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Chapter: 1089

Hogwarts Riot

"So, you whipped that old witch Umbridge hard with a whip, and hung all the Aurors who caught you on the corridor wall, and then ran away?"

Isobel tilted her head to look at Albert, who was yawning beside him, and couldn't help covering her forehead with her hand, with an expression like she really lost to you.

"If you don't run, is it possible to stay and fight the entire Ministry of Magic?" Albert buried his head in the pillow and yawned again, looking tired.

"I rarely see you angry."

From Isobel's point of view, Albert was definitely out of rage, otherwise Albert, who has always remained calm, would never have been so reckless.

Hanging all the Aurors on the wall and taking the deputy minister of the Ministry of Magic half to death is completely offending the Ministry of Magic to death.

If Albert really wanted to, there must be other solutions, or even kill the whole thing directly in the cradle.

"I'm not angry, but sometimes you can't back down, or others will think that you are good-natured and easy to bully." Albert said vaguely, "Sometimes people are so mean and need to be taught a lesson to be comfortable. "

Of course, those words were just one of the reasons for doing that.

The main reason is to complete the panel tasks, to get the benefits, and to give a toad to vent his emotions. He was also going to step on the Ministry of Magic to stand up and win over a wave of Hogwarts students and get their approval.

As for the consequences, it's actually not serious.

After all, the news of Voldemort's resurrection has officially spread.

There are few disadvantages and a lot of advantages, why not do it?

"So, you dropped out of school early, what are you going to do next?"

In fact, the last sentence is the key point. Isobel is a little worried that Albert's dropping out is planning to do something big, and 80% of the current big thing is related to the mysterious man.

"I didn't drop out. It won't take long before Professor Dumbledore will return to Hogwarts. I will go back and take the N.E.W.T. exam, and I can also graduate from Hogwarts smoothly." Albert read He got up, buried his head in Isobel's arms, and murmured with his eyes closed: "So, I'm actually just taking a few days off temporarily."


Isobel gradually lowered her voice and slowly closed her eyes.

When Albert was in the land of tenderness, Fudge, who was waiting for news in the minister's office, became more and more irritable.

Fudge has been waiting for a long time, but he still hasn't received any news from Umbridge.

No news at all!

How could this not make Fudge think a lot.

No matter how hard Fudge's brain was, he realized that something might have happened on Umbridge's side, otherwise it would be impossible not to get the news back.

Even if the arrest plan fails, Umbridge will definitely come over to report to him, but now what news is nothing?

So, Fudge sent his best assistant, Percy Weasley, to Hogwarts to find out what was going on.

As a result, one can imagine that Percy, who had just come out of the fireplace, was stunned by the sight in front of him.

Umbridge's office seems to have experienced a big explosion. There are burn marks everywhere. The dishes with cats printed on the walls were blown up. The only window in the office was blasted with a big hole. Deafening rumblings continued from all over the castle, and the dark night sky was illuminated by colorful fireworks, as if celebrating a festival.

Percy suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart, and hurried out of the office, he found a toad made of fireworks jumping in the corridor, some strange fireworks sticks writing insults to Umbridge in the air.

Actually no one?

Percy searched around for traces of other people. Although the students should have all returned to their respective lounges by this time, it is unusual for no one to be in this situation.

Along the way, Percy saw all kinds of fireworks that kept making noises, and they flew almost all over the school. Among them, there were several very magical fireworks, such as fire dragons, lions, eagles, and badgers, but he had never seen a snake.

No, it should be said that the snake was replaced by a frog.

It's possible that these fireworks were created by Fred and George, but that's not the point, the point is where are the Aurors and Umbridge?

With Umbridge's character, it is absolutely impossible to let Hogwarts become a mess, and it is likely that something happened.

Don't tell him, the Aurors and Umbridge are all settled?

Although it's not that there is no similar precedent,'s hard to imagine that Fred and George can do it. Aurors are the elite among wizards, and they are better at dealing with wizards.

However, there are indications that the speculation may be true.

The castle was empty, and even the ghosts disappeared.

Percy hurried to the school hospital, and most of the time, Madam Pomfrey would stick to her post.

Seeing that the lights were still on in the school hospital, Percy couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief, and hurriedly walked into the school hospital, where he found Madam Pomfrey reading a magazine in the cubicle.

"Ma'am, what happened at the school? Where did everyone go? Where's Principal Umbridge? Where's the Auror?" Percy spit out the doubts in his heart like a cannonball.

