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Chapter: 76

Cluupyte and Pycleia’s tails wagged. Eyes wide, they stared excitedly at Charlie.

"So, what happened next?" Cluupyte asked energetically as her eyes widened. The Chiefess sat behind them. She kept her composure, yet from her tail Charlie could see she was also excited by the story. Frowning, Charlie stared at them. He liked the story, but it seemed that these two loved it.

Glancing behind them to Ases and Nolkonoe, he saw they were taking in what he had just said and how it related to the value of the badge overall. But on the other hand, it seemed these two were far more infatuated with the story over its purpose. Pointing to the sign of the soldier on the badge, Charlie continued.

"Those deemed worthy can break this, in turn you shall summon the Vanguard to their side," Charlie finished. Within seconds, the two women had ripped the badge from his hands. Growling, the two began to bicker and argue.

"You say only the worthy?" Cluupyte said, turning up her nose as she straightened her back.

"Yes..." Charlie muttered, seeing where this was going. Turning to each other, the two women glared.

Getting onto all fours, Cluupyte wrapped the badge in her tail before turning and sprinting. Snarling, Pycleia began to sprint after her. Watching as the two women barked out of the room and began to fight as they migrated violently from the bedroom to the outside of the hut.

"Should we stop them?" Charlie questioned, turning and looking at the other three.

Blinking, Charlie rallied the Chiefess was also gone. Looking back to the bedroom, he saw the Chiefess leaping off the wall and charging after the two women.

"Don’t worry, they will most likely start fighting more than anything else," Nolkonoe reassured.

Moving to his side, Nolkonoe placed a hand onto his head.

"That was a nice little story," she said as she ruffled his hair.

"It’s not just a story, its true," Charlie muttered, a little annoyed by Nolkonoe treating him like a child. Smiling, she placed a kiss onto the top of his head.

"Sure darling, I believe you," she said, the top of her tail curling slight, a sign that she was lying to him.

"I’m meant to believe that you are five hundred years old, and that thing I saw was a goddess and not just a drug trip, yet you can’t believe in a god giving his blessing to some soldiers?" Charlie muttered. A harsh slap to the head silenced him.

"Charlie, here are a few social things I picked up when visiting some of your imperial cities. Never question a woman’s age, and never talk about someone else’s religion," Muttering his annoyance, Charlie turned his mind back to the subject.

"Anyway, are you happy now? Have I convinced you of the value of the badge?" Charlie said, a little irritated still be now more relaxed.

"Anyway, can someone please stop those three before they break something? I still need to talk to them," Charlie said with a sigh. Glancing down towards the Golden badges, he grabbed several and cradled them in his arms.

"What do you plan to do with those?" Ases questioned.

"Trust me, you’ll see," Charlie said as he began to walk towards the exist, the two other women in tow. "Let me guess, they are fighting to show off who is worthy of breaking the summoning seal?" Charlie questioned.

"Most likely," Nolkonoe added as they left the room and re-entered the bedroom. The three women battled on and around the bed for the badge.

Off to the side, the four twin tailed wives of the Chiefess all sat, staring on in confusion as their mothers and wife battled over thus fancy piece of gold. Seeing Charlie and the others entre the room, and somewhat excited Felkouyope and Klipesia asked about why their mothers were fighting with their wife.

"So… why are they doing this?" Felkouyope asked, her tails wagging behind her as she stared excitedly at the three.

Sighing, Charlie quickly rattled off the main points of the legend. There was now a distinct sound of thudding as Felkouyope and Klipesia excitedly stared at the badge. Before they could jump into the fray, Charlie lifted his fingers to his lips. Whistling, he caught the attention of the wolves. Lifting two of the golden badges, he waved them around until he noticed the eyes of the two young women following his hand.

Throwing the badges, the two women leapt forward to try and break their own badge and prove their strength. Taking another two, he threw them out to the two clan leaders who also quickly began to attack their badges. For a moment Charlie simply stared, doing his best to not prod fun at the puppy-like behaviour of the women.

"So anyway, what do you plan to do now?" Nolkonoe said, wanting to remove herself from the childish behaviour of the leader, clan leaders, and two twin tails of the tribe.

"I heavily suggest moving to go to the fifth Region. There we can gather supplies as well as try to figure out where the Region Lords reinforcements are coming from," Charlie suggest, also thinking it was best to leave these wolves to their own devises. Even if they did break the seals, it was just on old legend, it wasn’t like breaking the seals would actually do anything.

"Urr, sorry, your majesty," Charlie called over to the Chiefess as she bit and punched at the blue seal of the badge. Lifting her head, she stared at him for a moment.

"He wishes to take a small army as well some vultures to go to the fifth Region to buy goods. I will personally guard him along the way," Nolkonoe said, adding the becoming his person guard bit at the end as she noticed the hairs on the Chiefess’s tail begin to stand on end.

Frowning, she tucked the badge into her leather pouch. Staring at Charlie, she moved on all fours until she was just in front of him. Being elevated on the bed, her eyes were on the same level as his. Moving her face closer to his, she frowned.

"If you go, then spend day in bed?" she asked, taking small peaks at her translation book as they spoke.

Secretly, she had been teaching herself roughly were certain words were located in the book. Down to almost a new sense, she knew where too look for the right words. Ironically, she didn’t think to memorise the words themselves, just where they were and the rough shape of what they looked like on the page, so it was easier for her to find them.

The Chiefess’s glare intensified as Charlie began to theorise ways around being fucked to near death again by her. Snarling, the Chiefess bore her teeth at Charlie.

