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Chapter: 869

Chapter 869 The Annihilation of Chunyang Clan

Li Mu was unwilling to leave just like that.

He had not completed the mission entrusted by the chief of the Yellow Dragon Tribe, nor had he taken revenge for the young man and other people who had died miserably in the Temple of Blood. Furthermore, he was quite interested in the opportunities that he might come across in the immortal palace.

"Sister, can you let me deal with something first? I want to take revenge for my deceased friends. I have sworn an oath to seek justice for them," Li Mu said straightforwardly.

He didn’t try to hide his thoughts in front of the fairy in yellow.

The fairy in yellow met Li Mu’s eyes and hesitated for a moment. Finally, she nodded and said, "Okay. Be cautious and do not act on impulse."

Li Mu breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said with a smile, "Thank you, sister."

He could tell that the fairy in yellow really cared about him.

Most parts of his bronze chariot were damaged in the previous battle. He stored the chariot in his storage bracelet and then dragged the stupid dog to him.

A beam of milky white divine light fell from the sky.

Li Mu and the stupid dog were directly teleported away.

The fairy in yellow looked at the peach trees with no fruits left on them, but she didn’t feel upset. She knew that although the immortal peaches were precious, they were not the true treasures in the immortal palace.

There was a thoughtful look in her beautiful eyes.

Actually, she still had a lot of questions about Li Mu.

She wondered most about two things.

The first thing was why Li Mu’s blood could break the spells cast by heavenly devils, and the second was why he had so many merit points.

Moreover, she couldn’t see through that stupid dog.

The milky white divine light descended from the sky.

After the white light disappeared, Li Mu and his dog appeared in the Temple of Blood.

This place was familiar to Li Mu.

Blood red rays of light flickered in the dark, and the smell of blood in the air seemed to be more pungent than before. The blood on the floor had dried out, forming scabs and cracks like those in a riverbed that had been exposed to strong sunlight.

Li Mu saw the walls in the Temple of Blood that his chariot smashed when he tried to run away. The signs of fighting were still there.

The fairy in yellow had directly teleported him and his dog into the Temple of Blood.

He felt shocked.

"The method that she has used is quite shocking.

"Can she teleport people to any place in the immortal palace at will?

"Does that mean she can go anywhere she wants to go in the immortal palace?"

Li Mu suddenly understood what the fairy in yellow meant by saying that she would "start a massacre".

However, that had nothing to do with him.

He came back for revenge.

He had to seek justice for that young man, the young man’s peers, and other mortal practitioners who had died miserably.

He didn’t know them at all, and some of them had even slandered him. However, it did not mean that they should be killed. That young man tried to cover him through self-destruction at the last moment, showing a quality that was much better than those of some practitioners of the so-called immortal sects.

There were always some baselines to be adhered to.

There were always some things that one should do without hesitation.

Li Mu’s belief was to protect.

He wanted to protect the people and things that he thought he should protect.

That was also what he had promised that young man.

"Don’t run around."

Li Mu adjusted himself and reminded the stupid dog.

"Woof, what is this place? I don’t like it." The stupid dog covered his nose with his paws. He hated the pungent smell of blood. "Do you have something to do here? You should take care of your business, and I won’t bother you. I’m going to take a walk around elsewhere, okay?"

Li Mu snorted. "You can do whatever you want, but I have no idea if the fairy in yellow will catch you and have you stew after you leave me."

"Woof? I’m not afraid of the old woman who has mated with you in water. But on second thought, I decide to stay with you to protect you. After all, this is a dangerous place," the stupid dog said righteously with a different look on his face.

Li Mu was speechless.

"Sooner or later, this stupid dog will die from talking too much. He is obviously scared, but he’s still talking tough."

He didn’t bother to talk to the stupid dog anymore. He rushed toward the giant white millstone in the patio.

Soon, he saw the broken wall that his bronze chariot had smashed before.

He rushed out of the Temple of Blood and came to the patio outside.

"This is bad! Am I too late?"

He was disappointed to find that the people of the Wind Clan were nowhere to be seen.

The giant white millstone had been destroyed. It seemed that the millstone had exploded from the inside and turned into broken stones scattered over the ground and covering the surrounding blood pools. The blood in the pools had dried out like the blood on the floor inside the Temple of Blood.

"This is not good. I’m afraid that the Wind Clan has already succeeded in summoning the gods."

Li Mu frowned.

"It’s too late.

"What am I going to do?

"Where can I find the people of the Wind Clan?"

He had a headache.


The sound of a violent explosion suddenly came from the east.

"You lowly junior, you can’t escape. Just give up."

A fierce shout rang out.

Li Mu’s heart skipped a beat.

"Let’s go and have a look."

He hurriedly rushed toward the direction of the sound with the stupid dog.

They followed the safe route on the map and passed through several corridors. Then, they saw two figures fighting in an abandoned garden surrounded by hundreds of white semicircular arches.

The fight was coming to an end.

