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Chapter: 1088

The kid is angry

Umbridge's order made the Aurors hesitate. As long as they noticed the bad looks cast by the students around, it was not difficult to see that this was definitely not a good job.

Most of the Aurors have heard of Albert Anderson's name, and even know a little about it, because they discussed this person together a while ago.

Who was it that easily brought down the Auror team that was chasing Hagrid?

The Ministry of Magic has yet to find the attackers, but that doesn't mean they haven't pinpointed the suspects.

Yes, the suspect is Albert Anderson.

As the most powerful violent institution of the Ministry of Magic, each Auror is very strong, and it is simply not something that ordinary wizards can deal with, let alone bring down a ten-man Auror team in one go, even if they use Despicable means of sneak attack, but the attacker can easily do it with only a few very common magics, which means that the other party is definitely a powerful wizard.

In the entire Hogwarts school, apart from a few deans who may be able to do this, only the newly born international dueling champion is left.

Albert proved his strength to the world very early, whether it was the fire dragon who was easily subdued, or the little Barty Crouch who tried to attack him in the maze, or even the dark wizards who were knocked down in the duel competition. , all of which set off his formidable strength.

Most importantly, Albert rarely uses black magic, only extraordinary wizards can do it.

Gadwin Robards wasn't stupid enough to do it, he frowned and looked at Umbridge. He really couldn't understand why this woman made such a stupid decision. Was it because the trouble wasn't big enough?

Does she think that the authority of the Ministry of Magic alone can make the other party easily captured?

What are you kidding?

From the last time Albert directly disarmed the wands of Fudge and his gang, it is not difficult to see that once the two sides get into a deadlock, it will definitely not end well.

Could it be that she still expects the Aurors to help suppress the entire Hogwarts castle?

"There's still tranquilizers left in Bobby, maybe you should drink some to calm down." Professor McGonagall sneered, she couldn't stand the toad in front of her, it was unreasonable.

"What are you waiting for?" Umbridge turned his head and roared at the Aurors, "Execute the order and arrest Albert Anderson."

The Aurors looked at each other and pretended not to hear, but Fudge and Umbridge naturally attracted a few cronies among the Aurors.

After the Aurors received Umbridge's gaze, Qi Qi raised their wands and stunned Albert. As for the angry students around them, they didn't take them to heart. They believed Umri Qi will definitely be able to settle them easily.

No one thought that the Auror would actually attack Professor McGonagall. Unprepared, several stun spells hit Professor McGonagall, knocking her out directly, falling on her back to the ground, and stopped moving.

This scene stunned not only all the students who were watching, but also the other Aurors on the scene. No one thought that their colleagues would be stupid enough to do it here.

Is this crazy?

"Dawlish, are you crazy?"

Gadwin Robards angrily looked at the Aurors who suddenly started.

"I'm just carrying out orders." Delix said with a blank expression, he planned to take that Anderson back for questioning to find out whether the guy attacked him.

Because of that incident, Dawlish almost became a laughing stock.

"How dare you..."

Professor Flitwick's face flushed red, he drew his wand and stood in front of Albert, staring angrily at the group of Aurors in front of him.

Professor Sprout hurriedly ran to check on Professor McGonagall's situation, and was also provoked by the actions of the Aurors.

Probably only Snape remained expressionless, seemingly unmoved by all this.

The students onlookers pulled out their wands one after another, preparing to join the next brawl.

"I don't need help. Please send Professor McGonagall to the school hospital. She needs treatment now." Albert glanced at Professor McGonagall who was knocked down by the stun spell, took out his wand from his robe pocket, and moved towards the surrounding The students and the professor waved, signaling for the students who were trying to fight alongside him to make room.

Everyone stared blankly at Albert, wondering what he was talking about?

Don't need help?

Does Albert plan to fight all the Aurors alone?

"You actually pointed your wand at the students and professors who were supposed to be protected by you. I'm really ashamed for you." The two Aurors who cursed him were directly thrown out by a powerful force, slammed into the wall heavily, fell directly to the ground and collapsed into a ball, and passed out.

All Aurors drew their wands and stared vigilantly at Albert.

