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Chapter: 833

A Peaceful Life

Chapter 833 A Peaceful Life?  "How do you know about this? I don't think it's something the Ancient Families are aware of.." Matriarch looked at Max with a little frown on her face. She didn't believe that the Ancient Families were capable of something that they weren't.

"The brat is built differently.." Old Man Sun muttered as he looked at Max with a weird look on his face. It was precisely this that had made him lose the bet. How can he not be upset when being reminded about it?

"I can sense them.." Max replied with a serious look on his face, "It's inherent. I know you guys have the ability too. But, in your case, it's too weak. It doesn't come close to me who was born with it."

"Is it really that strong?" The Matriarch was still a little sceptical about it. She believed that the only reason why Talia could hide her identity was for the fact that she had never met her in person. After all, she hadn't left the Spatial Pouch for a few hundred years now.

"I can even sense those with royal blood in them as long as the conditions are met.." Max further added seeing the doubt in the Matriarch's eyes.

Both Matriarch and Second Matriarch exchanged a look on hearing that. To be honest, even they could not sense a Royal Blood as long as the person had achieved a strength similar to that of a Master.

This was the reason that they had to be very careful of the Demons infiltrating them. After all, it was very tough to dig one out once they germinated in your garden. Storm Family had obviously fallen prey to such an instance.

"Let's continue to hear what you were saying.." The Second Matriarch turned her gaze back towards Max, and urged him to continue ahead.

"As I said, Talia is one of the demons with Royal Blood. And, she is here with her motives. A plan well prepared and operating for years now."

"But, isn't that girl from Oven's House?" Old Man Sun finally couldn't help but ask with a frown.

"Yeah..Ovens are a sham. I can't say for every human there. But, the Lord and his sons are Demons. So, it won't be wrong to say that the Demons had established themselves in our grounds.." Max said with a sigh.

" could this be possible?" Matriarch let out a grunt in stress as she massaged her forehead. Never in her worst imaginations had she thought of something like this happening.

"What has the Old b*stars from Ancient Families doing? Were they all just sleeping all this time?" Old Man Sun asked with a heavy frown. He really had no idea about this. But, that was to be expected since he literally didn't know about the situation of his own city.

"Let's talk about this a little later. We need to concentrate on Ocien now.." Max tried to calm these people down. He had realized the flaw of this group just now to be honest. They were just like the Ancient Families. They had detached themselves from the outer world, and had most likely lost the track of things happening around them.

For the Crimsons and this old man, they were busy building themselves up. For the Ancient Families, they were busy fighting among themselves. Yes, the previous generations which were the generations of the current Lords were like cats and dogs to each other. And, this was nothing new to Max by now. And, from what he heard, this was the reason that they had ended up like that.

There was too much infighting and politics in the previous generations and his Master even said that the Ancient Families might have gone to war, and clawed each other out if the Old Progenitors hadn't stepped up and improve the situation between the houses.

This was really ridiculous to be honest, but now that Max knew about the variable in the Storm House, called the Second Ancestor, he felt that it might be a little less ridiculous with him in equation.

"Ovens are something which we have to deal with. But, it is not their turn yet. Currently, we need to pull Talia out along with all the worms she has under her control. She probably has a good amount of people at her call right now as she had taken the Control of the Scarlet House for so many years even if we ignore the Demons and Dark Society at the back of her hands.." Max looked at the two Matriarchs with a serious face.

"Ocien, really might be in danger this time. The war is near, she can easily destroy our defense and let the Demons in whenever they feel like it…we can't let her be in that position.."

With the end of Max's sentence, a silence covered the entire hall.

"And, one more thing. Don't let Erina get engaged to the twat from the Storm Family.."

"Are you saying this for your friend?" Matriarch asked with a smirk. She felt like Max had finally done something which she could pick on about, "If that guy has to use this tactics like that then by making use of a friend, then I am sor-"

"Preston is the problem here. He is in on something. I don't know about it well, right now. But, investigate this Second Ancestor of the Storm Family and see if you can find something.." Max interrupted the Matriarch, and his words indeed shocked everyone.

They had taken so much time to get to this person, and yet the brat was already aware of it. Did they really have any place to show their face now?

Obviously, being sensible, they just tried to ignore the matter so as not to lose face.

"And, speaking for Axel, he doesn't need me to speak for him. That guy can be indecisive at times, but when he does make that decision. It's hard to stop him.."

"Hmph! We will see.." Matriarch snorted at him. She obviously felt that Max was exaggerating it. But, she sure was not going to let some random guy end up with Erina. Just like Max was the hope of the Starfall, Erina too carried the hope of Crimson and she was already deemed as the next leader when considering that she was able to wield the artifact.

"Now that you are aware of the situation, I hope you will begin to move accordingly. And, provide support in case I need it. Because, the scope of battle here is indeed way past my current limit.." Max sighed, and admitted his weakness.

"I understand all of it. But, let me ask you one thing before promising you anything.." Matriarch looked at Max, and then further spoke, "What are you aiming for and why? I am sure this all has nothing to do with you if we look at where you have come from. I am not even sure how you found out, but you could have just taken a back seat to enjoy the peaceful life you why all of this?"

"Peaceful life?" Max let out a deprecating smile as he was reminded of the day when it had all begun.

Was it really peaceful back then?

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