A master of the Rain Clan in the Deity Realm was chasing after the successor of Chunyang Clan called the Immortal Taoist. Their figures crisscrossed as they fought. The Immortal Taoist’s robe was stained with blood, and his body was covered with wounds. He was already at the end of his rope and on the verge of death…

"Feng San, even if I had to die, I would manage to send out the message that the Wind Clan has betrayed the Celestial Court. The death of my senior fellow apprentices won’t be in vain. You will eventually be punished by the High Gods… I will sacrifice my body for the power of heaven, and I will do it again and again."

The Immortal Taoist, who was soaked in blood, roared and performed some secret skill.

A huge silver pattern emerged from his body. The pattern consisted of the Eight Trigrams, as well as numerous triangles, rectangles, squares and circles of different sizes, looking extremely strange.


One of his arms exploded and turned into blood mist, which merged into the strange pattern like snakes and worms.

Divine light swirled.

A strong force surged out of the strange pattern and attached itself to his body.

His power soared. He launched several attacks in a row, and his power surged like the raging waves of a great river. Feng San, the elder of the Wind Clan in the Deity Realm chasing after him, was sent flying by the strong power.

After gaining the upper hand, the Immortal Taoist turned around to escape instead of pressing the attack.

Obviously, with the power that he had gained by sacrificing his body, he could not sustain himself for long.

"Ha-ha, you pathetic junior, you have almost used up your broken body. What else can you exchange it for?" The elder of the Wind Clan named Feng San moved like a flash of lightning to chase the Immortal Taoist down.

The Immortal Taoist stumbled. Seriously injured, he moved very slowly and had trouble determining direction. The chaser caught up with him before he could run out of the abandoned garden.

"Go to hell."

Feng San did a palm strike.

As a master with terrifying power in the Deity Realm, he had an absolute advantage over the Immortal Taoist.

"My life is over."

The Immortal Taoist sighed silently. He felt that he was completely locked down by the Qi of the master in the Deity Realm, unable to resist or fight back at all. He closed his eyes and waited for death.

Right at that moment…


He saw a flash of a broadsword.

A beam of golden light ripped through the air.

Feng San was greatly shocked.

He felt an unprecedented danger coming at him.

"Who is it?"

He felt his hair stand on end. In horror, he no longer had the intention to fight and kill his opponent. He moved swiftly and retreated desperately. At the same time, he did several hundred palm strikes in a row, creating a barrier of wind like an iron wall in front of him.


The beam of light smashed the barrier of wind.


One of Feng San’s arms went flying.

Blood spurted in the sky.

"It’s you!" He covered the wound with his right hand, shocked and angry, and moved swiftly to distance himself from the attacker. A look of disbelief crept across his face when he saw Li Mu coming at him from the distance.

During the short exchange of attacks, he felt that the power of this mortal genius was several times greater than before, and the latter posed a much greater threat to him.

Li Mu launched another attack without saying anything.

His broadsword flashed again.

Enhanced by the dazzling golden light and the numerous runic chains that connected the power of heaven and earth, his strike was powerful enough to frighten ghosts and gods.

Feng San turned around and ran without looking back.

The broadsword hit his back, and blood splashed from the wound. He let out a miserable scream in the distance, but he did not die. He escaped.

Li Mu withdrew his broadsword.

Then, he landed in the abandoned garden.

"Who is it? Thank you for helping me," said the Immortal Taoist, stumbling. Blood flowed down his body and formed a pool under his feet.

Li Mu turned around and took a look, and his heart trembled.

The young and handsome successor of Chunyang Clan had lost his left arm, right hand, ears, one foot, and eyes. He was like a clay man who had been hacked by a knife or axe hundreds of times. He was badly mutilated and disabled.

His eyes were gone, and dark red blood gushed out of his orbits like tears of blood. The scene was shocking and frightening.

The Immortal Taoist was blind now.

What a tragedy.

Li Mu roughly guessed what happened. While the Immortal Taoist tried to escape, he must have used a secret skill to gain power by sacrificing parts of his body. He sacrificed his eyes, ears, and other parts of his body to gain more power.

"Bro, it’s me," Li Mu said.

"Mr. Li?" The stiff, nervous look on the face of the Immortal Taoist was finally gone. He suddenly realized something and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, just go. Hurry up and get out of here. The Wind Clan has betrayed the Celestial Court, and the lord of the Wind Clan has taken the devils’ side. They practice evil rituals and sacrifice living beings. Now, they’re slaughtering the people of various immortal sects. You have to leave here right now. I’ll try to hold them back… You must get out of here with the message."

"Has the Wind Clan really succeeded?"

Li Mu thought for a moment and then shook his head. "That won’t help. Even if I could get out of here and send the message about the Wind Clan’s rebellion, nobody would believe me. After all, I’m just a mortal. What’s more, the seniors and masters of the other divine clans of the Celestial Court and the four major clans are all here in the immortal palace. If they join forces, they may have a chance."

"My grandmaster… has already died in the battle. My fellow disciples also died while trying to cover me for my escape…" Tears of blood streamed down the Immortal Taoist’s face, and he was trembling violently because of anger or sadness.

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