"Yes… a long day in bed…" he muttered, knowing it was best to get the main objective out of the way instead of wasting any more time here.

"Leave but return soon. If harmed, tell," the Chiefess placed a hand against her chest, "I skin any who touch," she said with an over joyous smile. Nodding, Charlie gave an awkward smile to her.

"I’m sure everything will be fine," he said before attempting to turn to Nolkonoe. Arms wrapped around his waist.

"I love you," the Chiefess muttered into his ear. Glancing over his shoulder, he looked to the Chiefess.

"Love you too," he said with a smile. Seemingly satisfied, the Chiefess bombarded him with kisses before finally releasing him.

"I escort to gate, have army ready if you attacked!" the Chiefess said in a proud tone. Sighing, Charlie began to move to the door.

"Fine, but I want to at least get everything gathered today, so can we please start!" Charlie’s tone was sharp, as if ready to break into a fit of anger at the slightest extra pressure. The women had long stopped their battling and simply stared over to him. It was time for them to start their journey to the fifth Region.

The next day.

Large, empty boxes sat on the back of the Desert Claimer. Silently, Charlie stared at the beast. Was this a good idea? How was the other town going to react to a beast like this showing up? Young Vulture women all began to climb onto the creatures back. These were the women he was going to have to train into somewhat decent merchants.

"You have everything you need?" Nolkonoe said from behind him. Glancing over his shoulder to her, he smiled.

"Yeah, the golden badge will allow even the tightest of security for us to pass without question. Or at least hopefully…" Charlie said, muttering the last part to himself.

"You reek of fear," Nolkonoe pointed out as she crossed her arms and stared towards the Desert Claimer.

"I think they may start asking questions about where I got the badge," Charlie tapped his foot as he watched several women of the warrior clan bring over some furs and blocks of salt.

Their disguise was that they were simply going there to sell fur and salt. After all, going to a town to buy guns in mass could be quite worrying for the people of that town, as well as any spices or soldiers working for the Region Lord who may be present. Laughing to himself, Charlie found it amusing how he still thought of that monster as the Region Lord.

He was now nothing more than leach who suckled onto his last parts of power in their region. From now on, he was Mr Green Water. The bastard former lord.

"If you are that worried about them asking questions, you always could…"

"No," Charlie interrupted, following her gaze over to the Chiefess. Standing next to the Desert Claimer, the Chiefess did her best to act as if she was looking over the boxes to make sure they were well secured. Xasuyle and Felkouyope stood off to the side, really paying attention as they argued with their mothers over who was worthy to break the seal on the badges.

"You really don’t think it is a good idea? Having the Chiefess with us will also add credibility to our business. You are a merchant, you should know how great a figure of power having such as her with us will make many merchants there more than happy to trade with us," Nolkonoe explained.

"Yes, I know. We could also say that us going to the town is just an attempt to secure good relations with surrounding regions since we are a new faction… This could also act as a cover for us as we go around buying up weapons and ammunition,"

"See? It is a good idea!" Nolkonoe said, beginning to walk over to the Chiefess to give her the good news. She stopped as a hand grabbed her wrist.

"Yes, it is a good idea, but there is still the problem that she may get angry over how some merchants treat us. Merchants aren’t exactly nice to people especially people who are trying to secretly buy weapons. I fear she may take their attitudes the wrong way and try to skin them," Charlie reasoned. Raising a hand, Nolkonoe slapped Charlie on the head.

"Go tell your wife that you want to spend time with her and that you also need her help," Nolkonoe said with a scowl as she gave Charlie a push towards the Chiefess. Swiftly turning her eyes away from Charlie, the Chiefess tried to act as if she hadn’t just been staring mindlessly at Charlie for the past thirty minutes.

Walking to her side, Charlie stared up at her with large eyes.

"Hello," he muttered, turning away to avoid her seeing the embarrassment on his face.

"Hello?" she asked, making her tone as noble as possible as she flicked out her translation book from her bag.

"Would you… would you like to go on a date with me?" Charlie muttered quietly. Nolkonoe slammed her head against her hand. Fucking idiot! She hadn’t said to do that! The Chiefess’s tail began to wag as she stared down into his eyes. What had he just said? Checking the translation book, she carefully translated his words several times over. Holy shit! He had just asked her on a… date? What was that?

"Date?" the Chiefess asked, her tone presenting her confusion to him.

"Yeah, like err… spending time with each other because we really like each other…" Charlie muttered, keeping his eyes down as he felt the eyes of the other women locking onto him. Taking in a deep breath, the Chiefess nodded.

"Etasose, call Etasose. It shows love, yes? Saying first name?" the Chiefess said, moving closer to him to allow her tail to wrap around his body.

"Yes, E… Etasose Charlie muttered with a blush," Smiling, Etasose placed her arms around him.

"Good, now go, to town and trade," with those few words, the group finished their packing before getting upon the Desert Claimer and leaving the village.

For a couple hours they rode in relative silence. Charlie and the Chiefess sat towards the front of the Desert Claimer so that they could show the badge and state their business early on. Towards the back of the Desert Claimer sat Nolkonoe and her Vultures as well as Ourupadia. Sandwiched in between the two groups was about fifty warriors to keep them safe.

Each woman had used magic to hide their wolf ears and tails. Tension hung over the group like a guillotine. One wrong move, and Mr Green Water may become aware of their purpose for visiting the fifth region. A few wrong words to the wrong person could also spark conflict within the city, potentially making enemies out of these potential allies.

Possibilities and outcomes rattled around Charlie’s mind as they rode. This wasn’t going to be fun.

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