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Chapter: 868

The Fake Court

Chapter 868Chapter 868 The Fake Court

Chapter 868 The Fake Court

The fairy in yellow said, "No, you are leaving."

"Ah?" This was probably the word that Li Mu had used most frequently since he met the fairy in yellow.

The fairy in yellow said, "This is a forbidden place for you because you are not a member of the Celestial Court. My bringing you here is against the rules, so you can’t stay here for too long. I have to send you off."

"So, you are a member of the Celestial Court, aren’t you?" Li Mu had many questions in his mind and wanted to know the answers. He smiled sweetly like a blooming chrysanthemum and asked cheekily, "Are you a sleeping god from the past? The people of the Rain Clan and Wind Clan are members of the Celestial Court too. Are they your juniors?"

The fairy in yellow sneered coldly on hearing that. "The people of the Wind Clan and Rain Clan? Do you mean those who have tried to hunt you down? He-he, they’re just minions of the fake court. How dare they represent themselves to be members of the Celestial Court? Are you on their side?"

Li Mu hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, no. I am not the same kind of people as them."

The fairy in yellow said, "That’s good. If you served the fake court, I would never let go of you today, even though you have saved my life. At worst, I can kill you and then kill myself as the price for killing you."

Li Mu broke out in a cold sweat.

"This fairy is good in all aspects, except that she is too cold-blooded and murderous. She doesn’t have the gentle and kind temperament of fairies in the legend. She seems to have a tendency to kill. She must have been a willful killer in the past," he thought to himself.

However, he appreciated that she could discriminate between good and evil.

"Sister, what’s the fake court?" He asked.

The face of the fairy in yellow softened a little, but she said in a tone tinged with hatred, "The people of the Wind Clan and Rain Clan are just shameless minions of the fake court. They have impure bloodlines and improper faith, covet the throne, seek immortality, go against the Divine Way, break their promises, slaughter their seniors, conspire to usurp the throne, and act perfidiously."

She used a series of words to describe those people. That was enough to show her killing intent and hatred.

Li Mu understood something.

He immediately knew that the fairy in yellow was actually a member of the ancient Celestial Court.

According to some ancient legends circulated among immortal sects, there were several divine powers before the Celestial Court, and the closest one amongst them was called the ancient Celestial Court, which was differentiated from the current Celestial Court.

The six divine clans including the Wind Clan and Rain Clan, and the four major clans such as Chunyang Clan were all members of the current Celestial Court. The fairy in yellow had a longer life span than Li Mu had imagined, and she was also older than the people of the Wind Clan and Rain Clan. She was at least several tens of thousands of years old and was a member of the ancient Celestial Court.

Li Mu didn’t know much about how the current Celestial Court overthrew the ancient one back then.

He guessed that there should have been a lot of blood shedding during dynastic changes in history. Now, it seemed that his guess was right.

The ancient Celestial Court and the current one bore deep grudges against each other.

That was something that took place tens of thousands of years ago, but because of the existence of the fairy in yellow, Li Mu suddenly felt the atmosphere of war that came from ancient times.

The descendants of the ancient Celestial Court referred to the current one as the fake court.

The word "fake" revealed their relationship.

Li Mu couldn’t help sighing.

He had tried to guess the origin of the fairy in yellow, but he had never expected her true identity would be even more ancient, mysterious, and unbelievable than he had guessed.

"It turns out that you are a member of the ancient Celestial Court. In this case, your sisters are also fairies of the ancient Celestial Court instead of mere beauties made of divine jade, aren’t they?" He asked with a cheeky smile, trying to solicit some information from her.

The fairy in yellow thought differently of him now, so she said, "The ancient Celestial Court? Are all the descendants now addressing the Great Sun Divine Dynasty this way? My six sisters and I are all officials responsible for protocol and etiquette under the leadership of Emperor Tian Xi of the Great Sun Divine Dynasty. When the fake court rebelled and attacked the imperial palace, we were under orders to prepare magic fruits for Her Grace’s birthday. The heavenly devils stealthily attacked the imperial palace and cast spells on the seven of us. So, we turned into jade and had been trapped in that abandoned orchard for tens of thousands of years. Our bodies did not decay, but we were unable to move. Our cultivation achievement and Divine Consciousness were frozen, and only our normal consciousness existed. So, we’re just like ordinary mortals, and we’re not so-called beauties made of divine jade."

Li Mu gasped when he heard that.

"Their bodies have remained as stiff as jade for tens of thousands of years while they still have clear minds… That’s simply the most dreadful punishment in the world. Just thinking about it would cause one’s hair to stand on end.

"There’s one more thing. Is the ancient Celestial Court actually called the Great Sun Divine Dynasty?

"It seems so… Strangely, this name sounds somewhat familiar to me."

The fairy in yellow said, "This time if it wasn’t for your blood, I wouldn’t be able to break the spells… I want to ask if you’re the descendant of an emperor. Why do you have the power of divine blood in your body?"

