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Chapter: 2172

recognize yourself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Yuwei was still arranging her work for the next day. When she heard Xiao Yaojing’s words, she put down the document in her hand and said, "Perhaps you have never liked brother Lu because he is handsome."

Xiao Yaojing could not get enough of her child. Her fair and tender little face was too cute.

"Then Gu Juexi is also handsome,"Xiao Yaojing thought. "That’s not right. He is scum."

Ye Yuwei:

Was this a personal attack?

"Lam indeed a vulgar woman, "Xiao Yaojing concluded. It was because Lu Qichuan was too handsome that she had liked Lu Qichuan for so many years.

Ye Yuwei cupped her chin and thought about Xiao Yaojing’s words, "Yaojing, I think you don’t like brother Lu at all. Your first impression of brother Lu is that he likes me. He is the kind of person who gives his all silently. Saying that he likes me may just be a kind of –"

"Do you like his infatuated look?"Xiao Yaojing continued what ye Yuwei did not know how to express. It seemed like the first time she heard about Lu Qichuan was because of ye Yuwei, moreover, she also knew how good Lu Qichuan was to ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei did not refute her words.

"So, I don’t think I have ever liked him,"Xiao Yaojing said as she touched her son’s little face. She had seen pictures of Wen Tao when he was a baby, so now she completely believed her mother-in-law’s words, this kid was a copy of Wen Tao when he was a child.

"It’s not that you don’t like him, it’s that you really have never liked brother Lu. When you met Pa Wen, you used your instincts on him, but in front of brother Lu, you were like a little white rabbit. Do you think that you would suppress your emotions in front of the person you like?"Ye Yuwei opened her

mouth to remind Xiao Yaojing, "Aren’t you going to die of exhaustion?"

"That’s true."Xiao Yaojing thought back to the time when she met Wen Tao. The war had been raging, and of course, Wen Tao had always been the victim.

"But, why did you suddenly think of this? Why do you suddenly feel that Pa Wen is so good that you have doubts about your past?"Ye Yuwei asked with a smile.

The little guy was still asleep. In order not to wake him up and make him cry, Xiao Yaojing finally let go of her son’s little face and lay down on the bed to look at the ceiling.

"Sometimes i even feel that Wen Tao won’t get angry at all."

"That’s because you have never seen Pa Wen get angry. In fact, when he gets angry, he might not be any better than Gu Juexi,"ye yuwei sighed and said, "So, are you here to give me dog food today?"

"Haha, I realized it already. I suddenly realized that I might love him more than I thought,"Xiao Yaojing said seriously.

"What’s the point of telling me that? Tell it to your man."Ye Yuwei was genuinely happy for Pa Wen. This relationship seemed to have been initiated by Pa Wen, but it was actually not one-way.

"That won’t do. What if he is proud of himself? What if he doesn’t treat me well?"Xiao Yaojing scoffed.

Wen Tao quietly left the room and carefully closed the door.

However, only he knew the joy at this moment.

He had never been an emotional person, and he never asked Xiao Yaojing whether she loved him or not. He always thought that as long as he treated her well, it would be fine.

But now, Wen Tao had to admit that he longed for Xiao Yaojing’s response, not only in actions, but also in words.

Hearing animals, besides women, there were also men…

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