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Chapter: 1230

Quite a few spectators were also taken aback.

Even though the news of Chu Liuyue merging pills had spread far and wide in the academy, she was still an eighth-grade heavenly doctor back then. But now, the abilities she showcased were clearly those of a ninth-grade heavenly doctor!

After a temporary silence, the crowd became noisy. "Did this Chu Yue just break through to become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor? I’ve broken through for a year, but my technique isn’t as smooth as his!"

"Me too… His control over the fire is very precise. How exactly did he refine so many herbs simultaneously?"

"…He’s someone that Elder Wan Zheng thinks highly of after all, so how can he not be talented? No matter how awfully other people have talked about him, Chu Yue didn’t even care. He can just fling them away easily!"

"When he previously competed with Liu Zi’an, he was still indeed an eighth-grade heavenly doctor. Not only did he break through to become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor in such a short amount of time, but his skills in all areas have even improved by so much… Sigh, if only I were half as talented as him!"

Students who were also heavenly doctors saw the situation the clearest.

The talent and sensitivity that Chu Liuyue exhibited weren’t what an ordinary person could compare to. They couldn’t even be indignant!

"With Senior Brother Rong Xiu guiding him personally, he’ll naturally be different," someone said ambiguously, but this voice was quickly drowned out by the crowd’s discussions.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Chu Liuyue was indeed capable. She was definitely a ninth-grade heavenly doctor, and the pill she produced would probably be quite decent.

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Even if she lost in the end, there wouldn’t be so many doubts in the future.

Time slowly trickled past.

The assessments on the warrior side and Xuan Master side went on steadily.

Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng had passed successfully—especially the former, who had improved greatly and broke through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior.

Even though Luo Yanming performed well… With Lin Zhifei in front, he instantly didn’t look that outstanding.

Even Luo Yanlin had to admit that Lin Zhifei—who had just come not long ago—had stunning talent. Lin Zhifei might not even lose out to him.

After Luo Shishi and the rest were done with their assessments, they went to the heavenly doctor’s side to spectate Chu Liuyue and Tang Rui’s match.

The atmosphere became increasingly nerve-racking.

The crowd fell silent as they watched the scene before them silently. Their hearts seemed to hang high.


A ripple came out from Tang Rui’s cauldron!

Quite a few people had their eyes light up. Tang Rui produced his pill first! 

A spherical-shaped pill had already formed in that cauldron! With the fire burning it, the herbal fragrance became increasingly strong!

Detecting this aura, Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly. She looked up, and a faint light flashed across her eyes. This aura… 

"Intermediate ninth-grade!" Someone within the crowd gasped!

"That’s an intermediate ninth-grade pill!"

The crowd went crazy.

Tang Rui had been the hundredth place on the Qing Yun Ranking for a while, and his pill-producing standard had been maintained at the same level. However, nobody expected that he could already produce an intermediate ninth-grade pill!

With this alone, his ranking could improve by quite a bit!

"He hid his skills!" Someone gasped in realization. "I didn’t expect that although Tang Rui looks so peaceful normally, he secretly had already broken through long ago."

When Tang Rui heard this, he was caught between laughter and tears. I could indeed produce intermediate ninth-grade pills a long time ago, but I hadn’t revealed this to the public due to various reasons. Even for the Qing Yun Ranking, I just planned for myself to stay around the hundredth position and not go forward. 

I originally planned to wait until I could produce a superior-class ninth-grade pill or a pill of an even higher grade before I formally challenged. However, I didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to choose me and go through with such a competition.

In actual fact, if I didn’t see Chu Liuyue’s smooth and well-practiced pill refinement techniques, I had no intention of exposing my true abilities. But today, I can only do my best to secure my ranking!

"Chu Yue is bound to lose! Even though an intermediate ninth-grade pill is just one small grade higher than a beginner ninth-grade pill, the two of them have a huge difference. It’s extremely hard to cross that gap!"

"Seeing how confident Tang Rui is, he should’ve broken through for a while, but… That Chu Yue has just become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor, right? How can he compete against Tang Rui? Isn’t this bullying? Haha!"

"…Don’t forget that he could make Tang Rui show his true abilities, which shows that the other party is good enough to make him wary! And this person is… Chu Yue!"

That was just a sixteen-year-old man!

In no time, the crowd looked at Chu Liuyue with different gazes.

After Elder Wan Zheng was shocked, he was comforted. Tang Rui’s abilities are clearly stronger than what he had shown before. The outcome of this match is probably already set. After all, Chu Yue is producing a beginner ninth-grade Pei Yuan Pill. But as long as my disciple can successfully produce the ninth-grade pill, everything else doesn’t matter. 

He thought in his heart silently, Disciple, don’t disappoint me…

Right at this point, Chu Liuyue suddenly stopped in her actions and took out a few more herbs from her Cosmic Ring, pouring them into the cauldron.

"What’s that?" Elder Wan Zheng was dazed for a moment and instinctively looked closer. However, it was a hurried glance, and he could only forcefully recognize that they were all herbs. But… Why did Chu Yue suddenly put these items in? I didn’t write these herbs in the formula! 

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