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Chapter: 867

Chapter 867 I Saw You Having Sexual Intercourse

"What?" The fairy in yellow asked calmly.

Li Mu stuttered, "I… uh… I mean… I’m trying to say… that… uh… No matter what’s happened between us, I’ll take responsibility."

"What on earth has happened?"

He still felt confused.

"Ha-ha, little boy, do you mean sexual intercourse between a man and a woman?" The fairy in yellow said blandly.

Li Mu nearly freaked out.

"Good heavens! Why is she so straightforward?

"Why are women becoming more and more straightforward about sex?"

"Little boy, you think too much. I’m old enough to be the grandmother of your grandma’s grandma," the fairy in yellow said with a serene look on her face. "I was just trying to save you just now. If you really did something beyond the rules, I would have killed you with a palm strike."

"Ah?" Li Mu nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice with his mouth wide open.

However, he didn’t agree with the fairy in yellow.

After all, they had physical contact with each other.

Perhaps they didn’t have sex, but he clearly remembered the look of shame and despair in her eyes when she was molested by the disciples of the Rain Clan. Although she had lived for several tens of thousands of years, she cherished her pure and noble body as a woman.

"We embraced each other just now. Is that beyond the rules?"

Li Mu bowed to the fairy in yellow seriously and said, "Thank you, senior."

"Senior?" The fairy in yellow glanced at Li Mu and asked, "Am I very old?"

Li Mu was speechless.

The fairy in yellow suddenly felt her emotions stir. She remembered how magnificent and prosperous the immortal palace used to be, but it was as cold as ice now.

An idea occurred to her. She looked at Li Mu and said, "Call me sister."

Li Mu immediately said obediently, "Sister."

The fairy in yellow looked gentler.

She nodded slightly and said in a much gentler tone, "Well, you have just entered the Upper King Realm, so you need to consolidate your accomplishment, adapt to your new power, and feel the wonders of the Upper King Realm. Just stay here to do that. I’m going to pluck an immortal peach to secure your footing in the new realm."

With that, she turned around and left.

Li Mu stood rooted to the spot, not knowing how to express his feelings.

He was sincerely willing to address the fairy in yellow as his sister just now.

Although she didn’t say much about it, he knew very well that people would reap what they sowed. She didn’t kill him because he had rescued her and the other divine jade fairies from the disciples of the Rain Clan and then risked his life to help them while those disciples of the Wind Clan were trying to hunt them down.

She must have seen what he had done.

He believed that he would have been dead by now if he hadn’t helped her and the other divine jade fairies at that time, or he had done something dirty like those disciples of the Rain Clan in order to get the divine energy, or he had not used the Scapegoat Doll at the critical moment when the lord of the Wind Clan was chasing him.

Everything was predestined.

"One must be kind."

Li Mu sighed with emotion. He planned to sit down to perceive the wonders of the Upper King Realm and adapt to the new power in his body.

Suddenly, a yellow stream of light flashed in the distance.

The fairy in yellow came back with a sullen look on her face. "Call your dog over."


Li Mu was confused.

"Ah, ah, ah? You only knew it, didn’t you?" The fairy in yellow looked quite mad. She said angrily, "Your stupid dog has eaten almost all the immortal peaches in the garden. Go and stop it."

Li Mu was greatly shocked to hear that.

"What the fuck!

"Has that stupid dog sobered up?

"I forgot he was still in the carriage of the bronze chariot.

"What a stupid mistake!

"Given his temperament, he could surely do something like eating all the immortal peaches."

"Stupid dog, get your ass over here!" Li Mu bellowed.

A flash of white light streaked through the air.

"Woof, human pet? Are you alright?" The Husky had moved like a flash of lightning and appeared beside Li Mu in the blink of an eye.

He had completely sobered up, looking full of energy.

Standing on his hind legs and holding a half-eaten immortal peach in his hands, he said with a grin, "I came to see you a few moments ago, but I found the two of you were naked in the water, having sexual intercourse, so I didn’t disturb you…"


Li Mu fell to the ground.

"Sexual intercourse?"

He looked at the fairy in yellow with a guilty conscience.

"Shut up!" The fairy in yellow suddenly looked like a mortal woman who had fallen from the Nine Heaven Gates to the mortal world. She roared, "I’m going to kill you stupid dog today."

The Husky said disdainfully, "You chased me for a long time just now, but you couldn’t catch up with me! Ha-ha-ha-ha, I’m the King of Dogs, and I have opened the two major meridians and awakened my power. Ha-ha-ha, I am invincible now. Woof, ha-ha-ha."

He was showy. He turned his head and jubilantly said to Li Mu, "Human pet, your spring has come. From now on, you will have everything in the world as long as I’m with you. If anyone dares to make trouble for you, I will bite them to death."

Li Mu was rendered speechless.

"You’re just a dog. How could you have the two major meridians?

"Moreover, all ordinary masters of martial arts in the mortal world on Earth can open the two meridians. Why do you have to boast about that?

