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Chapter: 2165

Why Did Gu Juexi come

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wen Shan pursed her lips and returned with the bucket of water. She turned her head three times, but Nalan Chunbo kept staring at her. In the end, she could only leave.

Uncle Liu had taken the money and sold almost all the fish.

"What’s Wrong?"Uncle Liu asked with a smile.

Nalan Chunbo looked around the dock. "Uncle Liu, can you help me?"

Uncle Liu smiled. "If you have anything to say, just say it."

Nalan Chunbo carried the water bucket as he walked. He told Uncle Liu that he needed a place that could probably fly two small helicopters, and the wind direction would not change too much. More importantly, he also needed the help of the villagers.

Uncle Liu knew that Nalan Chunbo was going to propose, so he immediately said that he would do his best to help. He would also mobilize everyone in the fishing village to help him.

Uncle Liu and uncle Liu returned to the small villa. The two of them discussed for a while before uncle Liu went back. Nalan Chunbo carried the bucket back to the villa.

‘Wen Shan was leaning against the door frame waiting for Nalan Chunbo to come back. After hearing the sound, she quickly tuned around and ran upstairs.

‘When Nalan Chunbo came in, he only saw Wen Shan rushing upstairs. He shook his head helplessly and placed the bucket in his hand at the door. "Little aunt, have you eaten?"

Bai Ying had an indescribable expression on her face when she saw what had just happened. "Yes, have you gone out to have fun with the little girl?"

She could feel that the Wen Shan today was completely different from the little girl who came in yesterday.

She was a little girl who was easily satisfied.

Nalan Chunbo looked up at the upstairs. She should be happy now. At least she was no longer depressed.

"I think so,"Nalan Chunbo said. He looked at the time and took out his phone to call ye Yuwei. He asked her when she would come over.

At this moment, ye Yuwei was in the living room looking at her daughter who was playing crazily. It was half past nine and the little girl still did not look like she was sleeping.

"The day after tomorrow. Gu Juexi still has two international meetings to attend in the next two days. After he is done, we will go over the day after tomorrow."Ye Yuwei leaned against the sofa and looked at her daughter who was riding a small car, she did not know who gave her the energy to do so. "How

is Shanshan? Did she see you?"

"Yes, I took her out to sea today. She feels much better now. Ding JUNQI was right. It is better to be with her than to always think for her."

"That is because Shanshan has a good temper and she really cares about you,"ye Yuwei said as she looked at Gu Juexi who was coming down the stairs, "But I also agree with Ding Jungi’s words. Look at him. Le Tian doesn’t even care about him and he is always sticking to you. You shouldn’t have acted like

that before. Otherwise, this matter wouldn’t have dragged on for so long."

Thinking of Ding jungi, Nalan Chunbo reached out and pinched the tip of his nose. He was not as thick-skinned as Ding junqi.

"Oh right, I have told Gu Juexi about the helicopter. He said that someone will contact you tomorrow. When the time comes, you can just tell him what you want to do,"ye Yuwei suddenly thought of it and told Nalan Chunbo, "Why do you need a helicopter to propose? I am curious. Did you fly into the sky

when you got married?"

Nalan Chunbo chuckled and did not answer her question. As for the wedding, he had his own considerations. "You can tell aunt about it. I will go up and see Shanshan."Nalan Chunbo handed the phone to Bai Ying, then, he got up and went upstairs.

"Mom, "ye Yuwei called out softly.

Bai Ying answered, "Why did Gu Juexi come?"

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