toad Alliance also took part in the carnival with fireworks. Fireworks can be heard everywhere in the castle. His voice seemed to be celebrating the unprecedented victory of the Anti-Toad Alliance.

As for the few members of the investigation team who tried to obstruct everyone, they were directly brought down by the stun spell.

Today's carnival is definitely the best time in Peeves' life.

The mischievous fellow was frantically brandishing the sparkling fireworks, even stuffing the lit fireworks into her pockets when Umbridge wasn't paying attention, waiting for the fireworks to explode from the pockets. Umbridge jumped up from the ground in surprise.

"Peeves, you..."

Umbridge looked at Peeves angrily.

"You who can't even enter the headmaster's office have no qualifications to be the headmaster of Hogwarts." Peeves giggled and threw fireworks at Umbridge.

Several anti-Toad members hiding nearby fired rockets at Umbridge, which scared Umbridge to hide behind the Aurors.

Looking at the rocket flying towards him, the middle-aged wizard immediately waved the wand in his hand, trying to make the rocket disappear, but the result was counterproductive, because the number of rockets suddenly increased tenfold, engulfing the two in an instant, Umbridge The robe he just put on was once again turned into a pile of tatters by fireworks.

"Are you all right, Williamson?" The voices of other wizards came from the office.

"It's really lively here," said another Auror who had just come out of the fireplace.

"Catch them!" Umbridge roared angrily.

"Madam, don't forget our goal."

Gardwin Robard's face was not very good-looking. He felt that the students in the whole school were rebelling against Umbridge.

Perhaps, this is the truth.

"Yes, those two beasts can't be let go, they are the ones who caused the chaos, they must be caught." Umbridge's angry screams became insignificant under the cover of fireworks.

"Principal, Fred and George are distributing fireworks to everyone in the hall, trying to spread the chaos." The dark-faced monte ran towards the side with an explosive head and told the whereabouts of Fred and George. Umbridge.

One of the tasks assigned to the investigation team is to help find the whereabouts of Fred and George.

"Quick, quick, don't let them run away." Umbridge urged.

"It's too late, tell the others to gather in the hall immediately." After Gadwin Robards gave orders to the other Aurors around, he pulled Umbridge and jumped directly from the upstairs window, seeing the montage. stunned.

This is the fastest way at the moment. If you take the stairs slowly, I am afraid that the target will run away before you rush past.

Several Aurors immediately passed the news to other colleagues.

As for the feeling of jumping down from the seventh floor?

Umbridge couldn't tell, anyway, it wasn't a wonderful experience. She even suspected that she was about to fall to her death.

At the most critical moment, Gardwin Robards chanted a shock-absorbing spell to let them land smoothly.

"Are you crazy?" Umbridge roared angrily.

"There's nothing you can do, unless you want those two students to escape." Gardwin Robards would never admit that it was intentional just now.

Umbridge couldn't find any excuse to complain, because it wasn't just them who did.

Under the urging of the Aurors, Umbridge, who had weak legs, finally blocked Fred and George in the hall.

"Okay, do you think it's interesting to do this?"

"Yes, very interesting." Fred announced happily, "Today will be the moment when the Anti-Toad Alliance wins."

"Don't worry." George set off a wheel-shaped firework and flew directly towards Umbridge and several Aurors at the entrance of the hall.

The Auror on Umbridge's side was fast-eyed, raised his wand and hit the wheel-shaped fireworks, but it didn't stop, instead it exploded violently, overturning Umbridge's group directly to the ground.

"If you can't even enter the principal's office, what qualifications do you have to fire us?" Fred asked rhetorically.

"The most ridiculous thing is that she even wants to judge us." George's words were echoed by a large group of students.

"Who she thought she was."

"A pink toad."

"Fudge's going to be out soon," Fred exclaimed.

"Umbridge will also be rolled into Azkaban prison soon," George reminded, "Don't forget the prophecy left by Trelawney."