They all realized that today might not end well, and they have scolded Umbridge countless times in their hearts.

no way.

Just where the guy in front of him stood, it brought a lot of pressure to them, even the vicious dark wizards never gave them such oppression.

Not only the Aurors, but also the students who were watching the excitement around held their breaths. Everyone realized that an extraordinary duel was about to break out here.

Those arrogant Aurors had obviously annoyed Albert.

In everyone's limited memory, I have hardly seen Albert getting angry. However, the less angry people are, the more terrifying they are when they do.

The oppression emanating from Albert even made them take a few steps back.

When Albert took a step forward, the battle between the two sides began.

Although it was an unequal battle from the start, Albert was never intimidated by the number of enemies, and while he took the first step forward, he also waved his wand and directly defeated the others with an astonishingly fast casting. The two Aurors who attacked Professor McGonagall brought them into intimate contact with the marble floor.

As for the spells that the other Aurors used successively, they were all deflected or blocked by Albert waving his wand.

The crackling sound continued in front, but it couldn't stop Albert's footsteps. Every time he took a step, several Aurors were knocked down by the spell.

This scene directly shocked the onlookers.

The level of Aurors is definitely not bad, their combat experience is very good, but they have never encountered an enemy like Albert.

Albert's spell casting speed was so fast that no one could understand how he could cast a spell so quickly in a short period of time, without even chanting a spell, he simply waved his wand to easily dispel the spell, or hit him. Break the spell, let them have the kind of adults playing with children.

As for using those powerful black magic?

They didn't dare to use it at all, and they didn't have the time to use it, and they weren't dealing with dark wizards. What's more, once they used black magic, no matter whether they completely subdued the opponent or not, terrible things would happen.

No one is stupid enough to think that Albert does not know black magic without black magic. Every wizard with extraordinary strength has mastered a lot of black magic.

What's more, it takes time to use powerful black magic, and few people can use silent spell to cast it. Directly chanting the spell can easily be interrupted by the opponent in such a fast duel.

Albert's wand stagnant, suddenly raised his wand and swung upwards, the indestructible marble suddenly cracked, and an invisible force plowed through the marble floor directly, spreading towards the Aurors ahead, hitting the Aurors. On the unfolded magic barrier, there was a deafening explosion, and there were cracks in the barrier unfolded by several Aurors. Fortunately, the force was completely blocked.

This is the advantage of numbers, and wizards at the Ministry of Magic are very good at taking advantage of numbers.

Albert ignored the group of Aurors, but suddenly turned his head to look in a certain direction, and the two members of the investigation team who tried to attack him were directly knocked out by a huge force.

"And Slytherin's style!"

Albert's voice was cold. If he hadn't had enough protective items on his body, he might have been overcast.

Therefore, he directly attacked the sneak attack.

Perhaps, it was just an obstacle spell, but it made the two feel as if they were hit by a speeding carriage.

When everyone was still angry at the attack of Monta and Warrington, they were shocked by their tragic end. Albert undoubtedly made a ruthless attack, and the two seemed to be dying at any time.

After Snape checked the injuries of the two, his face was extremely ugly, because he found that Monta and Warrington had multiple fractures all over their bodies, and they looked like they might die at any time.

It was obviously just an obstacle spell, yet it caused such a terrifying injury.

Moreover, Albert undoubtedly showed mercy, otherwise Monta and Warrington would probably die here on the spot.

This is a blatant warning.

After eliminating the sneak attacker, Albert moved his wand straight forward, and the gravel dust formed a shield directly in front of him, blocking the oncoming spell.

A deafening sound resounded in the hallway, as if someone was struggling to beat a big drum, causing the surrounding students to stretch out their hands to cover their ears in pain.

The sneak attack of Monta and Warrington was not meaningless.

They successfully disrupted Albert's attacking rhythm, allowing the Aurors to use their strengths instead of scrambling to deal with Albert's fast break.

The next moment, Albert suddenly felt a piercing pain, something penetrated the barrier in front of him and acted directly on him.

Albert turned his gaze to Umbridge, who pointed his wand straight at him. The new headmaster's grim face suddenly froze, staring at Albert in disbelief. Unable to subdue the opponent.

