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Chapter: 2242

nothing can be trusted

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It’s also a little… romantic.

Le Tian’s temper had really gone down a little.

"Tjust don’t understand why you’ve always disagreed with it."Ding jungi sounded a little aggrieved when she said this, "It’s the truth that you’re Yue Cassock’’s mother. Whether you admit it or not, it’s the truth. I’m even afraid that the person you don’t want to admit isn’t Yue cassock, it’s me."

Le Tian:"…"

Mr. Best Actor, you’ve told the truth.

"I just feel that there’s no need for everyone to know about the relationship between the two of them."

"Then I’m the person everyone knows."Ding junqi was very helpless.

Le Tian wanted to say something else, but she was instantly stopped.

After Ding Jungi said this, the car quieted down.

‘The car drove a certain distance away. Le Tian really didn’t like this kind of atmosphere, so she could only open her mouth and find a topic to talk about. "I’m now sure that your grandmother is by Fei Linna’s side because she didn’t refute me when I said it today."

Ding Jungi wasn’t in a good mood at the mention of this matter.

If this matter really had something to do with Fei Lina, then he thought that he would really be very disappointed.

"When I first debuted, my father said that I couldn’t use a single cent of my family’s money. At that time, resources weren’t easy to wait for, and Yu Dong still had a few artistes with better traffic. My first movie was funded by Fei Linna, and she specifically asked me to act as the male lead,"Ding Jungi said

ina deep voice, "Later on, I got up because of that TV series, The resources later on were much better, but most of them were funded by her."

"Oh, it’s so obvious that you can’t tell that she likes you?"Le Tian rolled her eyes.

"At that time, she really didn’t say anything, so I’ve always treated her as a friend."Ding Jung’s voice became lower and lower, "If she really has such thoughts, I think that she really has no way of being a friend."

Le Tian still wanted to say something, but looking at Ding Junqi’s appearance, she only reached out and patted her arm as a form of consolation.

"Sigh, that’s it?"Ding junqi said unhappily.

Le Tian:

‘What else did she want?

"already trusted you unconditionally, and you’re just going to comfort me like this?"Ding jungi said unhappily, sounding a little childish.

Le Tian suddenly felt a toothache. was this man still pretending to be obedient after taking advantage of her?

"You’d better think about how to solve FEI Linna’s matter. It’s not uncommon for women to hate each other because of love. History is a painful lesson."Le Tian sneered.

Ding jungi also knew that this matter had to be solved quickly. If it really was Fei Linna, he wouldn’t be lenient either.

Meanwhile, Fei Linna, who had just returned home, was currently angry. was Le Tian actually calling her over today to humiliate her?

Old Madam Ding looked at the angry Fei Lina with disdain in her eyes. "A woman who isn’t even married has already defeated you?"

Fei Linna turned around and glared fiercely at Old Madam Ding. "Who said that I was defeated? This matter hasn’t reached the end yet."

Old Madam Ding looked at Fei Linna with satisfaction. She needed such a woman. Le Tian really wasn’t worthy of her grandson.

Old Madam Ding took out a flash drive and handed it to Fei Linna. "You can take this out. As long as you send this out, I don’t believe that Ding Jungi won’t come and beg you. You can do whatever you want then."

Fei Linna looked at the flash drive in her hand curiously. "That’s your biological grandson."

Old Madam Ding sneered. "In this world, apart from money, nothing can be trusted. What I want is the position of the old madam of the Ding family, and what you want is the position of the young mistress of the Ding family. We’re just taking what we want."

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