The Dragon Beside Me

Author(s): zetsubouaichan


Su Ruan’s life was not going great at the moment. Her best friend, whom she had been in love with for the longest time suddenly announced that he was getting married. Then, she had suddenly lost her job.To take a break from all those things that have been going on with her life, Su Ruan decided to return to a place that she had not visited for more than twenty years–her grandfather’s orchard in the countryside.It was supposed to be a quick break until Su Ruan was ready to pick up herself and start again.However, her life changed the moment she decided to go into the forest where she met… a creature.For Long Fei, he has been searching for Su Ruan ever since the girl had left the small town twenty-five years ago. Now that Su Ruan had returned to his life, Long Fei was bent to claim her as his own and never letting her out of sight again

Chapter : 160


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