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Chapter: 2175

A Proposal of love

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

So, what was he doing?

It felt like Nalan Chunbo was planning to propose, but looking at the fishermen, it seemed like he was preparing a show for them.

So, Wen Shan stood there and didn’t dare to move forward. She was afraid that she would misunderstand.

Nalan Chunbo was still playing the piano. Wen Shan just stood there and watched his back. At that time, she sang that confession balloon for him, as if it was just yesterday.

What about today?

"Shan Shan, come here."

Nalan Chunbo opened his mouth, and the sound of the piano collided with the melody he was playing.

‘Wen Shan instinctively walked over slowly and stopped by his piano. She looked at his slender fingers on the black and white keys. When he held her hands, they were always warm.

"Aren’t you going to sing for everyone?"Nalan Chunbo couldn’t help but remind Wen Shan when he saw that she wasn’t at home.

‘Wen Shan let out an "AH"and suddenly thought of something. She seemed to have promised him when she first came here.

So, she was indeed thinking too much.

"OH."Wen Shan put away her emotions that she shouldn’t have. Her brain was a little confused. What did the lyrics come from?

"Coffee on the left bank of the Seine river

Til have a cup of your beauty

Nalan Chunbo opened his mouth. His pleasant voice was accompanied by the melodious music of the zither.

It was Wen Shan’s first time hearing Nalan Chunbo sing. She had always thought that Nalan Chunbo’s temperament was especially suitable for singing that kind of ancient tune. However, director Zhou’s confession balloon, he sang it better than her.

"Confession balloon, the wind blows across the street

Asmile flies in the sky

You said you were a little hard to chase

You wanted me to know the difficulty and retreat

The helicopter streaked across the sky, and the balloons that filled the sky were released from the helicopter.

Wen Shan raised her head, and the colorful balloons reflected the sea and the neon lights.

On the beach, there were children running up and down to chase the balloons that fell down.

"Having you means having the whole world

Darling, falling in love with you, from that day on

It was so sweet and easy

A heart-shaped balloon made of 521 balloons was thrown down, becoming the most dazzling existence in the night sky.

A balloon landed in Wen Shan’s hand, and she instinctively raised her right hand to catch it.

The music stopped abruptly, and the fishermen in front of the bonfire looked at the two people with smiles.

Nalan Chunbo stood up. Wen Shan moved her lips, but she could only look at Nalan Chunbo, forgetting to react.

Nalan Chunbo reached out and took the balloon from Wen Shan’s hand. Then, he released the balloon and let it fly to another place.

‘Wen Shan subconsciously covered her right arm. Even her smile was a little forced.

"Nalan –"

"Shan Shan, it’s my first time proposing, so I’m nervous too. Don’t interrupt me, okay?"Nalan Chunbo interrupted Wen Shan’s words in a low voice. He knew what she wanted to say.

‘Wen Shan wanted to cry. It was also her first time being proposed to, okay? Wasn’t she nervous?

She wanted to say, since everyone was nervous, then forget it.

Nalan Chunbo held Wen Shan’s hand and looked up at the balloons that were still descending. "If free-falling is the law, I think you must be my gravity."

‘Wen Shan originally wanted to cry, but when she heard these words, she inexplicably laughed.

Nalan’s father’s Dirty Words?

"No matter how strong the resistance in the air is, I will still fall into your hands."Nalan Chunbo said, still looking at Wen Shan, but he reached out to hold a falling balloon..

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