"Everyone is attending a banquet in the auditorium. As for Professor Umbridge, she is lying there." Madam Pomfrey pointed to the bed and said, "I heard that she was beaten hundreds of times, and she is still in a coma. But , the injury is not serious."

"Hundreds of whips."

Percy quickly found the mummified Umbridge and opened his mouth slightly.

"I don't know the specifics." Madam Pomfrey shook her head and said, "If you have any doubts, I suggest you go to the auditorium and ask someone to ask."

Seeing that Madam Pomfrey didn't seem to want to say more, Percy could only rush to the auditorium to try to figure out what happened.

Going down the stone steps to the first floor, Percy saw Filch holding up fireworks and being held in place by a spell.

The poor administrator is covered in education orders.

Percy quickly noticed the situation on the first floor, where a fierce battle seemed to have taken place, and what was worse, Percy already knew where the Aurors had gone.

Yes, he knows.

Because Percy had already seen the group of Aurors, they were like pieces of clothes, neatly hung on the corridor leading to the foyer.

This scene shocked Percy.

This... who did it?

Percy tried to put the Aurors down, but the spell failed, failing to lift the spell on the Aurors.

There was a constant noise in the hall next to it. Percy stole a look and found that, as Madam Pomfrey said, the Hogwarts students were attending the banquet. Except for some Slytherin students, most of them were All Hogwarts students are here.

Percy didn't dare to go in.

After all, the Aurors are all hung on the wall, and maybe everyone will hang him on the wall, which is by no means an interesting experience.

Hurrying back to the Ministry of Magic, Percy immediately broke the shocking news to Fudge.

"You mean there's a rebellion at Hogwarts." Fudge propped up the table with both hands, stood up at once, and took the chair behind him.

"It shouldn't be a rebellion." Percy considered his words and analyzed, "The arrest operation should have failed."

"Anyway, the situation is very complicated. The Aurors are all stunned and hang on the wall of the corridor on the first floor. I can't lift the spell on them. It's better to send a spell-breaking team to put them down."

"As for Mrs. Umbridge, Mrs. Pomfrey said that she was severely whipped hundreds of times, and she is still lying in the school hospital for treatment."

Fudge's face twitched, he didn't know what to say, but he had a hunch that something big was going to happen.

"Go and inform Scrimgeour, as well as dispatch the spell-breaking team and the crisis management team to Hogwarts with me." Fudge immediately ordered, "This matter must not be known to the reporters."

"It's the minister, I'll go right away." Percy hurried to inform the others.

"Is it true, Fudge?"

Scrimgeour looked at Fudge with a gloomy expression on his face. He regretted helping these scumbags. Now, the whole Auror office will become the laughing stock of the wizarding world.

"The situation is not optimistic." Fudge said sullenly.

"Not optimistic?" Scrimgeour's lips moved slightly.

"Something must have happened that we don't know about." Fudge sighed heavily. "We'll figure out the specifics soon."

Fudge appeared in Umbridge's office using the Floo network, and frowned upon seeing the scene here.

It was like a festival outside, and the roar of fireworks explosions could be heard everywhere.

"Follow me." Percy led the way.

More than a dozen members of the spell release team and the crisis management team began to try to clear the fireworks along the way, but they all found that the effect was very poor. Once the toad hit by the spell swelled in a large circle and rushed directly to them and happened. It exploded violently, and then there was no attempt to clean up those **** fireworks.

When they came to the first floor of the castle with all their hard work, they were once again stunned by the corridor full of Aurors.


Fudge was too angry to speak.

"Put people down."

Scrimgeour felt a chill all over his body and looked like he wanted to kill.

"It's very difficult. The Aurors have been casted on strong spells, and it is not easy to unravel them."

After the spell breaking team tried to lift the spell on the Auror, they reported the current situation to Fudge.

"Anyway, put them down," Fudge said angrily. He handed it over to Scrimgeour and walked towards the noisy auditorium with some members of the crisis response team.

Now Fudge just wanted to find out what was going on at Hogwarts.

He walked to the door of the hall and looked at the noisy people. He didn't know what everyone was celebrating, but they seemed very happy.


Fudge put his wand to his throat and called out to the Great Hall.

The noise in the auditorium hall gradually disappeared, and it fell into a dead silence again, and everyone turned their heads to look at Fudge.

"Ministry of Magic, those **** from the Ministry of Magic!" someone in the crowd shouted.

"They want to come to judge us again."

Countless students took out their wands and threw Stunning and Disarming Charms at the entrance of the auditorium hall.

