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Chapter: 2243


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fei Linna narrowed her eyes at Old Madam Ding and then looked at the flash drive in her hand. This old thing was even more vicious than she had imagined.

‘When Ding Jungi and Le Tian returned, Ding Yue had already gone to bed with his grandmother. The house was quiet, so they walked back to the bedroom quietly.

After closing the door, Ding Junqi immediately hugged her. "We’ve agreed to have a good talk before getting angry in the future."

Le Tian did not answer his question. "The problem is you. You Don’t want to think about others before you do anything."

"Then this time –"

"Tl ask you if you’re comfortable this time. Are you comfortable with me seeing Fei Linna in private?"Le Tian tured his head and pushed Ding junqi away. He looked at him seriously and asked.


Comfortable with what?

He was about to explode from anger when he found out that Le Tian had gone to see Fei Linna on his own.

Very good. He had no way to refute the reason le Tian gave him this time.

"I think it’s better to find your grandmother as soon as possible,"Le Tian said. "Otherwise, I’m afraid that if she works with Fei Linna, she will release some unfavorable news. Your father will not be able to take this blow."

This was also what Ding Junqi was thinking, but he had been searching for her. If he was sure that she was with Fei Linna now, he felt that it was necessary for him to go and look for Fei Linna.

"I’m going to see Fei Linna tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?"Ding juni asked.

"Tm not going. If I go, she won’t say some things. Anyway, as long as you’re sure that you’re not interested in her, it’s fine."Le Tian said and put his arm around Ding Junqj’s neck. "Don’t tell me you’re going to betray her at the last minute?"

"How is that possible?"Ding jungi said hurriedly. "If I’m really interested in her, do you think there’s anything else you can do?"

That seemed to be the case, so she could be at ease.

‘The two of them opened their minds, but there weren’t that many questions.

Although there were still questions, they had at least found a point, which was that no one could get angry first. If there were questions, they could speak slowly.

At 10:30, a thunder cut through the night sky of B City.

Xixi decisively climbed onto her daddy and Mommy’s bed. She was afraid.

Gu Xicheng looked down on his sister. Didn’t he still have her? What was there to be afraid of?

Xixi hid in Gu Juexi’s arms. Her little body was still trembling.

Gu Juexi kissed the little girl’s head and asked ye Yuwei to close the curtains.

Ye Yuwei:"…"

‘Well done, Gu. You Dare to make me do things for your girl?

Gu Xicheng ran to the window and closed the curtains so that his sister would not be afraid.

Ye Yuwei waved her son over to her side and then hugged her son to sleep. She ignored the father and son who were still talking over there.

"Mommy, Don’t sleep. Xixi will be afraid,"xixi whispered as she hid in Gu Juexi’s arms.

Ye Yuwei hugged her son and turned her back to them. "You won’t be afraid if your daddy carries you."

"But I want Mommy to watch too,"Xixi said seriously.

‘this little girl".

Ye Yuwei turned around and looked at her daughter who was lying in her Daddy’s arms and blinking her big eyes. "It’s late. Can you go to sleep?"

Xixi stretched out her small hand and pulled gu Xicheng to the middle. She and her brother lay in the middle and looked at her daddy and Mommy lying beside them. She was satisfied.

"Mommy tells stories, "Xixi said energetically.

She had done two big mergers today. She really did not have the energy to tell her daughter stories now.

"Gu Xixi, it’s bedtime now. You should go to sleep, "ye Yuwei said and closed her eyes.

"Mommy, do you only like brother and not me?"Xixi suddenly asked..

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