The Aurors didn't have time to react, and when they heard a "boom", the cracked shield in front of Albert suddenly exploded, and the shock wave spread in all directions.

Albert suddenly waved his wand and rolled the explosion forward, covering the Aurors.

Umbridge was also taken a few steps back by this force, directly interrupting the use of the Cruciatus.

Before she could regain her footing, Albert raised his wand and slapped the air hard. A huge force slapped Umbridge's face heavily, sending her whole body flying out.

"The Cruciatus, the Ministry of Magic really dares to use any insane spell." Albert's eyes fell on the Aurors again.

The Aurors fell into a brief silence as they looked at Umbridge, who had fallen to the stars.

This fight was a mistake from start to finish, and it's all because of this stupid guy.

Without waiting for someone to stand up to stop it, the battle continued.

Albert, who was annoyed by the sneak attack and the Cruciatus, no longer showed mercy.

Or in other words, he accurately grasped the inner sway of the Aurors and prepared to end the battle directly.

Several spells flew directly from the remaining Aurors. The explosion spell did not fly directly to the Aurors, but hit the marble ground under the Aurors' feet and bounced toward the Aurors.

Before the Aurors could react, they were drowned by a series of explosions. It was a disaster. Perhaps the Aurors never thought that the Explosion Charm could be used like this?

From the beginning, this battle was unavoidable, and Albert had already planned to use these Aurors to forge his reputation.


Looking at Albert walking in front of him, Delix raised his head and looked at Albert.

"You're not dead, are you?"

Albert raised his wand and directly immobilized the Auror who still had the strength to resist.

The power of the explosion spell he used just now was not very strong, otherwise the wizard's fragile body would have been blown to pieces, not just blown away or fainted.

Looking at the Auror who fell to the ground, all the students stared in shock, unable to believe their own eyes.

Albert actually brought down all the Aurors alone, it was like a dream.


Before Umbridge could finish speaking, he was swept away by an invisible force, and a tooth fell directly to the ground.

Albert ignored Umbridge, but waved his wand and hung the Aurors who had been knocked down by him on the wall one by one.

To be honest, the whole corridor was neatly hung with Aurors, which was really shocking, and there was a whole row of Aurors, and Li Jordan had already taken pictures with a camera.

In order to teach the Aurors a profound lesson, and to make the scene in front of them a sight at Hogwarts, Albert directly used the permanent glue to keep their clothes in Hogwarts forever, becoming the decoration in the hallway.

If it weren't for the imminent collapse of the Ministry of Magic, Albert wouldn't have done such offending things, but the era of chaos is coming, and he doesn't mind giving those guys an unforgettable lesson at all. Let them understand that they want to trouble him, and think about the consequences first.

Umbridge covered her cheeks and looked in horror at Albert, who was looking up at her.

"I remember telling you that I don't have the good temper of Dumbledore."

Albert looked down at Umbridge, who was terrified, and said calmly, "And your Cruciatus Curse just now really hurts."

Saying that, he waved his wand lightly, and a chain of smoke wrapped around Umbridge's arm, hanging her in mid-air.


"Don't worry, I'm not you, I can't use Cruciatus, but..."

Albert showed a cruel smile, raised his hand, and the whip originally held in Filch's hand disappeared directly from Albert's hand.

"You used the Cruciatus Curse on me, and I'll whip you one hundred, two or three, but it's not too much! It's just the same as the education order you issued." A shrill scream resounded through the castle.

However, Umbridge's screams were quickly drowned out by warm applause and the sound of fireworks exploding, and there were other students cheering for Albert.

I don't know who started it, whether it's the Anti-Toad Alliance or the other students are shouting: "Kill her, kill her, kill that toad!"

Everyone is happy to help Albert share the pressure and guilt.

However, Albert did not accept everyone's good intentions. Although Umbridge's Cruciatus was partially offset by the various defensive amulets on his body, it still hurt.

It's hard to dispel Albert's anger without whipping Umbridge hard. As for the so-called one-hundred-two-three whips, it's just a casual excuse to arouse everyone's emotions, and the effect is quite good.

