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Chapter: 1233

Chapter 1233: Ascend the Board!

The white palm gradually went near and was finally placed on the black list.

With the contrast between the two extreme colors of black and white and the glowing names on the list, it seemed like a painting had been formed.

Quietly glowing in an iridescent manner—solemn and holy.

The cold touch spread from her palm, but Chu Liuyue’s blood seemed to be rapidly coursing through her veins! Her heart seemed to be tightly clutched by something.

Everyone felt that the current her should be proud, elated, and filled with honor, but in actual fact, she was so nervous that she couldn’t hear the surrounding sounds. All that she could see and hear was only the Qing Yun Ranking before her!

Yesterday, she was also standing here.

The extremely familiar ripple was still coursing in her heart as she carefully circulated her force and injected it into the Qing Yun Ranking!


A tiny whir suddenly entered her ears!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she almost wanted to retract her hand! But the sound quickly disappeared the next moment as if it had never appeared before!

Chu Liuyue was dazed, and she waited quietly for a while. That sound didn’t ring again, and even the ripple that should’ve occurred didn’t flash!

Then, a ray of light appeared in her palm and rushed forward!

She immediately looked up!

The ray of light stopped at the last name of the Qing Yun Ranking. Then, the name ‘Tang Rui’ silently disappeared as her name replaced it!

When she saw the words clearly, her heart finally eased. That was because the name was Chu Yue!

The matter she was most worried about didn’t happen, allowing her to be much more at ease.

She looked up slightly at the highest point.

It was still dark and quiet. The hidden name didn’t appear.

Everything seemed as normal as ever.

She lightly exhaled.

The surrounding spectators were silent. No matter how much doubt and suspicion they had before, they all immediately disappeared!

Nothing else could prove one’s ability even better than winning such a match and officially entering the Qing Yun Ranking!

Even though this matter seemed extremely unbelievable, it… still happened!

In Dong Huang Clock Tower, Elder Bo Yan stroked his beard and nodded with much satisfaction. "This Chu Yue indeed has a lot of potential."

He faintly had the image of the girl back then. They equally loved to cause trouble yet were similarly intelligent. They even had shocking talent in the Xuan Master path and the warrior path.

"Bo Yan, it seems like you think highly of this Chu Yue." A voice sounded behind Elder Bo Yan.

Elder Bo Yan turned around, smiled, and said, "Yeah, you just came back, so you don’t know him well. However, this kid… is pretty capable."

"If Rong Xiu thinks of him so highly, he definitely has decent talent." A middle-aged man walked over, looked down, and nodded. "He’s indeed not bad, but Elder Meng has some comments about him."

"You went to Fengmin Mountain?" asked Elder Bo Yan in shock.

Shang Yulin bared his teeth. "Do you still need to ask that? If Elder Meng knows that I didn’t go there the moment I came back, I’ll be skinned alive!"

Elder Bo Yan nodded in understanding. "That’s true, but you said that Elder Meng is displeased with Chu Yue? Did this kid do something strange when he was locked up at Fengmin Mountain previously?"

Shang Yulin stretched out a finger and shook it as a smile with deep meaning appeared on his face. "No. I just haven’t seen someone who can affect Elder Meng’s emotions so easily in a long time, and… The old man even misses him, so I was rather curious. Strictly speaking, Elder Meng isn’t displeased toward Chu Yue but more… curious."

Thinking of the words Elder Meng said before, Shang Yulin stroked his chin. "Even I want to personally meet this Chu Yue."

He glanced at Elder Bo Yan. "He has only entered the academy for two months, but he spent most of his time locked up at Fengmin Mountain. Such a person hasn’t appeared in quite a few years, right?"

He’s rather capable.?

Elder Bo Yan smiled. "He’s currently Wan Zheng’s precious disciple. Wan Zheng dotes on him very much, so don’t cause trouble."

"How can it be considered as causing trouble? Many students want to be guided by me, but they don’t even have the chance!" Shang Yulin was nonchalant. "If he’s outstanding enough, he can definitely handle me easily!"

Elder Bo Yan laughed out loud.

Shang Yulin suddenly thought of something and asked, "Right, did you bring back the Yuan instrument from Ancient Feather Abyss?"

Elder Bo Yan’s expression became rather strange. "…Yes."

Shang Yulin’s eyes lit up. "Where is it? I’ve been thinking about this item for a long time. Now that it’s finally brought back, you must let me study it properly!"

Elder Bo Yan raised his brows. "There’s no use asking me about this. It’s not with me."

"If it’s not with you, where can it be?" Shang Yulin was dazed.?Logically speaking, such an item should be taken care of by the director after getting returned. But now that the director isn’t around, Bo Yan should take care of it.?

Elder Bo Yan raised his chin toward the young man below. "There—it’s with him."

Shang Yulin couldn’t help laughing out loud. "Huh? You must be joking. That kid—"

"That item recognized him as its owner." As Elder Bo Yan explained slowly, he saw the man opposite him change his expression incredulously rapidly in much satisfaction.

Shang Yulin closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. "Good child!"

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