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Chapter: 2164

goes back to the old days

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After the two of them were confirmed to be together, he was busy with the script, busy with college matters, and always felt that he was doing things for her by checking her thesis/Journal.

She was at home all day preparing her thesis, while he was at the office all the time, and the only time for communication was at night.

He was used to this kind of life, so he forgot that sometimes, life also needed romance.

He always felt that his current life was what he wanted. He didn’t have to worry about whether to propose or get married. He would prepare after he was done.

He thought that Wen Shan had been waiting, but he didn’t realize it.

On this issue, Nalan Chunbo admitted that he really made a mistake.

So, in the future, he would try his best to prepare a surprise for her. He would spend more time on her.

At 6:30 am, the moonlight shone on the sea.

‘Wen Shan could not stand the temperature in the ice room and ran out dejectedly. Nalan Chunbo leaned against the railing and watched her.

‘Wen Shan pursed her lips and walked to the other side to take a picture of Nalan Chunbo with her phone. It was a little troublesome to operate with her left hand, but she was never tired of taking pictures.

‘Wen Shan kept taking pictures. Nalan Chunbo waved for her to go over. Wen Shan was curious, so she walked over. Just as she went over, Nalan Chunbo reached out and pulled her into his arms, then, he took her phone and took a group photo of the two of them on the sea.

Wen Shan:"…"

Nalan Chunbo hugged Wen Shan and didn’t overdo it. After taking the photo, he looked at the photo. It wasn’t bad.

‘Wen Shan pushed him and went to look for uncle Liu to take a photo.

Nalan Chunbo looked at Wen Shan, who was still smiling, and the weight in his heart finally eased a little.

So what he had to think about now was the time and place of the proposal.

One hour after he was caught, he had to close the net.

Wen Shan couldn’t help him with this matter, so she took photos of them with her phone.

"Be careful with your phone."Nalan Chunbo pulled the net for uncle Liu while reminding Wen Shan, who leaned half of her body over the railing, to take a photo of them.

‘Wen Shan put her phone away. There were so many treasures in there, she didn’t want her phone to fall into the sea.

Nalan Chunbo was amused by her action again. His little girl was getting cuter and cuter.

The harvest this time was not bad. There were a lot of varieties, but there were not many crabs and lobsters.

‘Wen Shan put away her phone and went to help with the fish training. She picked up the frozen ones and put them in the foam refrigerator that uncle Liu took out just now.

"When we get old, we’ll come here to fish for a living. I see that you’ve become a lot more professional now,"Nalan Chunbo teased.

Wen Shan snorted and continued to do her work.

‘When they were sorting out the fish, uncle Liu’s boat had already begun its return voyage.

The return journey would take two hours. When they returned, it would be around nine o’clock.

After sorting out the fish, there would be people by the shore to purchase the precious fish. The fish that had just been caught would be fresh and the price would be higher.

Uncle Liu did not care about the money. Nalan Chunbo said that he wanted to live a life.

When they reached the shore, uncle Liu gave the lobsters and crabs to Nalan Chunbo, asking him to take them back and raise them until Madam Bai’s little grandson came and could be used.

Nalan Chunbo wanted to give the money, but he was rejected by Uncle Liu. "Madam Bai has been here for the past few years, and she has helped us a lot. Also, you guys accompanied me out to sea today. Just treat it as a gift for you."

Nalan Chunbo did not reject. He let Wen Shan carry the crab back first. The crayfish was heavier, so he would bring it back later. He still had something to tell Uncle Liu.

Wen Shan:

What could she not listen to?

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