"Headmaster Dumbledore will be back soon."

"Don't be afraid of her threats, she is not qualified to fire us."

Fred threw a few fireworks sticks at the entrance of the hall, and automatically wrote a bunch of swearing words at Umbridge in the air.

"You can't escape, I'll let you know..."

"Just those Aurors," Fred interrupted.

"Even if you do escape, the Ministry of Magic will want you all." Umbridge threatened, "Obviously tell the secrets you know, and cooperate with the Ministry of Magic to reduce your punishment."

The students in the hall began to whisper, and Umbridge's threat was disgusting.

Ministry of Magic, this is it?

"Wanted, really scary." Fred looked scared.

"Is this the face of the Deputy Minister of Magic?" George lowered his head and retched, "It's disgusting."

"Don't think I didn't know that you found a group of Aurors to arrest us." Fred mocked with disdain.

"Okay, let's go, wait for the Aurors to come." George grabbed the fireworks from his shoulder bag and threw them forward.

The next moment, a fire dragon made up of green and golden sparks appeared in front of everyone. The fire dragon sprayed a gorgeous fiery red airflow towards the Aurors at the entrance of the hall, and caused a huge explosion.

"It's cool!"

"If anyone wants to buy this kind of fireworks, they can contact us."

"Hogwarts students get a discount if they swear by our products to get rid of this old bat," George said, pointing to Umbridge.

"It's time to go, those guys are here, I don't want to be caught."

Fred took out a metal ball from his shoulder bag. God knows how that shoulder bag can hold so many things.

The metal ball was thrown into the air, and a male lion made up of red and golden sparks appeared in front of Umbridge, making a deafening explosion.

"Send her to **** for us, Peeves."

Fred and George took off their shoulder bags and threw them to Peeves, who came to watch the fun, and then slammed into the open hall.

Peeves, who took the shoulder bag, actually took off his funnel-shaped hat and saluted the backs of Fred and George as they left.

Just when Fred and George took advantage of the fire dragon and lion to attract the attention of the Aurors, they were about to rush out of the castle on their brooms, but they hit a layer of tough and transparent spider webs. It hangs like a butterfly in front of the oak gate.

"Damn, what is this!"

Everyone onlookers was taken aback by this sudden change.

"Nice job!" Umbridge looked up at Fred and George and laughed smugly, "I think you should know what happens to people who do bad things."


A terrible roar resounded in the hallway,

The fire dragon, which originally spewed fiery red airflow, was undergoing some shocking changes. It seemed that a magical power was giving the fire dragon flesh and blood, and the illusory body suddenly became solid.

The fire dragon easily broke through the blocked spider web, UU reading www. flew out with the trapped Fred and George.

"Quick, stop it!"

Umbridge was the first to react and screamed in anger.

The cooked duck actually flew, no wonder Umbridge was so angry.

The Aurors were also stunned by the magical transformation of the fire dragon, but they also responded quickly, raising their wands and firing magic at the fire dragon, trying to prevent it from saving Fred and George.

At this moment, the male lion composed of fireworks suddenly stopped in front of the Aurors, absorbed all the spells in an instant, and rushed directly towards the Aurors. Under the watchful eyes of the public, the lion exploded, and countless fireworks exploded in the foyer, temporarily blocking the footsteps of the Aurors and buying enough time for Fred and George to leave.

It's over, it's over.

After Fred and George fought at Hogwarts, they finally left Hogwarts smoothly.

"It's you." Umbridge suddenly turned his head and stared at Albert, who was standing next to Professor McGonagall. "You must have rescued those two beasts."

"Let's be reasonable. Mr. Anderson has been standing by my side since just now and didn't do anything at all, he didn't even have a wand." Professor McGonagall glared at Umbridge, she was sure it wasn't Albert just now made.

"It must be him." Umbridge shouted in a shrill voice, not listening to the explanation at all. "Catch him, quick, catch him!"


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