When the members of the crisis response team saw the indignant students, they felt bad, and they clenched their wands to block Fudge, but this was not a good idea, because there were too many students, and they were knocked out by the spell.

If it wasn't for Percy's quick-witted hands to pull Fudge, the other party would have been stunned by the spell.

"Stop, stop, I'm the Minister of Magic, you can't treat me like that!" Fudge broke free from Percy's hand and yelled angrily.

However, what responded to him was a spell.

"They're crazy, they're planning to rebel." Fudge was about to be mad.

"Calm down Minister." Percy grabbed Fudge's shoulders and shook it vigorously, shouting loudly, "Calm down, calm down."

"Okay, thank you Weasley." Fudge took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

"What exactly did Umbridge do?" Scrimgeour looked furious. From the abnormal and aggressive behavior of the Hogwarts students, it was not difficult to guess that the Hogwarts students were completely annoyed.

"Maybe, we should talk to them to find out what happened." Percy took a deep breath and suggested.

"Minister, Mr. Robards has woken up." A member of the spell-breaking team shouted to them, and the spell-breaking team took a lot of effort to lift the spell on Gadwin Robards.

"What about those robes?"

Fudge noticed the robe still stuck to the wall, frowned and asked the spell-breaker.

"Permanent sticking spells, we can't get rid of them." The leader of the spell-removing team explained.

"Permanent paste spell?"

Scrimgeour looked at the robes neatly glued to the wall with an unsightly expression that would forever be a disgrace to the Aurors.

"Gardvin, tell me, what happened here, why are you hanging up." Scrimgeour asked his deputy.

"Sorry, we screwed up." Gadwin Robards bowed his head in shame.

"We don't want to hear an apology, tell us why."

"I'll tell you!"

A sharp voice sounded from behind.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw Professor Flitwick walking towards this side with a group of professors, followed by a large group of students with wands behind them. The wizards around couldn't help but get nervous. No one likes being pointed at by wands.

No one dared to underestimate this group of students, where are the unlucky ones lying.

Flitwick spoke calmly about the whole thing, from Umbridge's attempt to judge the students, to Fred and George setting off fireworks around the castle, and finally slipping away from the Aurors' trap.

Umbridge thought that Albert was helping them. Professor McGonagall tried to reason with Umbridge, but was attacked by the Aurors and sent to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries.

The actions of the Aurors completely annoyed Albert. He brought down all the Aurors by himself and hung them on the wall.

Among them, two members of the investigation team tried to intervene in the duel, attacked Albert, and were sent to the St. In revenge, he was severely beaten with hundreds of whips.

Professor Flitwick's words made everyone stunned.

The most unacceptable thing for them is that the legendary genius actually brought down all the Aurors alone?

Simply unbelievable.

Fudge wanted to refute, but looking at the wand pointed at them, he finally swallowed everything he wanted to say.

"Is what he said true? Scrimgeour stared angrily at his deputy.

A group of people duel with one person, and the other party actually gave it to the other side, which simply humiliated the Auror.

"We didn't intend to arrest Albert, but someone made an assertion..." Gardwin Robards didn't go on, but Scrimgeour understood it all.

"I suggest you leave here. UU Reading" Professor Flitwick suggested helplessly: "In order to avoid unpleasant conflicts, everyone is extremely disgusted with the Ministry of Magic now, I think you understand what I mean."

"You're going to cover up criminals!" said Fudge through gritted teeth.

The next moment, Fudge regretted it, which was definitely one of the worst decisions he ever made.

"Hiding criminals, no no, Albert is not a criminal, and he is not at Hogwarts now." Professor Flitwick shook his head and reminded.

"Mr. Anderson is not a criminal." a student shouted

"The Ministry of Magic is taking charges again."

"Take them out."

"Damn, can't you just shut up?"

Scrimgeour looked at Fudge angrily, and he saw a large number of Stunning Charms covering the crowd.

"My God!" Flitwick muttered, "I warned you."

"Throw this group of garbage from the Ministry of Magic out." Lee Jordan stood up and loudly instructed the students at Hogwarts to throw all the Ministry of Magic employees out of the school gate.

Since Albert beat the Aurors and slapped Umbridge hard, the students at Hogwarts seemed to have turned on a magical switch. They were no longer afraid of Umbridge and the Ministry of Magic.

According to Albert's prediction, both Umbridge and Minister of Magic Fudge will soon step down and get out, and even the Ministry of Magic will collapse in the future, don't worry at all, because they will soon be too busy to take care of themselves.

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