Those **** education orders have long overwhelmed everyone, but now they have turned into whips, whipping Umbridge again and again, making Umbridge feel the pain of education orders, if she knew before that there would be Such a day would never have issued so many educational decrees.

No one would sympathize with Umbridge, even Hermione followed everyone and shouted to kill the toad.

After each whipping, Albert would stop and rest, so as to prolong the time of the whipping, let the pain pass through Umbridge's body, and let everyone appreciate the pain of Umbridge.

After being slapped 25 times by Albert one after another, Umbridge just fainted.

"Peeves, help me wake her up!" Albert said to Peeves, who was floating in the air watching the fun.

"Giggle, little devil is angry, it's scary!"

Peeves got a big bag of salt from somewhere, grabbed a handful and threw it on Umbridge, causing Umbridge to wake up in pain.

The action of Peeves rubbing salt on Umbridge's wound stunned the surrounding students, and then there was a burst of cheers and applause. Everyone thought that Peeves did it beautifully.

Professor Flitwick didn't stop him, but just watched silently, watching Albert beat Umbridge with whip after whip.

This is a more terrible punishment than the Cruciatus.

As for worrying about accidents on the way?

It's completely superfluous, because after every ten whippings, Albert will use magic to heal Umbridge's wounds. However, the situation did not improve because of Peeves' successive salt-sprinkling actions, which caused the whip to be smeared with salt particles, and the pain was deeper than before.

Seeing the miserable appearance of the new headmaster, everyone felt extremely happy, even the Aurors who were fixed and hung on the wall, wished that Albert would slap harder.

It was thanks to Umbridge that they would end up where they are now.

Thanks to her, the entire Ministry of Magic's Aurors will be the **** of a laugh.

What did you provoke him to do?

Do you really think others have no temper?

Looking at Umbridge, who was severely beaten with more than a hundred whips, they could be considered to have seen the anger of this Mr. Anderson.

Angry, of course, is also a little bit, but as long as you have some brains, you will know that the other party is showing mercy.

Looking at Umbridge, who was still being beaten for half an hour, the anger disappeared.

No way, Umbridge's appearance can only be described as horrible.

After being repeatedly stimulated by pain, the whole person became in a trance.

The clothes originally worn on the body became tattered due to Albert's continuous whipping, and there were even hideous whip marks on his body.

Everyone was full of schadenfreude, pointing at Umbridge's embarrassed appearance, and shouting words of encouragement such as "Come on, hold on, it's almost over".

There were also people who were helping Albert to count the whips, and even wanted to report an error on purpose, so that Umbridge could continue to be whipped.

"121, 122, 123!"

After Abbott took the last whip, he threw the whip in his hand without looking at Umbridge, and said to Professor Flitwick next to him, "Professor, don't cast the spell on that group of Aurors, after two seconds. God, the spell will be lifted automatically."

"I see."

Professor Flitwick nodded in agreement. He had not forgotten what happened to Professor McGonagall. UU reading

"Then I'll go first."

"Where are you going?"

People had already surrounded Albert and cheered loudly around him.

"Where to go? Of course I leave Hogwarts, why don't I stay and wait for the Ministry of Magic to send more people to arrest me?" Albert shrugged.

"We're not afraid, we can fight with you and drive those **** **** out of Hogwarts completely," Cedric said loudly.

"Yes, drive them away." Others agreed.

In the eyes of all students, as long as they work hard, they can achieve an unprecedented victory.

"It doesn't make much sense for me to stay in the school, and maybe I will come back to take the ultimate wizarding test with you." Albert smiled and pushed aside the crowd, and escorted by many students, he walked towards the school gate go.

"I'm proud of you," said Professor Flitwick.

"Don't worry about the toad, I'm afraid she will have to recuperate for a while, and she'll be out soon. There shouldn't be time to trouble you." Albert walked out of the school gate, waved at everyone, and immediately Apparated and disappeared. gone.

However, Albert did not go far, but appeared near the Forbidden Forest and took out a pocket watch from his pocket. After estimating the time, he took out a metal box from the deformed lizard skin bag, opened it and took it out and put it inside. time converter.

He never fought alone.

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