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Chapter: 35.1

In the end, Lu Xiao’s small note didn’t reach Ye Cheng’s hand, because Xu Chao came down to inspect soon.

After self-study, Jiang Jin was severely beaten.

The grading of the mock exam is not as strict as the formal exam, and the teachers quickly marked it.

Lu Xiao got an A in his own test with great anticipation, but when the mock test results came out, the results were far beyond expectations.

——There are actually two A’s!

With an excited heart, he pulled out a piece of paper folded in half from the dictionary with trembling hands, and opened it carefully.

Since seeing Ye Cheng was flipping through the English dictionary every day, everyone in the class followed suit and bought a copy.

‌Although this book is still brand new, opening it occasionally will really help to accumulate vocabulary.

Lu Xiao spread out the piece of paper and placed it on the table. At the top of the page were three big characters "Contract‌".

Party A: Ye Cheng

Party B: Lu Xiao

Party A and Party B sign this contract voluntarily on the premise of abiding by the school rules and disciplines based on the principle of mutual benefit.

Effective from the date of signing, until both parties enter the university or terminate or renew the contract.

At the current stage, Party B requires: (1) Two A’s in the two mock exams; (2) Three A’s in the exam; (3) The total score of Senior Three should be ranked in the top 200 of the stable grade; ( 4) Smoking and drinking are prohibited (licensed); (5) Fighting and fighting are prohibited; (6) Unless accompanied by Party A, it is forbidden to enter or leave the bar or entertainment venue without permission.

At this stage, Party A requires: (1) Responsible for learning and answering all questions of Party B in learning, without being impatient or perfunctory; (2) Not abusing or attacking Party B personally, such as "the English words are as good as my preschool level"; (3) Party B should be given appropriate rewards every time Party B makes progress (negotiable); (4) Unless accompanied by Party B, it is forbidden to enter or leave the bar without permission.

At the bottom are the signatures of "Ye Cheng" and "Lu Xiao" as well as red handprints.Obviously, the unreasonable request of Party A was forcibly added by Lu Xiao after the comparison.

On the first item, he made a check.

Completely accomplished!

So, what reward should Ye Cheng give?

Buy a week’s breakfast for free? Hey, hey, then, he would look like a little girl who brings him breakfast every day.

Not bad, not annoying, but also more face-saving.

When it comes to chasing people, Lu Xiao has a serious knowledge blind spot.

He only knows that from childhood to adulthood, those girls that chase other people have always delivered breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various gadgets.

In addition to the performance requirements, the contract also has bonus points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Therefore, in order to quit smoking faster, Lu Xiao specially bought electronic cigarettes and candies.

Jiang Jin asked him to go to the settlement to smoke together, and he took the electronic cigarette with him.

After the two walked to the aisle, they realized that the door was locked.

They haven’t been here for a while, and they don’t know when it was locked.

However, Building 2 was locked, but there was still Building 1.

‌ While talking, they walked through the corridor and went straight to the settlement of Building 1.

As soon as they reached the corner of the stairs, they heard voices coming from inside.

"Damn it, even that group of scumbags in class 20 can make it to the front of the ranks even if they only get an average score?"

"No, Lao Guo was still on fire in the class this morning, saying that our class was overtaken, and he scolded everyone."

"Hmph, of course, it’s because of that Ye Cheng."

The last person’s voice belongs to Zhou Kai.

Lu Xiao and Jiang Jin stopped at the same time, standing around the corner without moving.

Zhou Kai took a sip and scolded: ""That pretentious goods can just die. They said that this mock test was produced by him, and they said that the second rank in the whole grade can even barely pass?"

"Damn it, is it true or false? When the mock exam was released, who said that?"

"Impossible, I’m not a teacher."

Zhou Kai said angrily: "I saw it in person at Teacher Guo’s door, and it was said by a sub-subject teacher. This son of a bitch must have given the class the question. A class at the bottom can do so well in the exam, so who doesn’t laugh when it comes out. He didn’t even take the exam this time. "

Lu Xiao’s fists were slowly clenched, the joints made creaking noises, and blue veins burst out on his forehead.

Zhou Kai continued: "What’s even more funny is that the surnamed Lu actually got two A’s in the test, and it has long been rumored that the two have a relationship…"

Halfway through speaking, a person rushed out of the corner.

Before he could react, he was caught by a hand around his neck and slammed against the wall.

Lu Xiao lifted the whole person off the ground.

All the weight was concentrated on that strong hand, and his eyes almost rolled at the back of his head.

The other two were dumbfounded and stood there.

One of them stammered and shouted, "First brother…"

Lu Xiao grabbed Zhou Kai’s neck with one hand, stared at his flushed face, and mocked, "Go on, why don’t you continue?"

His expression was terrifyingly cold, and the other two were shivering.

Zhou Kai’s face was flushed from being pinched, and he couldn’t breathe. He struggled to grab his hand: "Brother… I, I was wrong… Cough, I can’t afford it…"

He was speaking intermittently completely out of breath.

Jiang Jin sneered and said, "Zhou Kai, Zhou Kai, you really can’t shed tears without seeing the coffin, so how can you cover it with Lao Qi?"

Zhou Kai inhaled desperately, feeling that he was about to suffocate.

Just when it was about to be unfortunate, Lu Xiao suddenly let go and he fell to the ground with a bang.

Lu Xiao turned his head and looked at the other two with a gloomy expression: "If you don’t want to die, just get out of my way."

The two of them glanced at each other and hurriedly ran away.

Lu Xiao raised his chin and gestured with his eyes.

Jiang Jin understood, turned around and left.

"Cough cough cough… cough cough…" Zhou Kai fell to the ground and coughed continuously, tears and snot on his face, and begged fearfully, "Brother, please let me go. Damn it, I shouldn’t have talked behind your back."

