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Chapter: 2245

why didn t he go to Heaven early in the morning

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Let me tell you, a loving mother is a waste of a son. You will destroy him sooner or later,"gu juexi sneered.

Ye Yuwei snorted and hugged her son to sleep. "My son will be better than you in the future."

"That’s right."Gu Xicheng glanced at Gu Juexi and turned around to give him a spanking. He hugged his mother’s soft body to sleep.

Gu juexi gasped and wanted to kick this kid out.

Although ye Yuwei felt that Gu Juexi’s theory was unreasonable, she could not think of any other reason that a mother would treat her son like this.

Ye Yuwei waited until the two children were completely asleep before she said, "If that’s really the case, then it’s too ridiculous. A husband hates his own son because he likes his own son. What kind of logic is that?"

"Itis as if I don’t like your son either,"Gu Juexi said bluntly.

"This is your own son,"ye Yuwei reminded him through gritted teeth.

"It will belong to someone else sooner or later,"gu juexi said calmly.

Ye Yuwei:

What a Heartbreaker!

"But don’t worry. Although I don’t like this kid, he is still my son. Seeing that he is still capable, I can raise him until he is eighteen,"Gu Juexi said as he reached out to pat his son’s little head, his actions and tone were completely different.

Gu Xicheng had always been Gu Juexi’s pride. If ye Yuwei did not know this, she would have been angered to death by Gu Juexi.

"So what if I tell the truth?"Ye Yuwei said in disdain. "You dare to say that your son is not good?"

"It is not good to be too proud,"Gu Juexi said plainly. "And he doesn’t need my praise."

What he needed was to surpass Gu Juexi. He needed to be able to say to him one day as a father, "You did well, at least better than me!"!

But Not Now!

Ye Yuwei did not understand the father and son, nor did she want to understand. With this time, she might as well sleep.

"Maybe we won’t be able to raise him until he is eighteen,"Gu Juexi suddenly said.

Ye Yuwei had wanted to sleep, but when she heard Gu Juexi’s words, she suddenly opened her eyes. "What do you mean?"

Chu Ningyi had taken a liking to his son. How could he wait until his son was eighteen?

"It’s nothing. Go to sleep,"gu juexi said and closed his eyes to sleep.

‘As for Gu Xicheng’s future, after he was ten years old, he would let gu Xicheng make his own decisions. Before he was ten years old, it was impossible for Chu Ningyi to take his son away.

Ye Yuwei felt uneasy but gu juexi had already fallen asleep and did not give her any explanation.

At daybreak, the vibration of the phone woke up the person who was still sleeping.

Ding jungi got up, grabbed their phones and silenced them. He then lay down to regain his senses.

Qian Yikun had always woken up early. When he heard the notification tone on his phone, he came out and silenced the phone on the table.

Mo Fei pulled over the blanket and covered her head. "Why is the phone on? I’m so Sleepy."

Qian Yikun brushed his teeth as he sat by the bed and reached out to touch Mo Fei’s head. "You’ve been sleeping for three days in a row, and you’re still sleepy?"

"Why don’t you go for a run in Africa? Go away, I’m Sleepy,"Mo Fei said in disgust. She covered her head with the blanket and continued to sleep.

Qian Yikun stopped brushing his teeth. He got up and continued to brush his teeth. Before he left, he said that she deserved it. Who asked her to go?

Moreover, he saw that she was very energetic when she taught Black Panther a lesson the day she came back.

After Qian Yikun washed up and came out, Mo Fei sat up and closed her eyes. "I want to eat pickled fish,"Mo Fei said and lay down again.

"Why aren’t you in the sky in the morning?"Qian Yikun said. He changed his clothes and went out to prepare breakfast for her..

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