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Chapter: 122

Chapter 122

Noah, who should be training with his knights at this time of the day, was actually here.

Slightly amused, she questioned him, "You… Can you even leave them just like that?"

He paused, then continued walking towards her. "They’ll figure it out themselves." Noah sat next to Adele and rested his head on her shoulder, pretending to be extremely tired.

Seeing the two males with her today and them having a loving moment together, Adele grinned.

On the other hand, Sean and Noah were busy glaring invisible daggers at each other’s eyes.

"Father," the boy uttered so sweetly with a nauseatingly fake smile, "You have to leave, the knights need you."

Noah smirked. "Isn’t the tutor coming for your lessons today?"

"Cough—I’m not feeling well—cough!"

"I don’t feel well either."

Adele slapped Noah on the shoulder at the obvious deception. "Don’t lie."

"Really? But that’s what he’s been doing lately." Noah felt inwardly aggrieved. This brat really was trying to take his darling wife away from him.

Adele chided, "Sean is a weak child."

"What? Him?" Noah found it funny. The kid was only seven years old, but his swordsmanship teacher calls him an absolute prodigy. How was that weak? Noah glanced at his loathsome son who looked too ugly in his eyes at the moment. But his love for him was obviously pouring out every time.

Sean pretended to be pitiful and vomited. "I’m feeling a little dizzy." he snuggled closer to Adele and gave her a fawning smile, "But I always get a little better whenever I’m in my mother’s arms!"

"Bullsh*t." came the displeased voice of his father.

"Noah! Don’t say bad things in front of a child!"

At Adele’s scolding, Sean raised his eyebrows tauntingly and smirked victoriously as he looked at his father.

Noah clenched his teeth. This brat… why are you my son?

Noah could barely resist the desire to hug his wife and pour kisses, but they have unwanted company in the form of his cheeky son.

Adele, not knowing this, put her hand on Sean’s forehead and widened her eyes. "Sean, it seems like you have a fever."

Feigning shock, the boy answered. "Really? I’m sorry for worrying you."

"No, don’t say that." After saying that, Adele glanced around, looking for something.

"I think I would feel ten times better if mother touched my forehead like this—"

"Here! Take the young master back to his room!"


Adele waved her hand, unable to finish listening to Sean’s words because of her concern towards his health. Seeing the mistress waving her hand at him, the servant at the end of the field immediately ran towards them.

Sean looked at her with her enlarged eyes, feeling betrayed, "Mother?!"

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"Go and rest. I’ll instruct Lina to give you some medicine, remember to eat it before your fever worsens." then she cooed, "Don’t worry, I’ll follow you soon."

Sean bit his lips tightly.

This time, it was his father’s turn to smirk at him and mimicked his son by raising his eyebrow as he looked on from Adele’s shoulder. He then spoke with an equally fake-concerned voice, "Get some rest, dearest son. You are sick, so I, your father, feel very worried."

Sean felt the back of his neck tighten.

He was seven years old, the age when children are easily riled up, but he could only glare at his damnable father. The boy struggled hard, but he could not overcome the power of the adult servant.

As Noah watched his son disappear, he embraced Adele and whispered while kissing her ears. "Does the Duchess not want to see her husband anymore?"

"I just saw you this morning." she uttered with mirth in her eyes, then she frowned, "I’m worried that Sean is still ill."

"All boys grow up sick."

Adele gave a disapproving glance towards her husband, "Are you not worried about your own son?"

"I am."

Adele’s eyes widened at his answer, not really expecting such words. But remembering a tiny detail, her expression changed. "Did you know? Early learning is the trend these days."

"I’ve heard. Everyone seems to be sending their kids to the academy ahead of schedule."

The academy usually starts accepting students who are at the age of ten. If they were aspiring knights, then the age was increased to twelve and even Noah entered the academy around this age. But lately, it is often the case that boarding students are admitted before they even reach the age ten.

"Will you send Sean early to the academy too?"

"He is the one who will succeed the Duke of Maktus. He mustn’t lag behind his peers, and his skills must be a notch above the rest."


"And that little guy," he inwardly schemed, "couldn’t even make friends here with kids his age because of his sickness. You have to give him a chance to interact more with others."

With Noah’s somewhat reasonable remarks, Adele’s heart was moved and was gradually leaning toward letting her son board the academy. She thought that it would be a good idea if he could find friends quickly too because she truly hadn’t seen him play with other children.

She nodded her head slightly.

Noah couldn’t help but smile as he thought that the unlucky child, who regularly interfered on the couple’s time together, would finally disappear from his sight for a longer period of time.

"…do you feel good about this?" Adele asked, sensing his sudden change in mood.

He grinned innocently.

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"No. I am simply too concerned for the welfare of our child, Madame Maktus."

"So cunning…"

"If you can’t let go of him, there’s still another one anyways." Noah hugged Adele from behind.

Hopefully, this one is less hateful than the older brother.

Then, he gently stroked her slightly protruding belly and whispered in her ear.

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