Li Mu shook his head several times and said, "That’s strange. I’m not the descendant of an emperor. I’m just an ordinary mortal. Can my blood break the spells on you? If so, I’d like to offer my blood to help you and your six sisters get rid of the spells."

"A mortal?" The fairy in yellow looked at Li Mu in disbelief. "How can you be a mortal? I’m afraid there are some things that you don’t know."

Li Mu wanted to refute, but he didn’t say anything.

"Could there be some secrets that I don’t know?

"There shouldn’t be.

"The old faker has told me that I’m just an ordinary mortal with no special identity. He is unreliable most of the time, but there is no need for him to lie to me about my identity.

"Why is my blood able to break the spells cast by the ancient heavenly devils on the fairy in yellow?"

At this point, Li Mu figured out something.

The fairy in yellow treated him so differently, gave him an immortal peach, told him to go to the Merit Spring, and even saved him by embracing him without hesitation. It was not because of his handsome face or his previous good deeds, but because of this relationship. The true reason was that she thought he was the descendant of an emperor.

That was a more reasonable explanation.

Li Mu tried to cut his wrist for some blood.

The fairy in yellow stopped him and said, "There’s no need to do that. I’ve tried it already. Your blood can only break the spell on me, and it doesn’t work on my sisters."

Upon hearing that, Li Mu suddenly understood something. When he was seriously injured and teleported, his blood stained the bronze chariot and the dresses of the fairy in yellow and the other divine jade statues, but it didn’t break the spells on the other divine jade statues.


"How can I help break the spells on them?" Li Mu asked, "I will do whatever I can do to help. Please tell me."

The lips of the fairy in yellow curled into a faint smile. She said, "That’s very considerate of you, but you are not powerful enough to offer much help. I’ll come up with a solution myself."

Li Mu was not convinced.

The Cultivation Method that he practiced was special, and so was his constitution. Now that he had entered the Upper King Realm, it was fair to say that his strength had soared. Not only did he get the power of the Merit Spring, but he also merged his power with the divine energy that Bi Yan had left in his body. Therefore, although he was at the elementary level of the Upper King Realm, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was invincible among the practitioners in the Upper King Realm.

Now, he was brimming with confidence. He believed he had the power to fight masters at the elementary level of the Deity Realm and had a great chance of escaping alive even in the face of masters at the intermediate level of the Deity Realm.

With such great combat strength, he could do whatever he wanted in immortal sects.

However, the fairy in yellow said he was not powerful enough.

It seemed that she had sensed how Li Mu was feeling and realized that her words were a blow to him. Her face softened, and she smiled and said, "In the future, you will know what real powerful masters can do in the world of martial arts practitioners… Of course, given your experience and cultivation level at such a young age, you can be regarded as a peerless genius even in the heyday of the Great Sun Divine Dynasty. You have a promising future."

Li Mu suddenly thought of something else. He said, "I heard from my master that in the universe, there was a powerful figure called the Divine Emperor, who could use stars as chess pieces and the Star River as a chessboard to set up a tactical deployment and pick stars, the sun, and the moon with his hand. Can he be regarded as a real powerful master you mentioned?"

The fairy in yellow said in surprise, "Is there such a powerful figure in the universe? If he really existed, he could be considered one of the most powerful figures in the universe. Even the celestial emperor couldn’t do what he can do… Your master knows this, so he must be an extraordinary practitioner."

Li Mu told her all the details about the old faker without any hesitation.

The old faker had been acting in a very mysterious way all the time. Even Li Mu didn’t know his real background and identity. The people of the Celestial Court called him Senior Yu, so his surname was probably Yu. However, he said that it was just a nickname he used when he fooled around.

Li Mu felt he might be lucky. "Maybe the fairy in yellow knows something about the old faker."

However, when the fairy in yellow heard what Li Mu said, she thought for a moment and finally shook her head, saying, "I have never heard that there was such a person in the Great Sun Divine Dynasty… Oh, by the way, is that damned stupid dog the divine beast that your master has raised and sent to protect you?"

While speaking of the stupid dog, she gritted her beautiful snow-white teeth tightly. Obviously, she was irritated by the stupid dog.

Li Mu’s face darkened at once. "That idiot is just an ordinary stupid dog. He always messes things up due to his greed for food. He is a pet I adopted in the mortal world."

"That’s strange."

The fairy in yellow was surprised.

When she saw the Husky eating immortal peaches secretly, she wanted to kill the dog that devoured such precious fruits like ordinary food. However, she just couldn’t catch him, though her cultivation level was quite high. She thought that he was the incarnation or descendant of a divine beast.

However, she soon stopped thinking about these trivial things.

"Alright, you don’t need to try to get any more information from me. I’m sending you out of this place, and you should leave as soon as possible. The immortal palace is a sacred land of the Great Sun Divine Dynasty. I can’t let the minions of the fake court ruin it. Today, I will start a massacre and kill all of them here."

As the fairy in yellow said that, her vibes changed.

The terrifying pressure disappeared in a flash.

The elegant and lovely lady suddenly turned into a war goddess brimming with strong killing intent on the battlefield. Li Mu had never felt such a terrifying aura on anyone else.

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