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Chapter: 1226

A mysterious and strong existence in the Red Moon Desert. A top warrior that is strong enough to reform his Holy Body. One that can freely come in and out of Ling Xiao Academy without being detected, or perhaps nobody dares to notice him! Why would such a person be close to me and help me so much? Chu Liuyue didn’t understand.

When she knew that she was the one whose name was hidden on the Qing Yun Ranking, the identities of the people around her became strange and worthy of investigation.

The room door closed shut, and the surroundings fell into dead silence.

Dugu Mobao’s strange purple eyes shone with a faint light, and his adorable face had no expression at all as he said, "Dugu Mobao."

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. "That’s your real name? Or… do you have another identity?"

Dugu Mobao squinted his eyes. "What exactly do you want to ask?"

"I naturally want to ask about things I should know." Chu Liuyue smiled. "You already knew that I’m on the Qing Yun Ranking, right?"

Dugu Mobao didn’t say a word, but this was clearly a tacit acknowledgment.

"Then, I’ll ask something else." Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment. "When did we meet? Was it… after I came to the God Residence Realm? Of course, I’m referring to the… previous time."

Dugu Mobao shook his head and coldly said, "No, it’s even earlier than that. At the Red Moon Desert."

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Chu Liuyue was dazed. "Red Moon Desert? Not in the God Residence Realm?"

Dugu Mobao walked to a chair at the side and calmly sat down. "I’ve been stuck in the Red Moon Desert for many years. It’s only because I managed to reform my Holy Body this time that I could leave. How could I meet you at the God Residence Realm?"

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows, and countless chaotic thoughts surfaced in her mind. Seeing Dugu Mobao’s appearance, he doesn’t look like he is lying. Besides, with his abilities and status, he has no need to lie about this matter. Then… we really met at the Red Moon Desert? However, why do I not have this memory? 

"Then, you and Ling Xiao Academy…" Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other. Originally, I thought that Dugu Mobao was Ling Xiao Academy’s director and thus my mentor. However, it doesn’t seem so based on his reply. 

As if guessing her thoughts, Dugu Mobao slightly looked down as his thick and long lashes trembled slightly, hiding the emotions in his eyes.

When he looked up again, his gaze had returned to normal as he said calmly, "I was part of Ling Xiao Academy in the past, but… That was a long time ago."

However, Chu Liuyue could hear an emotional sigh as many years had passed by.

It should… be rather long ago, right? Chu Liuyue thought to herself secretly. If this is so, then… Regardless of Dugu Mobao’s identity, he is considered a senior to many people in Ling Xiao Academy. It’s understandable why Elder Wan Zheng would respect and fear him so much. 

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but ask, "Then, why were you trapped in the Red Moon Desert in the first place? Oh, Senior Diwu and Senior Lan Xiao as well—"

"They’re just matters of the past. We don’t have to talk about it." Dugu Mobao interrupted Chu Liuyue’s words for once.

Chu Liuyue paused. I rarely see Dugu Mobao having such a reaction, which shows that he really doesn’t want to talk about it. 

She didn’t ask further.

Like Rong Xiu, Dugu Mobao seems to keep quiet about many things around me. Unless I recall it on my own, they will never take the initiative to reveal it. To this day, I have only recalled a very small portion of things, and they are all related to the academy. I still don’t have any memories of Dugu Mobao. 

"Since you’ve recalled these matters, then… We’ll add to your training!" Dugu Mobao suddenly said.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. "What?"

Dugu Mobao glanced at her. "You and Rong Xiu are each at the top of two lists because your abilities were indeed on par back then. But now that such a long time has passed and you’ve experienced many things, you can be considered as starting anew. However, Rong Xiu never gave up on his cultivation. With his current abilities, he can easily overtake your ranking on those two lists."

However, he just didn’t do so.


Dugu Mobao waved his small hand, and a faintly glowing chessboard floated in mid-air!

"If you don’t want to be left far behind, come and train!" As Dugu Mobao spoke, he gazed at Chu Liuyue meaningfully. "I’ve told you before—as long as you’re strong enough, you’ll know what you want to know and recall what you want."

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth and walked to the opposite side of the chessboard. "Let’s go!"

Since I could be at the top of the Qing Yun Ranking back then, I can do it now too! 

Chu Liuyue spent her next few days in a very disciplined manner. She dueled with Rong Xiu when it was daytime and played chess with Dugu Mobao in the evening. At night, she brought Tuan Zi to Million Wine Mountain.

Perhaps it was because the entire academy knew that she was staying with Rong Xiu and that he thought highly of her, but nobody fought with her for the seat next to the fountain. Every time she went, there would be a seat that was specifically left for her.

Of course, there were also some people who tried to chat her up and get close to her, wanting to hear Rong Xiu’s news. Some wanted to use her as a bridge and be somewhat related to Rong Xiu.

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t really talk to them every time. If they asked too much, she would say that Rong Xiu disliked it.

Everyone would be scared and didn’t dare to pester her too much, but because they knew that Rong Xiu was behind her… Although some people were furious, they didn’t really dare to show her their temper.

This caused Chu Liuyue’s days in the academy to be much more relaxed.

Other than this, she would spend her remaining time studying the new ninth-grade pill formula that Elder Wan Zheng had sent over. In comparison, this was the easiest.

As she had moved to Rong Xiu’s residence, there were no other people on Jiuheng Peak. It was more convenient in all aspects, and this allowed her to be freer when cultivating.

In that short period of time, Chu Liuyue’s skills in all aspects improved greatly!

In the blink of an eye, it was the beginning of the month again.

Even though Chu Liuyue had come to the academy for more than two months… As quite a few incidents happened in between, this was her first time participating in the monthly assessment after officially becoming a student.

She had long passed on Elder Wan Zheng’s side, so the assessment wasn’t very important. The key was… the Qing Yun Ranking!

Early in the morning, almost all the elders and students in the academy gathered at Qing Ming Square!

The crowd was bustling. Many people were tempted and wanted to compete for the Qing Yun Ranking.

When Chu Liuyue came, she saw Elder Bo Yan and the rest standing on Dong Huang Clock Tower at one glance.

"Chu Yue! You’re finally out!" At this point, a familiar shout was heard from the crowd.

Chu Liuyue turned around—it was Luo Shishi and the rest.

The person talking was Zhuo Sheng. He was the fastest to rush to Chu Liuyue as he sized her up curiously and excitedly. "How’s cultivation with Senior Brother Rong Xiu? Can you get onto the Qing Yun Ranking today?"

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