"Wait a minute. What did he say just now?

"Did he say that the fairy in yellow couldn’t catch up with him?

"It seems that his strength has really increased again. The fairy in yellow moved very fast just now, so even I am no match for her in that respect, though I’ve already entered the Upper King Realm."

"Woof-ha-ha, Li Mu, you have good taste in picking sexual partners, but this woman is a little too fierce. I don’t think you can handle her." The stupid Husky whimpered as he gnawed on the half-eaten peach in his paws. The juice of the peach flowed from the corners of his mouth.

"Li Mu." The fairy in yellow glanced at Li Mu with a murderous look.

Li Mu shuddered, smacked the stupid dog on the head, and said angrily, "Stop talking nonsense! The fairy was just helping me practice martial arts…"

The Husky said with his eyes wide open, "I don’t know much, so don’t lie to me. How can you practice martial arts by copulating?"

The fairy in yellow was on the verge of freaking out.

Li Mu found that things were going the wrong way. He hurriedly took the stupid dog into his arms, pressed the dog against the ground, and said, "What the hell do you know? You know nothing… I can cut off your tongue. She is my sister…"

"Woof? Sister? Li Mu, why won’t you let go of your sister?" The stupid dog’s eyes widened in disbelief. "When did you have such a sister? According to the rules of human beings for mating, it seems that humans are forbidden to mate with their sisters. You are really a bastard… Boohoo."

Li Mu hurriedly covered the stupid dog’s mouth.

"How dare you say that?"

The face of the fairy in yellow had darkened.

"This idiot has a very low IQ and speaks recklessly. My dear sister, please don’t mind." Li Mu hurriedly explained with a flattering smile on his face, but he thought to himself, "I must ask this stupid dog about it later. Have we really… No way."

The fairy in yellow gritted her teeth hard, but when she heard Li Mu calling her "sister", she knew she couldn’t lose her temper.

In the end, she said angrily, "You’d better curb your dog. If he were to say anything inappropriate, I would surely kill and eat him."

With that, she ran away.

She eventually submitted to a dog.

Wearing a sullen look on his face, Li Mu pinched the stupid dog’s face hard, drew his Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword, and pressed it against the dog’s neck. "You stupid dog! I will kill you if you talk about copulating again."

The stupid dog nodded repeatedly.

Li Mu let go of the dog, trying to suppress his anger, saying, "How many peaches have you eaten?"

The stupid dog jumped up and said while panting, "I don’t remember. Anyway, I’ve eaten almost all the peaches in that garden. The peaches are really delicious, and I feel like I’ve eaten similar fruits somewhere before, but they’re too small. I can finish one with only a few bites. I’ve eaten so many of them, but I’m still not full."

Li Mu almost exploded in anger.

"Damn you! Do you know what you’ve eaten?

"How could you feed on immortal peaches?"

He moved the Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword. For a moment, he really wanted to cut the stupid dog’s belly open and take out all the peaches that hadn’t been digested.

"I’ve risked my life to find immortal peaches, but I got only one. This stupid dog has been drunk and sleeping without doing anything ever since we entered the immortal palace, but in the end, he ate so many immortal peaches.

"How ridiculous!"

"Human pet, your idea is very dangerous." The stupid dog stepped back cautiously and said, "It’s just a few peaches."

Before his voice died away…

The fairy in yellow returned. The killing intent in her eyes was almost tangible. She resisted the urge to kill the dog and threw a peach about the size of a child’s fist to Li Mu, saying, "This is the last one. Eat it to consolidate your position in the new realm and then come find me. I have something to tell you."

With that, she left quickly.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would be irritated by the stupid dog’s words and freak out.

Looking at the small peach in his hand, Li Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

"Is this the last immortal peach?

"It looks like it’s not ripe yet.

"So, the stupid dog has eaten up all other peaches in this Immortal Peach Garden."

He ate the peach without hesitation, performed the Xiantian Skill and activated the divine runes of source energy in his body to refine the energy of the peach.

The stupid dog watched on the side and suddenly felt that his stomach was a little bloated. He sat cross-legged next to Li Mu and began to practice.

An hour later.

Li Mu got up.

He had completely absorbed the energy of the second immortal peach and consolidated his position at the elementary level of the Upper King Realm.

He saw the stupid dog sitting cross-legged next to him, but he ignored the dog, changed his clothes, left the ruins of the Dust-cleansing Pavilion, and entered the peach orchard.

Soon, he saw the fairy in yellow.

She was standing under a peach tree, and the other six beauties of divine jade were standing next to her.

With their dresses fluttering in the wind, they looked as if they had come to life.

"Sister." Li Mu greeted the fairy in yellow by sweetly calling her "sister".

The fairy in yellow turned around and nodded with a gentle look on her face. She said, "Here you are. Well, that’s good. Now that you have secured your position in a new realm, I have something to tell you. Listen carefully."

Upon hearing that, Li Mu asked in surprise, "Sister, are you leaving?"

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