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Chapter: 122

Chapter 122: Would Not Give Up on Her

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

He had left her only for a short while, and she was leaving with another man so soon.

He said angrily, "I’m still in the hospital. How can you leave with someone else? Aren’t you going to take care of me?"

Xu Wanwan laughed coldly. "You’re really good at putting on a show. Everyone in the hospital knows that you’re pretending to be sick. Do you still want to continue acting now?" "What are you talking about?" Zhao Zixuan looked embarrassed. "Have you forgotten that I was the one who saved you at that time?"

Xu Wanwan couldn’t help but clench her fists. "You did save me at that time, that’s true."

"But that’s no reason for you to pretend to be sick."

After saying that, she walked out.

Zhao Zixuan was still unconvinced. He didn’t think much and reached out to pull Wanwan’s arm.

Li Jingran stepped in front of him and said sternly, "Get lost."

"Xu Wanwan, do you have to go with him?" Zhao Zixuan shouted unwillingly. "I would give up my life to save you. Are you going to treat me like this?"

He knew that Xu Wanwan’s biggest weakness was her soft heart. As long as he acted pitifully, he could arouse her sympathy.

Xu Wanwan stopped in her tracks and tured around to look at him. Her expression was as cold as never before.

"T’ve been grateful to you before, but after I found out that you were faking your illness, my gratitude toward you has long since disappeared."

"You did save me. I can give you a sum of money, so from now on, we’ll be even."

Zhao Zixuan was still not satisfied after hearing this. He directly ignored Li Jingran’s existence and wanted to reach out to pull Xu Wanwan’s arm again.

Li Jingran’s emotions were extremely cold. He stood in front of the girl, grabbed Zhao Zixuan’s collar, raised his hand, and gave him a heavy punch.

Zhao Zixuan was hit so badly that he staggered to the ground. He reached out to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Xu Wanwan with his eyes filled with a hint of undeniable hatred. ‘As he watched Li Jingran and Xu Wanwan leave, an extremely vicious thought emerged in his heart.

One day, he would definitely snatch Xu Wanwan back!

‘When they left the hospital, it started to rain heavily.

The continuous raindrops hit the car window. Outside the window, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The road ahead was blurry, and the whole world seemed to have fallen over. Xu Wanwan looked sideways out of the window, her long eyelashes drooping and her eyes filling with mist.

She thought of what Li Jingran had said to her in the hospital, and her heart was surrounded by layers of warmth.

He said that he would never give up on her.

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He also said that she deserved the best thing in the world.

Xu Wanwan always felt that she had lived a new life and had long seen through the coldness and warmth of human relationships. She would not be moved by these unreliable words anymore. But for some reason, she would somehow always believe in Li Jingran.

He seemed to have a supreme belief, and she was willing to be his most devout believer.

‘The car stopped in the rain. Li Jingran opened a big black umbrella and opened the door for Xu Wanwan, tilting the umbrella in her direction. His side face was cold, but his tone was gentle. "Slow down." "Okay!" Xu Wanwan jumped out of the car and walked back next to the man.

It was raining extra hard, and she was not dressed enough. After walking for only a short distance, she sneezed several times in a row.

Li Jingran could not help but frown. "Did you catch a cold?"

Xu Wanwan shook her head slightly. "No, it’s probably because I haven’t had a good rest these past few days. My resistance has become weaker."

In order to take care of Zhao Zixuan, she had been busying herself.

Of course, Li Jingran knew why she was overworked. He frowned coldly and ordered the Butler —

"Send our people to the Zhao family."

Since Zhao Zixuan liked to pretend to be sick, then let him be sick for a while more.

Xu Wanwan glanced at him and was a little surprised. "What’s the point of going to the Zhao family?"

At the hospital, Li Jingran had even punched Zhao Zixuan. If he went to the Zhao family again, they would definitely not look good.

Li Jingran looked at her meaningfully. "To express my condolences."

The surprise in Xu Wanwan’s eyes turned into admiration.

‘As expected of the man who did great things, the situation was indeed big!

The Butler could not help but hold his forehead and turn around to leave in a hurry.

It was hard for him to tell what Li Jingran was thinking in front of Xu Wanwan, but based on his many years of experience, he could immediately tell that Director Li was angry. The Butler then called the bodyguard. "Go and teach Zhao Zixuan a lesson."

Xu Wanwan did not bring any luggage home. She stood awkwardly in the living room with her schoolbag on her back. She hesitated and said, "Well, I’ll go back to my room to do my homework first." She had been staying in the hospital for the past few days, so she had neglected her studies a lot. Now that she had time, she had to make up for it.

"Go upstairs and do your homework."

Li Jingran turned around and went upstairs, leaving this sentence behind.

Xu Wanwan was stunned and quickly chased after him. "No need. It’s more convenient for me to do my homework in my own room."

"There will be thunder later." Li Jingran stopped and looked back at her. He said with a faint smile, "Are you sure you won’t get scared?"

Xu Wanwan: "Tm not sure!" She immediately changed her mind and followed Li Jingran. She said with a smile, "I’d better go to your study room and read."

There was just one large desk in Li Jingran’s study room, so Xu Wanwan could only bring a chair and sit on the other end of the desk, afraid that she would disturb him while he was doing his work. Li Jingran looked at the girl who was sitting far away from him and said in a deep voice, "Come here."

"ah?" Xu Wanwan tidied up a few books and was a little confused. "Go… where?"

"Sit next to me," Li Jingran said lightly.

Xu Wanwan quickly shook her head. "Forget it, what If I disturb you while you’re doing your work?"

"Well, you’re sitting so far away. Is it because you dislike me?"

"How could that be?"

Xu Wanwan still wanted to explain, but Li Jingran interrupted her directly. "Since you don’t, then sit over here."

She sighed softly, having no choice but to pack her bag again. She quietly walked to the man’s side and sat down.

The two of them were very close to each other, so she only dared to carefully flip through her book.

Li Jingran was handling his work with a straight face. His side profile was cold and serious, so no one dared to approach him.

Xu Wanwan was tired from reading. She glimpsed at the man who was working hard and could not help but take a few more glances at him.

The jacket he was wearing was half open, and two buttons on his white shirt were loosened. His Adam’s apple could be vaguely seen.

The cold white light shone on the man’s thin arms. His slender fingers flipped through the documents, the sound of the pages flowing through his fingertips was surprisingly tempting… "Is there something on my face?"

Xu Wanwan was so lost in her thoughts for a moment she did not realize that Li Jingran was also staring back at her.

She jerked her head and her eyes met his gaze.

The moment their eyes met, her heart could not help but beat faster, and her cheeks were slightly hot.

Li Jingran curled his lips. "Aren’t you going to study hard?"

Xu Wanwan hurriedly averted her gaze and propped up her arm to block the side of her face. "Well… I was distracted just now."

She was short of covering her entire face when she finished saying that..

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