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Chapter: 1231

Chapter 1231: Competition

According to my understanding of Chu Yue, he definitely hasn’t remembered the formula wrongly or put the wrong herbs in. The only explanation is… Chu Yue changed the formula on his own! What exactly is this kid thinking?!?Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t help but grind his teeth.

Formulas of such a grade are all extremely complicated. Just adjusting the quantity of even one of the herbs can cause the pill to fail, let alone directly changing the formula and putting in so many herbs?!?His lips trembled, and he swallowed his words with much difficulty.?Now, I can only quietly observe…

It wasn’t only Elder Wan Zheng. Many other heavenly doctors present had also noticed that something was amiss. "Chu Yue is planning to produce the Pei Yuan Pill, right? But why did he put a green lotus seed in?"

"Not only did he do that, but he has also put in four herbs that aren’t in the formula… I really don’t know what he’s planning to do."

"With Elder Wan Zheng and Senior Brother Rong Xiu personally guiding him, he shouldn’t have made such a low-level mistake, right? Seeing how calm he is, he definitely did it on purpose!"

Many people were confused.?No matter our standard, we all know that formulas can’t be changed casually, let alone in such a nerve-racking competition. Chu Yue is indeed gutsy!

Some people secretly shook their heads. "The herbs used to produce the Pei Yuan Pill are all very gentle. When cultivators take the pill, they can elevate their Yuan and be calmer. But all the herbs that Chu Yue just put in have very strong natures. Isn’t this going to ruin the pill?"

"I think there’s no need to compete anymore…"

"What a pity! I thought he performed quite decently just now! However, suddenly changing the formula is really a big taboo!"

Some people discussed softly, and they clearly had no more hope for Chu Liuyue.

When Luo Shishi heard those words, her heart hung high. Even though she wasn’t a heavenly doctor, she knew these kinds of things that were akin to common sense.?As a ninth-grade heavenly doctor, Chu Yue definitely knows this. Therefore, why did he do it?

Zhuo Sheng shook his head regretfully. "I think Chu Yue is going to lose this time."

Luo Shishi pressed her lips against each other. "Perhaps he has his own thoughts…"

"He just broke through to become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor. How can he randomly change the formula?" Although Zhuo Sheng always felt that Chu Yue was very talented, formulas were the root of pill production!

Luo Shishi kept quiet for a moment and stared at the young man in the square.

He stood tall and upright, with one hand on the cauldron controlling the red fire while the other hand continuously added herbs. He looked calm and composed.

"I don’t think he suddenly changed the formula…" muttered Luo Shishi softly.?Seeing how natural Chu Yue looks, it’s as if those herbs should be added.

Zhuo Sheng shrugged his shoulders. "Just now, that bunch of heavenly doctors said that he’s producing the Pei Yuan Pill. Quite a few people know this formula, and they all said that Chu Yue changed the formula. Are they all wrong?"

Luo Shishi didn’t speak further.

When Zhuo Sheng saw her gaze, his heart tingled. He knew that she was worried about Chu Yue, so he comforted her. "Hey, you actually don’t have to be too worried! This is the first match after all, and his opponent is a senior brother on the Qing Yun Ranking. Even if he loses, nothing will happen to him. After all, everyone can tell that he’s indeed a ninth-grade heavenly doctor!"

Luo Shishi was hesitant in her words.?Even so, there are a lot of people waiting to see Chu Yue make a joke of himself. If he really loses, then… It’s fine if he is mocked on his own, but he will also implicate Senior Brother Rong Xiu and Elder Wan Zheng. Does Chu Yue… really not care about the results of this match?

No matter what the others said, Chu Liuyue didn’t take it to heart. The reason she would add those herbs was actually due to the fact that she produced the pill according to her own formula.

Yes, she had once changed the Pei Yuan Pill formula.

Every pill formula was perfected after countless trials by heavenly doctors. The quantity of every ingredient, the refinement technique, one’s fire control, and even the sequence of herb placement all had strict requirements. If any of them went wrong, the pill would likely fail.

Chu Liuyue naturally wouldn’t treat this matter as a joke.

She moved her wrist and finally placed the last herb in to refine it.

After all the herbs were prepared, she had to produce the pill. Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and circulated her force to rush out!


The fire in the cauldron suddenly rose, and all the herbs gathered together!

"The medicinal nature of the herbs he put in is too strong, and it’s hard to merge with the other herbs. I’m afraid he won’t even be able to produce the pill this time…"

Soft murmurs could be heard coming from the crowd. Some people even felt that it was boring as they turned around and planned to leave.

But at this moment, a strong collision suddenly sounded from Chu Liuyue’s cauldron!


The sound was thick and loud as it spread far and wide!

Quite a few people’s expressions changed!?Is this… succeeding?!

As expected, they saw a spherical pill appear in the red fire the next moment!

The thick herbal fragrance spread around!

Elder Wan Zheng took a deep breath in, and his eyes lit up!?This smell… is indeed one that can only come when a Pei Yuan Pill is successfully produced! Besides, it vaguely has a different fragrance to it, causing the entire Pei Yuan Pill smell to be even richer!

At that moment, the fragrance rejuvenated one’s lungs and caused one to be very comfortable as if they had been energized rapidly!

Elder Wan Zheng looked at Chu Liuyue with bright eyes.?The herbs she put in earlier have clearly merged with the pill perfectly! And if I haven’t guessed wrongly, the grade of this Pei Yuan Pill—


Tang Rui was finally done producing his pill! He jumped up and captured the pill, placing it in a jade box!

Almost at the same time, Chu Liuyue’s hand slammed against the cauldron harshly!

A pill flew out!

She moved her wrist, and red force flew out! At the same time, it turned into a net and stopped the pill!

Chu Liuyue then moved her foot slightly and quickly captured that pill!

The two of them had finished producing their pills one after another!

Tang Rui knitted his brows slightly.

Although he had successfully produced an intermediate ninth-grade pill on his side, for some reason, he felt faintly uneasy when he saw that young man’s calm expression.

Even if he hadn’t seen Chu Yue’s pill personally, he also knew that it wasn’t simple! Changing the formula yet ultimately being able to successfully produce the pill stated too many problems!

He hesitated for a moment and passed his pill over first. "Elder Wan Zheng, please take a look."

Elder Wan Zheng took his pill and then looked at Chu Liuyue. His eyes had a slight hint of emotion. "Chu Yue, yours."

Chu Liuyue’s fingers moved slightly, and she still passed the box over.

Elder Wan Zheng held two jade boxes. He took a deep breath in and opened Tang Rui’s first.

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