Lu Xiao gave him a condescending look: "If you say the word ‘Ye Cheng’ again in the future, then pack it up for me and get out of No. 13 High School."

"I don’t dare! I absolutely don’t dare!" Zhou Kai couldn’t help but shivered, stretched out his hand and grabbed the leg of his trousers and cried, "Can I go? Brother…"

"You can’t." Lu Xiao’s lips moved, his eyes filled with coldness, "Stay."

He didn’t let Zhou Kai go, and didn’t say what he wanted to do.

Zhou Kai was tormented in his heart. He wished he could go back in time to five minutes ago and stuff his mouths to shut him up.

Lu Xiao did not allow him to leave, so he did not dare to leave, he could only stay on the ground.

The class bell rang, but Lu Xiao still didn’t want to let him go.

Zhou Kai was about to cry. The long-term psychological torture was more uncomfortable than a beating.

Just when he couldn’t stand it anymore, Jiang Jin hurried over, carrying two plastic bags in his hands.

Seeing that he was coming, Lu Xiao nodded.

When Jiang Jin took out the contents of the bag, Zhou Kai was dumbfounded.

Inside are four boxes of durian and four boxes of stinky tofu.

This is… are you planning to have a picnic here?

Lu Xiao crossed his arms and looked at him and said, "Since your mouth is so stinky, let’s make it a little more stinker."

He‌ pointed to the pile of things, with a very unreasonable tone: "eat them all for me, not a single drop is allowed to be left."

Zhou Kai, like being struck by lightning, opened his mouth wide, unable to speak."If you let him eat himself he won’t understand, why don’t I feed him myself?" Jiang Jin gave him a slap on the forehead.

Zhou Kai endured the nausea and opened the lid. Just smelling the durian made him feel sick, let alone eat four boxes.

Jiang Jin said with a smile, "Eat quickly, don’t waste food, it costs me hundreds."With tears in his eyes, Zhou Kai stuffed durian into his mouth while sobbing and vomiting.

Lu Xiao looked at him with an unpleasant expression. If it was in the past, he might have been beaten and the whole thing would have ended. He wouldn’t really use this method.

But the moment he heard him slander Ye Cheng’s just now, the whole person was going crazy.

No one, not even Heavenly King Lao Tzu, can say anything bad about this person in front of him.

Otherwise, he will not be able to control his madness.

This is also something that was never expected, and it was done without even thinking about it.——It turns out that he already cares so much about it.

When Zhou Kai ate the third box, he was retching with tears, and his whole head was dizzy, like a hundred flies were circling around.

Lu Xiao calmed down a little with the mint-flavored quit smoking candy.

"How stinky." Jiang Jin pinched his nose and asked for candy.

When Zhou Kai took his last bite, he couldn’t stop leaning against the wall and wanted to vomit, holding his stomach in tears, as if he had collapsed.

Lu Xiao put the box of smoking cessation candies in his pocket, and said, "If the matter about this mock test gets out, I’ll kill you."

It doesn’t sound like he is joking.

Zhou Kai hurriedly said: "I won’t say it again! Hiccup… I, I will tell you about those two people. First brother, trust me! I swear!"

‌ Standing unsteady, his calf trembled desperately.

Lu Xiao gave a gloomy look, and then let him go back to class.

‌After Zhou Kai left, Jiang Jin scratched his head and asked curiously, "Brother Xiao, did Brother Cheng really produce the test paper this time? ‌He is really calm, and has never passed any question bank in the class. "

Only those in class 20 knew that Ye Cheng had never given a " test".

Every bit of progress they made was due to the recent change in the overall atmosphere.

Lu Xiao was silent for a while, without answering, and walked away chewing the smoking cessation candy.

Jiang Jin followed suspiciously, and his intuition told him that Lu Xiao didn’t seem to be very happy.

After returning to class, Jiang Jin received a WeChat message from Tan Xiaoqi.

What she is referring to is a link: Winter bachelor party, jointly organized by five high schools on Shanhai Road, specially prepared for singles.Slogan: Do you want to show your affection in front of your friends and make them jealous? Do you want to enjoy unbridled youth without regrets? At 8:00 p.m. on November 30, the party hall of No. 3 Shanhai Road.

Jiang Jin: […? Little sister, what do you mean? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [‌ Aren’t you heart broken? Why don’t you try your luck. If you don’t want to look for a girlfriend, you can have a drink together. 】

Jiang Jin: [‌ also going?Don’t you have a boyfriend yet? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [My boyfriend is going too, is there any problem? I gave it to everyone in our class. 】

He typed the words " Brilliant", and before he could send it, he saw the message above from Ye Cheng’s message.

Restrain: [What’s wrong with Lu Xiao, he feels lethargic. 】

Jiang Jin looked back and saw that Lu Xiao was lying on the table, it didn’t look like he was sleeping.

He briefly said what happened just now, omitting Zhou Kai’s talk about the mock test and Lu Xiao’s experience of forcing stinky tofu and durian.

Sometimes, although he doesn’t know the relationship between Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng, he still knows what can be said and what can’t be said.

This innate desire to survive is like a mother who treats her brother and his brother’s wife.

Jiang Jian was so absurd by this idea. God, mother, brother and wife, if Ye Cheng knew about it, he could wipe their necks on the spot.

The phone vibrated, pulling back his attention.

Restrain: [So it was Zhou Kai who scolded me and then he became unhappy? ‌So kind, why didn’t he fight with Zhou Kai? 】

Jiang Jin typed slightly with a guilty conscience: [Really not, he said that e will stop fighting. 】

Ye Cheng was thoughtful, but he always felt that this was not quite like Lu Xiao.

After class, he went to the back row to take a look, this time Lu Xiao was really asleep, facing the window sideways.

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