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Chapter: 832

On The Same Page At Last...

Chapter 832 On The Same Page At Last...  "Are you still going to deny it?" Matriarch asked as she looked at Max. She knew it was pointless to discuss it anymore. This guy already knew that she wasn't going to take any extreme actions towards them. Hence, they had no reason to be afraid of her.

Her only hope was to make Erina speak, and somehow that too had failed. In such a situation, the Matriarch knew she had no evidence to prove her point.

"You can believe what you want.." Max finally took a little step back, but he didn't accept it either.

'Tsk…what a stubborn brat..' Matriarch was a little unhappy with him.

"You two leave for now. I have got things to talk to him.." She waved her hand and dismissed both Synthia and Erina.

With the two of them gone, the hall turned a little silent.

"Let's get to the main topic then…why are you here?" Matriarch asked with a straight face, but her lips surely did curl up a little in the corner.

'This granny..' Max knew he was trapped. He knew very well she was a stubborn old woman from what he had seen until now. He was sure that this was a trap and she would burst out laughing if he stepped onto it. But, did he have a choice?

She perfectly knew that Max was here with a motive. And, if he wanted to achieve it, he had to communicate with them.

And, this was that very moment he was waiting for. She was extending him that very olive branch.

As Max was contemplating inside his head, a voice rang in his ear, 'It's enough. Just accept it. She is a petty person, and will hold onto grudges if you don't admit defeat now..'

Max slowly turned his gaze towards the Second Matriarch and saw her smiling at her.

"I came here to seek cooperation.." Max finally spoke with a sigh as he looked at the Matriarch. He knew he hadn't lost due to his ability, but to the pettiness of the old woman.

"Hahahahaha!!!! Finally you admit to it, brat!!!!"

And as expected, a thunderous laughter resounded through the hall. Matriarch seemed to have exploded into happiness. All the frustrations from a few days prior seemed to have vanished as she basked herself in the glory of this win. It had been a long time since she felt so satisfied.

The three other people in the hall looked at the Matriarch laughing hysterically with a little disdain in their eyes. She really was feeling so happy after bullying a little guy into a corner. Not to mention, one look at her face, you could see her ego booming with extreme satisfactions.

"Enough already.." Second Matriarch couldn't take anymore of the embarrassment. She pulled her sister's arm to bring her back down from the sky, "Stop…embarrassing me.."

"Embarrassing, me?" Matriarch asked with a frown, not knowing what she had done but it soon became very obvious when she noticed the gazes of the two in front of her which seemed to carry a little disdain.

"Uhmn...anyways, it's good that you finally admitted to what were we talking about.." She immediately tried to change the awkward atmosphere, and moved onto the serious topic but she seemed to have forgotten about it in her celebration.

"Let me handle this.." Second Matriarch said and then took over the conversation from her sister as she looked at Max with a smile on her face, "What do you want?"

Her face clearly said it all.

Now that she had made her decision about Max's character, she was willing to act as her elder. He was the only one in her family line who could protect the blood of Starfall from disappearing.

There was nothing she wouldn't do to help Max at this point.

'This brat..this time he really got someone at his back for serious..' Old Man Sun couldn't help but feel a little jealous. He too had a little idea about what was going on.

Ancient Families and Max had a good relationship indeed. But, there were too many variables in them. Not to mention, except for his Master and probably a few others who genuinely believe in him, everyone else was just there with him for mutual benefit and an equivalent exchange. Even though there was nothing wrong in it, one could surely understand the kind of relationship such conditions would lead to.

Even Max knew about it, and he could never fully depend on them. But, things here were a little different indeed..

The feeling was a little weird to describe, but he could tell from the look on Second Matriarch's face that she had accepted him as family.

"Sigh! You are really too quick to make judgements, shouldn't you have asked him first what he wanted?" Matriarch on the other side shook her head. She understood her sister very well.

"I don't need much.." Max spoke as he looked at them, "I just want you to act when the time calls for it. After all, I am sure you don't want the city to be destroyed as well.."

Matriarch looked at Max and the air in the room turned still for a second before she spoke, "Go ahead.."

Max nodded and then continued, "I know that you already are aware about the fact that Talia is a Demon. So-"

"Wait! What did you say?" Matriarch stopped him with wide eyes, and the Second Matriarch's face changed in a similar manner too.

"You didn't know?" Max asked with a frown. He had thought that Scarlet Lord knew about Talia's truth to be honest. 'Don't tell me she revealed herself as the bad person, but not as a Demon?'

"I told you something was wrong about that woman!!" Matriarch slammed her fist on the armrest as she flared up in anger while looking at the Second Matriarch.

"Calm down… how can she be a demon…she has a child with Terence.." The Second Matriarch said with a frown and then looked at Max for answer.

"That...umn.." Max didn't continue ahead and just forced a smile on his face, but his silence immediately made people understand what he meant.

Both the Matriarch's faces turned dark while Old Man Sun's face twitched on the side.

'Ah..can these guys not involve me in their family drama?' He muttered inwardly with a sigh. But, he didn't leave, as he wanted to know more about the things that Max knew of.

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